Valkyria Chronicles 4: Inner City Assault Guide

Valkyria Chronicles 4: Inner City Assault Guide

Last updated on November 2nd, 2018

Valkyria Chronicles 4 is a tactical role-playing game both developed and published by Sega. It will be available for all platforms on September 25th. Valkyria Chronicles 4 occurs during the same span as the original Valkyria Chronicles, however, the story follow a new group of characters. Valkyria Chronicles 4 utilizes the BLiTZ Battle System or Battle of Live Tactical Zones which is an fusion of RPG and real-time third person shooter. Create your own squad comprising of Lancers, Grenadier, Shocktrooper, Scouts, and more while having their bonds strengthen as missions go on. Join Claude as he leads his friends and squad to victory!

Valkyria Chronicles 4: Inner City Assault Guide

In this chapter players will have to identify which of the tanks are real and relay the signal to Riley. The level has thick fog so visibility is at an all time low, forcing players to be right up on the tanks to inquire if they are the real deal or not. Claude can use CP to utilize orders, these can be learned in the Mess Hall and Training Field.

The fog will decrease visibility meaning you will need to get pretty close to the tanks

Co-op Success

Some attacking units when near ally units can initiate a co-op attack together. Some classes are less inclined to perform the co-op attacks; to increase the probability of co-op attack use squad units that like each other.

Co-op attacks can happen if units are positioned close together and have a good relationship with one another

Useful Tips

Crawling soldiers can’t be discovered until an opposing unit gets into close proximity of them. Upon discovery the prone (laying) unit will use interception fire. Use Scouts to discover prone enemies more easily and like sandbags, crawling increases a unit’s defenses. Players can use grenades to deal damage to them and if they survive, force them on their feet.

Use the grass as cover so the enemy scouts don’t see you

Soldiers possess potentials which are a set of innate abilities that are awakened during combat once certain conditions are met. These can include but not limited to:

  • Health Points
  • Terrain type
  • Units Bond


For this mission I chose:

  • Claude (Default Tank)
  • Kai for CP (Default Sniper)
  • Raz for CP (Shocktrooper)
  • Curtis (Scout)
  • Godwin (Scout)
  • Jester (Scout)
  • Rosetta (Scout)
  • Teresa (Scout)
  • Nico (Scout)


Turn 1: Start the mission by using the closest scout to advance towards the right of the map, since the main gate is locked. There will be a fake tank just past the grass on the right hand side. Crouch so the grass hides your Scout and sneak up on the lone enemy near the fake tank. Continue heading around the right edge of the map to encounter the 1st real tank. There is a crawling Engineer near the well, located to the left portion of the map. Use the remaining command points to send out a few more Scouts to provide help for the Scouts that are already out. Remember command points not spent will be rolled over to the next turn.

Turn 2: Finish off the advancing enemy Scout with your own and continue moving into enemy territory. There will be another Scout near the enemy’s base so spend some command points to eliminate him. Claude will remind the player that they are there to scout the tank situation but taking out some enemies if they are blocking your way is necessary. Use your Scouts to proceed with advancing along the right side of the map, circling around to find 2 more decoy tanks. To the right of the 2 decoy tanks will be a real one, so use the grass as cover while you get closer to it. Move another Scout towards the enemy’s base and capture it, while sending one further along that road to unlock the gate on the next turn.

Turn 3: Open the gate using a Scout and drive the tank straight. Use the 75mm Mortar in between the 2 Shocktroopers to take them out. Use the tank to examine the center shrouded tank, you will discover its a real one after all. Use one of the Scouts that was stationed near the start of the mission to travel towards the left side to discover yet another fake tank. Take one of the furthest Scouts on the right side, to the top right portion of the map to find another fake tank. Send one Scouts located near the taken base to the north, this is where you will discover a real tank. Use the remaining CP to move your troops center north to capture another enemy’s camp, as well as take out 2 more Scouts of the enemy in the process.

Turn 4: Use the left most Scout to travel north along the left portion of the map to discover another tank. Then move a Scout from the top right location towards the top center of the map to find the final tank.

After a cutscene the new victory condition is to change all the first row of the Signal Tower Panels to 7, 1, 5. Use Kai to shoot the first Signal tower without moving. Afterwards move her closer to the second tower until she is in a position to shoot it. Use Claude and the tank to eliminate all the enemies in the center of the map. Move your Sniper towards the final tower in the center right portion of the map.

After the mission players will unlock:

  • 1 Lenfield R1 Rifle
  • 1 Hartman MS1R
  • 1 Robinson M91R
  • 1 LF Wasp No. 1R Sniper Rifle
  • Lucky Coin

To watch this chapter in action check out the video below:

S Rank Guide

Achieving an S rank can be difficult on your first try and a more challenging route but if you want to achieve one of the three S Rank related trophies such as Capable Commander(which requires an S rank on a mission), Pride of the Federation or The Empire’s Worst Nightmare here’s what you need to do:


The conditions for this mission are:


The enemy base camp is captured


The enemy occupies your base camp.

All allied infantry fall in action

20 turns pass

Team Composition


For this mission I chose:

  • Claude (Default Tank)
  • Raz for CP (Shocktrooper)
  • Kai for CP (Sniper)
  • Eileen (Engineer)
  • Godwin (Scout)
  • Curtis (Scout)
  • Jester (Scout)


Turn 1: Start the mission by moving Godwin towards the right, staying close on the wooden fence and end up behind the sandbag. Use the Type-F1 Grenade to eliminate the crawling Engineer. Use the remaining AP to position him behind the sandbag to the left of the grass. Advance Curtis to the right to discover the first fake tank and take out the Engineer near the grass. Have Curtis discover the real tank further down from the fake tank he discovered first. Spend the rest of Curtis’ AP to position him near the grass close to Godwin. Move Godwin towards the soldier in the enemy’s camp, crouch behind the sandbag and aim for his head. Take over the camp and continue moving straight towards the sealed off gate. Discover the fake tank on the way to the gate then proceed to unlock the gate allowing the rest of the team to assist. Advance Claude north to shoot a 75mm Mortar in between the Shocktroopers and discover the tank in front. Don’t expose the tank weak spot as there is a Lancer towards the left. Move Jester towards Claude then left to find another fake tank and eliminate the enemy Scout located north. Move Curtis north along the right part of the map for next turn.

Turn 2: Position Godwin just south of the water fountain using all his AP. Advance Claude towards the Engineer to defeat him using the 75mm Mortar. Use the remaining AP to position Claude near the left camp. Using another command point ram the sandbag protecting the last scout and finish him with the AP round. Use Godwin to capture the left camp to enter the second half of the mission.

Turn 2: Start the turn by having Curtis finishing off the Scout that reclaimed the base during their turn. Afterwards, relocate Curtis north towards the several fake tanks to discover them and the real tank near the grass. On the next command point, use the Type-F1 Grenade on the Shocktrooper to remove an extra command point from the enemy. Crawl through the grass to safely discover the north-most tank near Jester. Move Godwin north using the grass as cover to discover the real tank then relocate near the Scout to use the Grenade to take him out. Capture the base, discover the remaining tanks, and watch the cutscene as the game puts you in phase 2 of this mission.

Phase 2 Turn 2: Use Kai to shoot the first Signal tower to change the first row of the Signal Tower Panels to 7, 1, 5 without moving. Afterwards move her closer to the second tower until she is in a position to shoot it. Use Claude to eliminate the 2 Scouts with the 75 mm Mortar and re-position towards the center while close enough to shoot the Lancer. Take out the Lancer using the AP rounds and head north to provide cover fire for Kai. Take out the Scout near the enemy’s base using the Last AP round from the Hafen. Move one of the Scouts towards the right sandbag in the center section of the map to set up interruption fire during the enemy’s turn.

Turn 3: Have Claude use the 75mm Mortar to take out the Scout in the enemy’s base. Snipe the Engineer with Kai the relocate her towards the destroyed base. Finally, advance Kai towards the lookout post, climb it, then shoot the final Signal Tower receive your S rank. Players may elect to redo this mission and take out the Ace enemy located near the final Signal Tower lurking near the grass.

Watch this S rank guide in action here:

Valkyria Chronicles 4 will be releasing on September 25th for Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch but if you want to check out the game before release there is a free demo available on all platforms which covers the first three chapters.

We will be adding more guides for Valkyria Chronicles 4 be sure to keep a look out in our guides section. Check out the first chapter in our Valkyria Chronicles 4 Prologue Guide and the second chapter Siege of the Castle. In the mean time you can also check out more Valkyria in Valkyria Chronicles 4 Releases PS4 Demo For Europe and Valkyria Chronicles Will Release On Nintendo Switch October 16th.


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