Valkyria Chronicles 4: Prologue Guide

Valkyria Chronicles 4: Prologue Guide

Last updated on November 2nd, 2018

Valkyria Chronicles 4 is a tactical role-playing game both developed and published by Sega, available for all platforms on September 25th. Valkyria Chronicles 4 occurs during the same time span as the original Valkyria Chronicles, however the story follows a new group of characters. Valkyria Chronicles 4 utilizes the BLiTZ Battle System or Battle of Live Tactical Zones which is a fusion of RPG and real-time third person shooter. Create your own squad comprising of Lancers, Grenadier, Shocktrooper, Scouts and more while having their bonds strengthen as missions go on. Join Claude as he leads his friends and squad to victory!

Valkyria Chronicles 4 Prologue Guide

The Prologue chapter introduces all the basic moves players will experience in Valkyria Chronicles 4. You will test out Raz and Kai as they compete on the battle field. The game introduces several gameplay mechanics during this introductory chapter to players such as:

  • Command Mode
  • Command Points
  • AP Gauge” Moving consumes the unit’s Action Point Gauge so be sure to move efficiently and with a plan.
  • Target Mode: Press R1 in Action mode to enter Target mode.

Players will gain control of Raz after the game instructs and defines several game elements to them. Move Raz behind the sandbag so he can take out the soldier in front of him. Moving Raz here will assist him in defending enemies attacks. The game will then instruct you how to attack. Make sure to take care when you aim as it impacts how many bullets are needed for a unit to be eliminated. There is also a difference in terms of head shots versus body shots so be methodical. Surviving enemies can still counter attack , so keep this in mind.

Kai will enter the fray and provide her sniper skills to pick off enemies from afar. Use her to eliminate the 2 soldiers on the battlefield using headshots on this turn providing Kai doesn’t miss. On the next turn use Kai to take out the last 2 foot soldiers.

Lastly, an enemy tank will emerge forcing you to counter with their own tank. Use the 75mm AP (armor piecing) rounds to obliterate the tank and end the tutorial mission.

At the end of the mission players will obtain the following as well as a tutorial on how accessories work:

  • Meritorious Service Medal
  • Capped Bullets: +3 Aim and +3 vs Armor

To watch this prologue stage in action check out the video below:

S Rank Guide

Achieving an S rank can be difficult on your first try and a more challenging route but if you want to achieve one of the three S Rank related trophies such as Capable Commander (which requires an S rank on a mission), Pride of the Federation or The Empire’s Worst Nightmare here’s what you need to do:

The conditions for this mission are:


All enemies defeated


All allied infantry fall in action

20 turns pass

Team Composition

For this mission I chose:

  • Claude (Default Tank)
  • Raz for CP (Shocktrooper)
  • Kai for CP (Sniper)


Turn 1: Start the mission by moving Raz towards the sandbag to take out the Scout ahead of him. Use Kai to snipe the remaining Scout and move her closer to Raz.

Turn 2: Advance Kai towards the Scouts and snipe the furthest Scout with her. Position Zaiga near the closest Scout to take him out. Have Claude destroy the tank using the AP rounds aiming at the blue weak spot when possible. This will complete the quest and grant you your S rank.

Watch this S rank guide in action here:

Valkyria Chronicles 4 will be releasing on September 25th for Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch but if you want to check out the game before release there is a free demo available on all platforms.

We will be adding more guides for Valkyria Chronicles 4 be sure to keep a look out in our guides section. In the mean time you can check out more Valkyria in Valkyria Chronicles 4 Releases PS4 Demo For Europe and Valkyria Chronicles Will Release On Nintendo Switch October 16th.


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