Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Collectibles Guide

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Collectibles Guide

Last updated on September 5th, 2017

Naughty Dog’s Uncharted: The Lost Legacy has various tasks and goodies for the player to obtain for fun and trophies. Below is a collectibles guide broken down by area with descriptions and tips so that you can get 100% of everything.



1x Treasure, 1x Photo Opportunity

  • 1st Treasure: Ganesh Figurine – You will receive this treasure as part of the story, should not be able to miss.

  • 1st Photo Opportunity – Follow the little girl down the stairs into the market, go towards the urns and shirts. The photograph icon should appear when you are near the right spot.

Chapter 1: The Insurgency

1x Treasure

  • 1st Treasure: Sterling Silver Cigarette Case Make your way onto the rooftop, turn left and look for several blue barrels under a metal shack-like building.

Chapter 2: Infiltration

5x Treasures, 1x Photo Opportunities, 1x Trophy

  • 1st Photo Opportunity – When the chapter starts up, follow the on screen directions to get behind a purple neon sign to snag a photo.

  • 1st Treasure: Bullet Whistle – Once you arrive at the first zipline, go right around the platform you should be under the wire in between 2 posts.

  • 2nd Treasure: Military Service Lighter – Take the zip line down, take out the guard and this treasure is located inside the shack that contains a movable crate. After sliding down the zip line and taking out the guard, look in the shack with the movable crate.

  • 3rd Treasure: Utility Spork – Proceed to the following shack located on the rooftop. Move the crate inside it and check on the floor for this treasure.

  • 4th Treasure: Travelling Inkwell – First use a crate to destroy the floor, then you must hop over to the opposite building. Climb inside, follow the left passageway and the treasure will be on a desk under 2 paintings.

  • 5th Treasure: Tactical Compass – Once you and Nadine break storeroom at the top of the building, move toward the windows. Behind the shelves there is a crate that the treasure is on top of.

Trophy Alert! Drop Me a Line

How to unlock: Use all the zip-lines in the city.

4 total

  • 1st = Used in story
  • 2nd and 3rd = Used during escape event.
  • 4th = Located after you find 3 enemies you must engage in a fist fight. Following the fight head straight onto the proceeding rooftop and jump to the neon sign. When you’re on the succeeding rooftop, stay onto your left side as you head through few clotheslines and reach the last zip-line. Once you slide down this line to finish the first chapter the trophy will unlock.


Chapter 3: Homecoming

4x Treasures, 3x Photo Opportunities, 1x Lock Box, 4x Trophies

  • 1st Photo Opportunity – Once the chapter loads, turn towards your right towards the foggy forest and snap the picture.

  • 2nd Photo Opportunity – Drive toward the top of the stream but do not drive over the ridge. Get out and move towards the rocks on the left and snap a photo of the flamingos.

  • 1st Treasure: Gupta Empire Coins – Move past the flamingos to the base of the nearby waterfall and check behind the sloping large rock.

Trophy Alert! Were You Counting?

How to unlock: Defeat an enemy with the last bullet in your handgun clip

  • You will get ambushed once you attach a winch to the gate in this area. Get down to your last bullet, then finish off an enemy with it to unlock this trophy. Try using a headshot if you are having trouble with this trophy.
  • 2nd Treasure: Silver Water Jar – This treasure is found after you eliminate some enemies and climb up to the highest platform. You will know its the right platform is you find some grenades; use 1 to destroy a fake wall and the treasure is behind it.

  • 3rd Treasure: Golden Fish Statuette – To find this treasure you must have pulled down the gate and driven through it. You will reach a stream; from here travel along the stream to the left until you see 2 waterfalls. The treasure will be inside the alcove between the waterfalls.

Trophy Alert! Now You See Me

How to unlock: Break stealth and re-enter stealth successfully

  • Once you run into the large swarm of enemies, eliminate the enemies located up in the ruins and the ones lower flooded area. Leave the other enemies alive and find cover from their sights and wait until you enter stealth which will trigger this trophy.
  • 1st Lock Box – Located in the upper area in the vicinity where you fight the large swarm of enemies. The box will be in the back of the truck close to the waterfall.

Trophy Alert! I Was Never Here

How to unlock: Open a lockbox with enemies nearby

  • Leave an enemy alive while you successfully pick the lock of the lockbox.

Trophy Alert! Fingersmith

How to unlock: Pick a three pin lock in under 15 seconds
  • Self explanatory. Tip: If you are taking too long on the first/second pin back out and start again since doing so resets the timer.
  • 4th Photo Opportunity – After all the enemies are defeated, backtrack to the lower flooded area and snap a picture of the temple.

  • 4th Treasure: Mango Crystal Scent Flask This treasure is located after you open the doorway, dropped down and enter the jeep. Instead of driving, get out and look behind your vehicle on your left side.

Chapter 4: The Western Ghats

19x Treasures, 9x Photo Opportunities, 11x Lock Box, 4 Optional Conversations, 11 Hoysala Tokens, 6x Trophies

  • 1st Photo Opportunity – Get out of the jeep and head diagonally to the left. You should be standing on the edge of grass and rock looking towards a large rock monument with a waterfall to your left.

Trophy Alert! Let’s Not Get Caught

How to unlock: Drive over the edge in the Western Ghats

Self explanatory; drive the jeep off the cliff where you start the area.


Trophy Alert! Stunt It!

How to unlock: Get 30 seconds of total airtime with the vehicle

Have fun jumping off the ramps in this area before exploring to obtain this trophy.


Hidden Trophy – Your Prize

How to unlock: Appreciate the view at the top of the Hoysala Empire

Use the map to find the Hoysala Tower and climb up to reach the main chamber of the tower. Next, open all the doors which will update your map. Lastly, climb around the broken door that looks out towards the mountain and climb up until you are at the top. Chloe will say some lines and you will have a treat to watch. Enjoy the view!


Trophy Alert! Yas Queen

How to unlock: Find all the Hoysala tokens and obtain the Queen’s Ruby
For this trophy, you will need to obtain all 11 tokens scattered in this vast area and activate the stone map to release the ruby. Head to the question mark in the northeast of the map and investigate the Temple to start this large side quest to find all 11.

  • 2nd Photo Opportunity – From the picture below, walk diagonally so the temple across the way is in the center of your screen to snag a photo of it.

  • 1st Hoysala Token: Owl Medallion – Once you reach the red indicator, run straight into the temple and interact with it. A cave map should activate and a door to your left will open.


Trophy Alert! Token For Granted

How to unlock: Find a Hoysala token

This trophy should unlock once you obtain your first token (Owl Token, if following this guide)

  • 1st Lock Box – Located near the owl token which contains the treasure Miniature Bronze Cannon; next to treasure Jade Archer’s Ring. Must obtain the token in this area so enemies and truck that contains the lockbox spawns in. Can be done right after you find the token located here or can be returned to after getting The Queen’s Ruby.
  • 1st Treasure: Jade Archer’s Ring – Located next to the Miniature Bronze Cannon. Run towards the left towards the stone tower. Climb the tower to find the ring.
  • 2nd Treasure: Miniature Bronze Cannon – Located before you get to the owl token. Unlock the Lock Box in front of it to obtain this treasure.
  • 3rd Treasure: Hoysala Token – Climb the stone elephant and pluck this treasure from his eye.

  • 2nd Lock Box – Located on the back of a truck on a boulder.



Come back here once you obtain all 11 tokens to obtain The Queen’s Ruby, the 8th Photo Opportunity, 1st Optional Conversation, the 11th,12th and 13th Treasure:.

  • 1st Optional Conversation – After getting the Ruby, enter right pathway listen to the conversation. Continue heading towards the the left side of the dome enclosure, and get close to the monkeys. You will learn monkeys don’t really eat bananas from Nadine.
  • 3rd Photo Opportunity – From the monkeys, go to the ridge by slightly going to the left. You will turn around and take a picture of a monkey hopping onto Nadine’s head.
  • 4th, 5th, 6th Treasure: Inscribed Copper Plate, Silver Goblet, and Hoysala Kukri Head back into the dome enclosure to find these 3 treasures inside.

  • 2nd Hoysala Token: Bird Medallion – Kill the enemies, and explore this area. There is a blast-able rock wall that on it’s left has a antique bird fountain-esque monument. On its right is a Lock Box that contains a grenade, use it to blast the wall and obtain the token.
  • 3rd Lock Box – See above.
  • 4th Photo Opportunity – Once inside the blast able wall, go left and take pic with the statue.

  • 3rd Hoysala Token: Elephant Medallion – Climb the building next to this sealed well. While on the roof, move towards the single beam and grapple the seal blocking the well. Jump off to release the seal and the token is found inside.

  • 4th Hoysala Token: Cobra Medallion – Go straight and climb the wall to get near a locked door and a bell. Shoot the bell near the door and then proceed to shoot each bell outside the temple. This can be done from the locked door, no need to leave it.
  • 5th Hoysala Token: Pig/Boar Medallion – Climb the building that has a tree to its right. Grapple onto the tree branch and swing yourself to the nearest platform. Then jump diagonally to your right to ensure that once you slide down the mud you will reach the next platform. Finally jump straight across and you’ll end up on the other side.
  • 6th Hoysala Token: Winged Birdman Medallion – There is a climbable wall next to antique bird fountain-esque. Make your way up towards the beam. Grapple onto the tree branch which you will need to grapple to 2 more tree branches. You will arrive at a lockbox, pick it for another grenade. Grapple to the tree branch to the left of the box onto another branch. After this you will reach another breakable wall. Use the grenade to break your way in and collect this token.
  • 4th Lock Box – See above.

Trophy Alert! Tarzana

How to unlock: Perform 5 grapple swings in a row without touching the ground

When attempting to obtain the Winged Birdman Medallion, there is 3 grapple-able tree branches. Swing to the end then swing backwards and this trophy will unlock. Alternatively, you can grapple until the end using all the 5 tree branches

  • 7th Hoysala Token: Duck Medallion – There will be an elephant statue in front of you, travel to it’s base to sink in and float. Dive straight down, make a right, proceed into the underwater path. If you look up you should see light shining into the water from the top right, breach in that direction. The token is on land in front of you.
  • 5th Photo Opportunity – Before you dive to get the duck medallion, snap a photo of the elephant statue
  • 8th Hoysala Token: Lion Medallion – Climb up the wall that has a temple on top of it. Head into the temple and grab the propane tank. Throw/roll the tank near the breakable wall that is located left where you picked up the tank and shoot it. The token is hidden inside.
  • 5th Lock Box – Near lion token. has treasure Leather-Covered Binoculars


  • 9th Hoysala Token: Sheep Medallion – Climb up towards what looks like a golden fountain and activate it. It will release several water spouts which you must seal off then come back to where you activated the fountain. Make use of the grappling system or you won’t be able to finish this trial in time. You are on a timer, move quickly!
  • 10th Hoysala Token: Dog Medallion –

This can be found in 2 areas:

  1. in a Lock Box on a truckbed
  2. or its located behind another breakable wall nearby


  • 11th Hoysala Token: Horse Medallion – Solve the horse puzzle to obtain the horse token.
Finished example of puzzle

Now that you have collected all 11 Tokens, head back to where you obtained the Owl Medallion and activate the map wall. It will release The Queen’s Ruby.

  • 7th Treasure: Ivory Casket Located at the base of the tree next to the jeep.

  • 8th Treasure: Stag Horn Box – Located behind a smallish pillar on the left side of a purple cherry blossom-esque tree in front a small waterfall.

  • 2nd Optional Conversation – Head up to Ganash’s Trident temple and Optional Conversation will occur. Exhaust all dialogue.

  • 6th Lock Box – Spawns after returning from trident fort. There is a 2 person turn still in the center. Go towards the center rock and behind it is a rock door you can lift. Run straight past all the ruins, enemies will start spawning, try to avoid them by going left. Run towards a waterfall and before it on your left is a climbable wall. Run straight and the Lock Box will be located on the bed of the first truck.

  • 9th Treasure: Trinket Box – Drive the jeep into the waterfall as there is a passageway behind it. The trinket box is located on your right on top of a rock.

  • 10st Treasure: Ancient Stone Jar – Start at 9th Treasure: area and instead of driving into the waterfall, drive towards the right to fall on the lower path. Get out the jeep and the item is on the rock on your right.

  • 6th Photo Opportunity – Slowly move towards the waterfall once you’re on the edge of rock and mud, snap your picture.

  • 11th Treasure: Medieval Indian Lock and Key – Drive towards the ruins, leave the jeep and climb to obtain this treasure.

  • 12th Treasure: Rosewood Spice Box – Take the lower path at the fork of the road; the spice box is located at the end.

  • 7th Photo Opportunity – Drive up the sloping paths and at the top make a left. Jump out of the jeep and snap a picture of this faraway temple.
  • 7th Lock Box + 13th Treasure: [] – Climb inside the 4 pillar enclosure, open the Lock Box to retrieve the treasure.

  • 8th Lock Box – Head straight across the bridge and head up the hill. The box is on the left near a truck.

  • 3rd Optional Conversation – Head up the path from the Lock Box above towards the temple and interact with the bow depicted on the temple for the dialogue.
  • 9th Lock Box – Hope over the broken bridge, move right around the corner, grapple the tree branch to arrive at the Lock Box.

  • 14th Treasure: Engraved Gourd Jar – Drive past the boulder in the water until you reach an overpass. Get out and the treasure is on you right on the ground.

  • 15th Treasure: Snakes and Ladder – Go straight, climb the stairs and start climbing the wall. Once inside, proceed outside and the treasure is right ahead.

  • 10th Lock Box – Located on the bed of the truck just ahead of you.

  • 11th Lock Box – From Lock Box 10, go towards the moss cover rock platform and the tower like building. The Lock Box is behind the tower building.
  • 16th Treasure: Nagfani Horn – Head straight until you are in the middle of the paths. Turn to your left towards the large tree that is surrounded by red flowers. The horn is found at the base of the tree.

  • 8th Photo Opportunity – Head towards the waterfall and make a left. head slightly to the tree and the prompt should appear.
  • 17th Treasure: Jade Pendant – Travel until you’re in the middle of the water area. Take the right area to climb up a wall that has 2 little statues in the sides of the wall. The pendant is at the top in a little room.

  • 12th Lockbox location +18th Treasure: Butterfly Trinket – There’s a truck located on the left bank of the river to the right of a tree and inside is the treasure.

  • 19th Treasure: Metal Tiger Claws There is a dark tunnel to the right of the waterfall, enter it. About 75% of the way in, the treasure will be on your left, if you see light shining in you are close.

  • 4th Optional Conversation – Head up the path leading up to a temple on your left (shiva’s axe).
  • 9th Photo Opportunity – Finish the puzzle and at the end you’ll snap a wonderful view as a prize.

How to solve the puzzle: start > jump forward > jump forward >jump right > jump left> jump forward > jump back> jump forward> jump left> jump forward > jump forward > finish

Chapter 5: The Great Battle

6x Treasures, 3x Photo Opportunities, 5 Optional Conversations

  • 1st Treasure: Padouk Tea Caddy When you enter the area, continue on the path under you see the waterfall in the distance. Make a left and the treasure in on the ground at the end of the path.

  • 1st Optional Conversation Opportunity – When Nadine says she has found the stairs, wait for the prompt to appear and exhaust her dialogue

  • 1st Photo Opportunity – From the 1st Optional Conversation spot, head right until you need to grapple across. There is a small path on the left of the misty tunnel. Fling yourself across and follow the path to find this photo spot.
  • 2nd Treasure: Engraved Ewer From the 1st photo spot, turn around and climb that stone wall up. Once at the top, fall to the lower level on your right and the treasure is near the stone wall.

  • 2nd Optional Conversation Opportunity Once you have climb up to the ganesh statue top, this conversation will be available.

  • 2nd Photo Opportunity- After you and Nadine bask in the impressive view, before you grapple to the tree branch on your left, snag a pic of this narrow ledge you’re on and its view.

  • 3rd Conversation Opportunity- When you’re descending onto some moss rocks, fall inside the hole on the wall to find a catapulted rock. This is trigger Nadine’s dialogue.

  • 3rd Photo Opportunity – Snap a pic of this statue. If the prompt doesn’t appear, try inspecting the barricaded door near treasure #3.

  • 3rd Treasure: Bidri Hookah Bowl – From the statue, turn around and hop over to the ground across from you. Head towards the stairs and on its left side this treasure will be hiding on the ground.

  • 4th Treasure: Gold Cased Ivory Dentures – Once you have gotten out of the dingy tunnel and reach a square area with dead bodies/debris, this treasure will be on your left.

  • 4th Optional Conversation Opportunity – Located when you reach the cremation center; exhaust Nadine’s dialogue.

  • 5th Treasure: Palm Leaf Manuscript – From the 4th Optional Conversation spot, head right and climb the wall. Cross the bridge in the center and head left. This treasure will be located at the end of the path.

  • 6th Treasure: Khanjarli Curved Dagger When you’re trying to get out of the dark tomb this treasure will be on your right.
  • 5th Optional Conversation Opportunity – After you get injured, climb the stone pathway and have your last Optional Conversation with Nadine about Asav.

Chapter 6: The Gatekeeper

5x Treasures, 2x Photo Opportunities, 1 Optional Conversations

  • 1st Lock Box – From the burning jeep, head northeast between the large rock and square pillar. Follow this path until you reach a split and take the right path.Continue on this water soaked path and this Lock Box is hidden on your right.

  • 2nd Lock Box – From where the Lock Box looks out, head northwest. Run past a large tree with a boulder, past the 4 pillar enclosure. Rotate left and you will find this Lock Box.

  • 1st treasure 10th Century Oil Bottle – After you arrive inside the temple of Nandi head down the stairs, make a right, and the treasure is on the ground on the right.

  • 2nd treasure Aged Silver Anklet – From treasure 1, turn around, follow the path until the end. Hop over the fallen pillar, ascend the stairs, and the treasure is on your left.

  • 1st Photo Opportunity – When you meet the horde of elephants, take this pic in front of them.

  • 3rd Treasure Ceremonial Sugar Hammer – From the elephants make a right past the statue and the treasure is on your left on the ground.

  • 1st Optional Conversation Opportunity – From 3rd treasure climb the ledge to gaze at the elephants and exhaust nadine’s dialogue.

  • 3rd Lock Box – From 1st Optional Conversation spot, head up the grassy stairs, and the box is on your left.

  • 2nd Photo Opportunity – From the 3rd box, head up, and climb up the wall on the right side. Jump over the other side and snap this pic.

  • 4 Treasure: Agate Gemstone Box – From the 2nd photo location, turn over, hop over both platforms, grapple onto the tree branch and the treasure is on the ground

  • 5th Treasure: Raja Raja Gold Kahavanu – From the 4th Treasure: grapple onto the tree branch, and launch yourself onto the wall. Climb up the wall and drop down to the lower part of the area on the right. Enter the tight tunnel and the treasure is on the ground on the left.

Chapter 7 – The Lost Legacy

16x Treasures, 7x Photo Opportunities, 1x Lock Box, 3 Optional Conversations

  • 1st Photo Opportunity – Head down where you start the game and snap a pic of this sublime view.

  • 1st Lock Box – Grapple onto the tree branch on your right side and release yourself to climb the side of the wall. Climb the wall, avoid the gunfire, make a right and head up the stairs. At the top, jump over the gap to open the Lock Box.

  • 1st Treasure: Lakshmi Marriage Ornament – Jump over the gap to the entrance of the temple. Enter the temple, head that the pathway until you reach the waterfall, make a right, and jump towards the climbable wall on your right. The treasure will be located inside the room once you finish climbing.

  • 2nd Treasure: Hanuman Brass Bell – Climb the stairs, head past the purple flower covered tower on your right. Turn around looking towards the back of the tower and grab the treasure.

  • 3rd Treasure: Enameled Betel Box – From treasure 2, turn around and climb up the wall into the gold rimmed window. Follow the tight path until the end which you will hop down onto a wide water filled area. This treasure is on the left side straight ahead of you.

  • 4th Treasure: Jeweled Pipe Mouthpiece – Dive into the water and follow the bright path, until you reach the end. Surface, head slightly inland, you should see a path on your left. Dive towards that direction and the treasure is located at the end of the path.

  • 2 Photo Opportunity – From 4th Treasure:, head towards the surface and swim over to dry land. On the left part of the stairs, the photo prompt will appear for you.

  • 1st Optional Conversation Opportunity – Head up the stairs after taking your picture above to get this conversation.

  • 5th Treasure: Handcarved Sheesham Breadbox – From the conversation spot, make a left and proceed down the path. Make a left, make a right, and the treasure will be on your left.

  • 6th Treasure: Silver Comb Perfume Flask From 5th Treasure:, turn around, and head straight. The treasure will be on your right.

  • 3rd Photo Opportunity – From the horn statue, head straight into the passageway, ducking to get through, and at the end of the path is your photo opp.

  • 7th Treasure: Bronze Deccan Incense Burner – From above, jump into the water, turn south west, dive into the corner to find this treasure

  • 8th Treasure: Satavahana Hourglass – Surface, and swim towards the center of the area near the lily pads. There will be an passageway on your left, enter it and move the underwater tree roots. Continue this path until the end, surface again and move towards dry land. At the end of the land lies the treasure.

  • 4th Photo Opportunity – Turn around, head towards the water, and climb the wall on the right. After you climb to the top, jump over the gaps, and snap a pic at the top.

  • 5th Photo Opportunity – Head towards the water with the statue in the distance to record this sight.

  • 9th Treasure: Chalukya Griffin Candlestick – From above, head left, then make a right, swim to the end, and the treasure is on your left.

  • 6th Photo Opportunity – Swim towards the large gold statue and capture it’s beauty.

  • 10th Treasure: Bronze Medallion Flask – From above, head left until you reach the wall. Dive down and you’ll find the treasure below.

  • 11th Treasure: Bichwa Dagger – From above, head back to 6th photo opp, jump into the boat like area.

  • 12th Treasure: Jadelte Bottle – From above, head right, there’s an opening where the treasure lies at the end.

  • 13th Treasure: Harappan Ivory Dice – From above, head back to 11th Treasure: spot, and go straight. Climb the moss cover stone wall, then climb the right wall to find this treasure at the top.

  • 2nd Optional Conversation – After moving the Shiva’s arm using the wheel, you may speak with Nadine for this convo.

  • 14th Treasure: Ivory Chess Pieces – Jump onto the arm of the Shiva statue, jump towards the next arm, and follow this path until the end. Hop over the gap, drop/climb down and the treasure is located inside.

  • 15th Treasure: Gold Chola Earrings – Climb back up, past a wheel, climb up the moss wall, follow this path and at the end is the treasure.

  • 16th Treasure: Bridal Maang Tikka – Run past a wheel down a flight of stairs, past another wheel, drop down below and the treasure is on the pillar.

  • 3rd Conversation – Located after swinging towards the area where you rotate the light prism statue, finish talking to Nadine here.

  • 7th Photo Opportunity – Grapple back towards the light to find the mirror to be broken. Nadine will hold it up allowing you to take a pic of her.

Chapter 8 – Partners

8x Treasures, 1x Photo Opportunities, 5x Lock Box, 4 Optional Conversations, 4x Trophies

  • 1st Treasure: Jeweled Snuff Bottle – Head straight where you first spawn in with Sam and this treasure is located to your left.

  • 1st Optional Conversation – Head back to Sam and Nadine to get this conversation.

  • 2nd Treasure: Brass Ewer Walk across a wooden plank, climb up a wall into a rectangular opening.

  • 3rd Treasure: Mamluk Brass Bowl – Exit the water from above, and head up the rocky hill. Climb the wall in front, continue along the path, jump into the river and keep to the left side. You will fall towards a rock wall you will climb. At the top lies the treasure.

  • 4th Treasure: Crescent Flask – Once you and Nadine rope over through a waterfall to some climbable rocks, climb up and follow this path until the end.

  • 2nd Conversation Right after getting 4th Treasure:, talk to Nadine.

  • 3rd Conversation After Sam jumps into mud, check back with him for more dialogue.

  • 5th Treasure: Soapstone Jewerly Box – After sliding down 2 downwards sliding areas, hop over to solid ground and head left. Start climbing the wall in front of you until you reach the wooden plank on the left. Grab the treasure while hanging on the wall.

  • 4th Optional Conversation – When looking at the sealed off exit with Nadine and Sam, chat with Nadine for more dialogue.


Trophy Alert! Getting to Know You

How to unlock: Exhaust all optional dialogue.

  • 1st Photo Opportunity – After sliding down on 2 downwards sloping platforms, jump towards the rock wall, climb it, and snap your picture.


Trophy Alert! Pics or It Didn’t Happen

How to unlock: Snap a picture at all possible locations.

  • 6th Treasure: Peacock Nut Cracker – From above, climb upwards, then climb towards the right. You should be getting some dialogue from Same and Nadine during this. Continue going northeast until you are hanging from a horizontal moss covered crack. From there, head south to find this treasure

  • 7th Treasure: British Powder Flask – After Sam helped you up, head straight into the dark tunnel to find this treasure.

  • 8th Treasure: Strange Skull – After the dialogue of whose rope Sam can use, grapple onto the tree branch, wait until you swing backwards and hop to a small alcove to find this skull.

Trophy Alert! Shake For Your Fortune

How to unlock: Press inspect/bring up your treasures menu and go to the strange skull, Rotate it up to get unlock this trophy.

  • 1st Lock Box – When hiding from the helicopter, head straight, fall off the roof your on and head into the building. At the end you will find the box.

  • 2nd Lock Box – From above, rotate around and head towards the grassy cart on the tracks. Straight ahead is where the next box is located near the fence.

  • 3rd Lock Box – From above, head between the 2 train trailer, make a left near the silver circle tanker into the building where the box is housed.

  • 4th Lock Box – From above, make 2 lefts, run towards the red bus, then make a right. The box will near some rocks.

  • 5th Lock Box – From above, head right, and the box is on the bed of the truck.

Trophy Alert! Picks or It Didn’t Happen

How to unlock: Pick all the Lock Boxes.

Chapter 9: End of the Line

3x Treasures, 1x Trophies

  • 1st Treasure: United India Company Pistol – Climb the last section of the train to find this treasure on the roof

  • 2nd Treasure: Viceroy’s Penbox – Starting on the freight that contains 2 blue objects. Jump towards the next compartment, go around the left then through the. Continue on this path and the treasure is sitting in a nook.

  • 3rd Treasure: United India Company Coins – After abandoning the truck, walk through the train caboose and jump over to the next section. Continue to the next section and the treasure is on the left side.


Trophy Alert! Collector of Antiquities

How to unlock: Collect all the treasures.

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