Turbine Goes From Bad to Worse

Turbine Goes From Bad to Worse


It’s been reported that on the 27th of September Turbine erroneously charged some of it’s customers who pay online subscriptions hundreds and thousands of dollars and in some cases completely draining their bank accounts. People have overdraft fees, missed car and mortgage payments, and while Turbine works to “resolve” the issue all their customers have gotten is a big “sorry for the inconvenience.  We’re working to resolve the issue”.


Turbine support staff stated on the 30th that most issues were resolved, but players are still reporting repeatedly billing to their accounts.  This isn’t the first time Turbine has had a “glitch” in their billing system.  This already happened in April of this year!  They even made an update to said system earlier this year.


Players and customers are complaining that Turbine is closing their threads and banning accounts that are asking for information and demanding answers in the forums.  I looked through all 3 forums (AC, DDO and LotRO) and I found 5 posts about this issue and all of them were in Asheron’s Call (one would think that there would be more).  Some were complaining in these posts about this very issue.


You can contact Turbine Customer Support here if you are still having issues regarding your account, we suggest you call them rather than email. Regardless of EULA terms, you are likely legally entitled to a complete refund for any losses caused by the wrong billing, so act promptly and research your rights.  It is also highly recommended that you contact your credit card company and make your issue known and cancel your card used for your subscription (per Turbine, they can’t currently remove your credit card info -this would be illegal in many countries with data privacy ordinances- and even cancelled subscriptions were being billed).

Whilst we don’t encourage mob mentality, if you have been affected and feel it is appropriate to report this to a public domain, contact the BBB to fill a claim (after all, it is the second instance of such occurrence) you can do so here.

Technical glitches happen, and Turbine’s phone support can be swift and friendly, the more prominent and public reaction (online/forums) of Turbine’s Community Management is often baffling. Customers are shocked to be met with cold indifference and censorship policies about genuine issues. These attitudes create an unfriendly and unreachable feel of a company that used to go by “Powered by our Fans”.

With the constant mismanagement at Turbine these days, one can only wonder how much longer they will stay in business if they continue to anger their userbase with unfriendly community facing activities..  Will Warner Brothers finally pull the plug on them?  I guess we’ll have to wait in see, but we’re betting everything depends on the success or failure of their upcoming expansion: Helms Deep.

With all the issues happening with billing systems, how do you feel about sharing your information and card details with gaming companies? Sound off in the comments.

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  1. Ahhotep1 says:

    For the above reason as well as other online financial issues I remove the question mark of reliability and security by using NetSpend. When I need or want something I load the card via various means. Complete the transaction. End of story.

    Good and informative article Cas! Fortunately I was not a victim of the aforementioned “glitch”. I wish the best for those who were.

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