Valkyria Chronicles 4: Siege of the Castle Guide

Valkyria Chronicles 4: Siege of the Castle Guide

Last updated on November 2nd, 2018

Valkyria Chronicles 4 is a tactical role-playing game both developed and published by Sega. It will be available for all platforms on September 25th. Valkyria Chronicles 4 occurs during the same span as the original Valkyria Chronicles, however, the story follow a new group of characters. Valkyria Chronicles 4 utilizes the BLiTZ Battle System or Battle of Live Tactical Zones which is an fusion of RPG and real-time third person shooter. Create your own squad comprising of Lancers, Grenadier, Shocktrooper, Scouts, and more while having their bonds strengthen as missions go on. Join Claude as he leads his friends and squad to victory!

Valkyria Chronicles 4: Siege of the Castle Guide

In this second chapter players will have to capture an enemy’s cannon as the game instructs them on how to use the camps and to customize their team. There are certain locations that tanks can be deployed just like infantry in their own way. While customizing their team players can select “Leaders”, these characters will add an extra command point. Units whose health points reach 0 enter critical condition and can no longer use CP in order to take action.

Sight Lines

When enemies are found in action mode a sight line will appear over their heads. A blue sight line indicates that the enemy hasn’t seen the player, while yellow means they have. A red line means the enemy is shooting at the player and green means they are reloading. Sight lines are helpful to better position your units just shy of being attack but able to attack the enemy.

Blue sight lines mean the enemy has not seen the player yet

Engineer Unit and Ragnaid

The Engineer unit abilities comprises of resupply, repair, and revive. In action mode Engineers can resupply another unit’s ammo by moving close to them. They can repair sandbags and ladders that have been destroyed by the conflict. With the Revival Ragnaid, Engineers can revive critically injured units. Revival Ragnaid and vehicle repair kit can be used in target mode! Ragnaid can be used to heal units that have taken severe damage. Infantry units like Shocktroopers regain health each player turn.

Leaders add CP to their respective team. Losing a leader will result in lower CP to use so seek out and eliminate enemy leaders while protecting your own.

Morale Boosts

Taking down enemies or capturing an enemy camp can elicit a morale boost. Morale boosts grant a higher chance of potentials activating as well as dodging, however, it ends when the unit takes another action. Players may elect to keep the unit’s morale boost if they are under heavy fire by avoiding further action by them.


Leaders include but not limited to:

  • Claude
  • Raz
  • Kai

For this mission I chose:

  • Claude (Default Tank)
  • Raz for CP (Shocktrooper)
  • Kai for CP (Sniper)
  • Brittany for Lancer
  • Neige for Sniper
  • Aladdin for Sniper


Turn 1: Start the mission by moving your Lancer into position to attack the enemy’s tank. I forgo this move by relocating Claude and attacking the tank myself. I found this part counter intuitive as the game suggests you to bring a Lancer specifically for this part and will then walk you through the tutorial. (Although it would be more useful to guide players to use this as soon as the mission starts, instead of after a unit’s action is performed.)

Move your snipers in position to take out the solider manning the Gatling turret on the left hand side of the map. This may take up to 4 shots. Move another sniper to the center left portion of the starting area to eliminate an Engineer near the fountain.

Turn 2: Have Claude or your Lancer take out the tank near the fountain. Advance Raz to the sandbag south of the fountain to intercept an x on the next turn. Move Kai in position near the fountain to take out the Scout; doing so will remove 1 command point from the enemy. Use another sniper to take out the enemy’s shocktrooper.

During the enemy’s phase, the shocktrooper near Raz will approach and Raz will open fire. Raz will take light damage due to him being crouched behind the sandbag and will eliminate the shocktrooper.

Turn 3: Move Claude close to the left enemy base and attempt to attack the soldier in there. Move your Lancer to take out the gatling gun meanwhile move Kai or another sniper to take out the enemy’s scout. Move Raz towards the right camp and position him behind a sandbag for cover. Use your final sniper to deal some chip damage to the lone soldier in the left camp.

Turn 4: Use your Lancer to finish off or weaken the Scout in the left enemy base. Have Raz move close to the engineer near the right camp. Crouch while moving through the grass to prevent taking fire and when close enough, use a grenade to eliminate the engineer. Use Raz to capture the enemy’s base afterwards. Finish off the lone Scout in the left base with a sniper and start moving the team around the fountain towards the central bridge. Attempt to damage the unit manning the right gatling gun.

Turn 5: Capture the remaining base and take out the left gatling gun using the Lancer. Players can ignore moving the tank in this turn, as the barriers this is section makes it useless. However, players can use it’s armor piercing rounds to take out the closest gatling guns if they haven’t already.


During this turn players will get the cutscene that introduces in a new character, Riley. She is of the grenadier class allowing her to send explosive mortars long distances. Grenadiers take a long time to set up, so avoid moving them near areas that have heavy fire. Use more agile units to provide support for them.

Use Riley to take out the right gatling turret and move her towards the central bridge. Move Kai as close as possible to the Scout on the bridge and attempt to take him out. Bring up another sniper to assist her if needed. Then use Kai to take out a Shocktrooper further down the bridge.

Riley can use long-distance mortar explosives

Turn 6:

Move one of your snipers to the middle of the bridge and take out the Shocktrooper. Move Riley towards the center of the bridge and take out any enemies she is able to reach. Move a unit to capture the base right after the bridge to be prepared for the enemies incoming units to the left of the bridge. Use Riley to take out the two Scouts advancing in.

Turn 7:

Move the furthest unit beyond the bridge and towards the tank that players must capture to end the mission.

After the mission players will unlock:

  • Claude’s new potential, Self-Conscious
  • Learner’s Permit decal for the Hafen
  • Defense Boost Order (Training Field location)
  • Support Belt: +3 Dodge and +1 Defense

To watch this guide in action check out the video below:

S Rank Guide

Achieving an S rank can be difficult on your first try and a more challenging route but if you want to achieve one of the three S Rank related trophies such as Capable Commander (which requires an S rank on a mission), Pride of the Federation or The Empire’s Worst Nightmare here’s what you need to do:

The conditions for this mission are:


The enemy base camp is captured


The enemy occupies your base camp.

All allied infantry fall in action

20 turns pass

Team Composition

For this mission I chose:

  • Claude (Default Tank)
  • Raz for CP (Shocktrooper)
  • Kai for CP (Sniper)
  • Brittany (Lancer)
  • Rebecca (Engineer)
  • Godwin (Scout)


Turn 1: Start the mission by moving Brittany towards the first tank using the grass as cover. Aim for the blue weak spot to destroy the tank in 1 shot and use the remaining AP to get closer to the second tank. Attack the second tank once, then hide near the fallen rocks. Shoot the tank one last time using Brittany then crouch behind the sandbag. Position Claude in range of the tank to finish it off and continue towards the water fountain. Advance Claude towards the Engineer taking him out using the Brown T1 Machine Gun. Shoot the Scout near the enemy’s camp using the AP Round then position Claude closer to the Scout on the right side of the map. Use the remaining AP left of Claude to move him towards the center right area of the water fountain.

Turn 2: Position Godwin just south of the water fountain using all his AP. Advance Claude towards the Engineer to defeat him using the 75mm Mortar. Use the remaining AP to position Claude near the left camp. Using another command point ram the sandbag protecting the last scout and finish him with the AP round. Use Godwin to capture the left camp to enter the second half of the mission.

Phase 2 Turn 2: Advance Kai towards the center of the bridge allowing her to pick off the Scout in the enemy’s base. Use the AP round from the Hefen to eliminate the Gatling Turret nearby the group. By now, players will have Riley on the field; use her to take out the nearby Gatling Turret. Move her towards the bridge with Kai to set up her next attack. Attack the left Gatling Turret afterwards re-position towards the center of the bridge. Move Godwin until the end of the bridge to crouch behind the sandbag.

Turn 3: Have Riley take out the 2 Shocktrooper behind the sandbag using 1 of Riley’s Mortars. Use Godwin to clean up the remaining soldiers blocking the exit. Finally, head towards the tank to complete the quest and receive your S rank.

Watch this S rank guide in action here:

Valkyria Chronicles 4 will be releasing on September 25th for Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch but if you want to check out the game before release there is a free demo available on all platforms.

We will be adding more guides for Valkyria Chronicles 4 be sure to keep a look out in our guides section. Check out the first chapter in our Valkyria Chronicles 4 Prologue Guide. In the mean time you can check out more Valkyria in Valkyria Chronicles 4 Releases PS4 Demo For Europe and Valkyria Chronicles Will Release On Nintendo Switch October 16th.


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