Valkyria Chronicles 4: Village Skirmish Guide (Beta Bonus Mission)

Valkyria Chronicles 4: Village Skirmish Guide (Beta Bonus Mission)

Last updated on November 2nd, 2018

Valkyria Chronicles 4 is a tactical role-playing game both developed and published by Sega. It will be available for all platforms on September 25th. Valkyria Chronicles 4 occurs during the same span as the original Valkyria Chronicles, however the story follows a new group of characters. Valkyria Chronicles 4 utilizes the BLiTZ Battle System or Battle of Live Tactical Zones which is an fusion of RPG and real-time third person shooter. Create your own squad comprising of Lancers, Grenadier, Shocktrooper, Scouts, and more while having their bonds strengthen as missions go on. Join Claude as he leads his friends and squad to victory!

Valkyria Chronicles 4: Village Skirmish Guide (Beta Bonus Mission)

For this mission I chose:

  • Claude (Default Tank)
  • Kai for CP (Default Sniper)
  • Raz for CP (Default Shocktrooper)
  • Minerva for CP (Default Scout)
  • Riley for CP (Default Grenadier)
  • Rebecca (Engineer) 

Turn 1: Move Riley towards the left fence so she can aim for the enemy Grenadier allowing the rest of the team to advance with less difficulty. After her attack move her to the right near the overhang structure. Have Kai position near the left fence to better aim down the Lancer perched up on the lookout tower. After her action, relocate near Riley. Move Minerva towards the heart of the map tucked under a overhang structure. Use Riley to hit the Scout behind the cabin (hit R1 to auto target a suitable target) and position her in the grass near the incline of the hill. Use Kai to take out the enemy’s Sniper then relocate her behind the stone wall on the right side.

Advance Claude towards the grass portion near the incline hill and use the “Increase Payload” mortar near the stone wall to eliminate the 3 soldiers tucked behind it. Exhaust the remaining action points of Claude to backup Minerva. Have Minerva progress along the right wall under she crouches behind a sandbag. She will be taking fire from a Scout so get in position and hit R1 to enter target mode to take him out. Using another CP, have Minerva take out the Grenadier right in front of her.

Turn 2: Heal Minerva with her Ragnaid and proceed towards the grass area behind her. The Grenadier will be persistently attacking her so be cautious while advancing. You will want Minerva to be crawling through the grass, so on her next 2 turns she can pick off the 2 nearby enemies. Relocate her to the sandbag, past the grass for the next turn. Destroy the enemy tank by aiming at the weak spot using Claude. Move towards the sandbag wall to set up the next attack. Use the increase payload aimed at the middle of the 2 soldiers to eliminate them simultaneously. Have Claude shoot the Shocktrooper with an AP round to clear the way for Minerva to invade the next turn. If he misses, cut your losses and end your phase early as the Shocktrooper will attempt to advance and be mowed down by Minerva and Claude.

Turn 3: Move Claude up the incline and shoot the 2 soldiers behind the sandbags with the increase payload. After that, move him as far up the hill as possible. Take out the Shocktrooper using the AP rounds then using the Brown T2 eliminate the Scout. Finally, advance Minerva to capture their base to complete this mission with the highest marks.

Watch this S rank guide in action here:

Valkyria Chronicles 4 is available for Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch there is a free demo available on all platforms which covers the first three chapters.

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