Valkyria Chronicles 4 Early Screenshots & Details!

Valkyria Chronicles 4 Early Screenshots & Details!

The Japanese publication Famitsu has its latest issue out. And in it, includes a bunch of information and  images on SEGA’s upcoming Valkyria Chronicles 4  tactical-RPG.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 – Early Info!

A nice tidbit of info is that development for the recently announced title is at a 90%  progress completion. Which sounds promising, meaning that it’ll hit its 2018 time frame.

First off, is a brief overview on some of the characters. We have Claude Wallace, the game’s main protagonist and a pilot of the “Hafen”, which is named after his hometown. He also commands a squad of soldiers. Much like Welkin with his Edelweiss and CO position in the original.

And part of his troop is Riley Miller, childhood friend of Claude and the story’s heroine. Who is also a genius when it comes to Ragnite engineering. Then, there’s Kai Schulen, a top-class sniper with a quiet but blunt demeanor and nicknamed as the “One-Shot Killer”.

Infantry Class Types

Valkyria Chronicles 4  will feature six infantry types including the “Scouts“, “Engineers“, “Shocktroopers“, “Lancers” and “Snipers” classes. In addition to an all-new “Grenadier” class. Which uses a long-ranged Grenade Gun to attack enemies from afar. Making them potent at distances, but susceptible to close-quarters combat.

A First Look

Below, you can enjoy the rest of the images scanned from the magazine.

Valkyria Chronicles 4  is planned for a release sometime in 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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2 comments on “Valkyria Chronicles 4 Early Screenshots & Details!”

  1. Avatar Valvatorez says:

    I have only played (and loved) the first one so far but I really hope the grades you get after a fight will no longer be only tied to how many turns you took for that fight. Thats the one thing from the first game which I didn’t like. You could either enjoy youself and play like you want and get basically no money or you rush through every mission as fast as possible and get all the money but no fun.

  2. Avatar Fallenangel700 says:

    This is looking good. I’m liking that “90% complete” part. It also looks like we’ll be playing as the Federation this time, rather than the Gallians. Should provide a nice new perspective on the war. My biggest hope is that the combat is rebalanced so it’s both challenging, and that each of your units and orders are as useful as the next. (In Valkyria Chronicles 1, Scouts were god tier and Lancers were worthless, among other issues.)

    Also, anybody want to take bets on which characters die?

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