Upcoming God of War Concept Artwork & Game Details!

Upcoming God of War Concept Artwork & Game Details!

Details on the upcoming God of War, launching exclusively for the PS4 has been disclosed in a podcast included in the official website of the game that was revealed straight from its Director, Cory Barlog alongside with some concept artwork.

God of War, Familiar Face in a Foreign Land!

It is revealed that God of War will feature Elder Futhark runic alphabets throughout the game and with opportunities to learn them via deciphering inscriptions you may come across to reveal hidden quests and such.

It will involve spoken incantations, words and the use of runes as well as magic. An example of magic would have Kratos touch the ground to unleash earth magic. Another one would be an item enabling Atreus to recall stories told by his mother.

The Runes are used to connect characters to a realm filled with magical energy, and are used to imbue them with that said magical energy via tattoos such as the ones found on Atreus. It will involve Kratos and Atreus translating some of those runes and solving puzzles.

Compared to the Greek gods, the Norse gods are depicted in a different light. While the Greek gods are similar to politicians due to their manipulation of the human race, the Norse gods are much more down to earth.

There are three kinds of Norse gods:

  • The Æsir – They live every moment to the fullest, always drunk and ready to fight.
  • The Vanir – They live in harmony with nature, maintaining equilibrium and act as the Keepers of Magic.
  • The Giants – They are skilled craftsman, caught in the middle of the conflict between the Æsir and Vanir.

You can check out the beautiful concept artwork of God of War below:

God of War ‘Winter’

God of War ‘Faces of Midgard

God of War is an exclusive PlayStation 4 title and will release sometime in early 2018.

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