Valkyria Chronicles 4: S Rank Reine Skirmish Guide

Valkyria Chronicles 4: S Rank Reine Skirmish Guide

Last updated on November 2nd, 2018

Valkyria Chronicles 4 is a tactical role-playing game both developed and published by Sega. It will be available for all platforms on September 25th. Valkyria Chronicles 4 occurs during the same span as the original Valkyria Chronicles, however the story follows a new group of characters. Valkyria Chronicles 4 utilizes the BLiTZ Battle System or Battle of Live Tactical Zones which is an fusion of RPG and real-time third person shooter. Create your own squad comprising of Lancers, Grenadier, Shocktrooper, Scouts, and more while having their bonds strengthen as missions go on. Join Claude as he leads his friends and squad to victory!

Valkyria Chronicles 4: S Rank Reine Skirmish Guide

The conditions for this skirmish are: 


The enemy base camp is captured


The enemy occupies your base camp.

All allied infantry fall in action

20 turns pass 

Team Composition

For this mission I chose:


Turn 1: Start the mission by moving Claude forward until he is in range of shooting a 75mm Mortar, in between the Scout and Shocktrooper behind the sandbags. Have Kai move forward so she can eliminate the semi hidden enemy Sniper in the right corner. Position Claude in the middle of the enemy Tank, Lancer and Scout so he can take out each enemy with an AP round per command point. Move any unit towards Claude so they can capture the enemy’s camp. I used Brittany, Lancer class, for this duty.

Turn 2: Move Brittany towards the enemy camp to take out the Shocktrooper while crouching behind the sandbag. She may take damage from the Ace, Zuko the Prophet, and the Scout near the Shocktrooper. Move Claude towards Brittany and take out Zuko to earn a reward after the mission is concluded. Afterwards have him proceed towards the enemy’s base and eliminate the lone Scout. Brittany should capture the base to complete the quest and receive your S rank.

To watch this skirmish in action check out the video below:

Valkyria Chronicles 4 will be releasing on September 25th for Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch but if you want to check out the game before release there is a free demo available on all platforms which covers the first three chapters.

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