Tunic Beginner Guide: Best Tips And Tricks I Wish I Knew (PlayStation And Nintendo Switch Release)

Tunic Beginner Guide: Best Tips And Tricks I Wish I Knew (PlayStation And Nintendo Switch Release)

Tunic Beginner Guide: Best Tips And Tricks I Wish I Knew (PlayStation And Nintendo Switch Release) – In this Tunic Beginner Guide, I’m going to share with you the best tips and tricks that have helped me navigate my way through the mysterious island, survive in combat, and make use of the Instruction Booklet.

Tunic is an Isometric Zelda-like, Action-Adventure developed by Andrew Shouldice and published by Finji. It was released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and the Nintendo Switch on September 27, 2022. Here, you play as a tiny fox on a bold quest to discover the world’s secrets while uncovering treasures within. If you are interested in diving into this title and you want to know the things to focus on, then this guide is for you!

Tunic Beginner Guide: Best Tips And Tricks I Wish I Knew (PlayStation And Nintendo Switch Release)

Tunic is brimming with rewarding exploration and puzzles to solve, making it a challenging yet satisfying journey overall. Because of these factors, the game can feel daunting at times, especially when you are stuck and you seem to have nowhere else to go. So in this Tunic Beginner Guide, our goal is to zero in on the gameplay mechanics you need to immediately familiarize yourself with to improve your experience. However, note that we will not be going into specifics to avoid spoilers. Tips and tricks about conserving stamina, reserving coins for stat boosts, and seeking specific landmarks are just some of the things we will cover. But first, let’s begin with utilizing the Instruction Booklet.

Tunic Beginner Guide – Utilize the Instruction Booklet

After a few minutes of playing, you gain access to an Instruction Booklet containing only a couple of pages. They describe the main objectives such as ringing the East and West Bells, the different stats you need to manage to stay alive, and the controls. Now as you explore the island further and decipher puzzles, you will come across the remaining scattered pages, which provide hints and additional instructions about the things you are capable of doing together with the definitions of most of the treasures and tools you acquire.

Tunic Beginner Guide - Utilize the Instruction Booklet

One of the most useful pages in the game is the maps you collect because they all illustrate where you currently are. For instance, in the Overworld Map, you will see a fox icon present if you are roaming around in that area so you are never truly lost when you go on this big adventure. Furthermore, you also gain some information about the monsters that reside there to prepare yourself for combat.

Tunic Beginner Guide - Missing Page

Constantly sifting through the Instruction Booklet is important to piece clues together, specifically after obtaining a single page. As such, it will make things easier to understand in the long run.

Tunic Beginner Guide – Revisit Old Places

A huge part of Tunic’s charm is exploration as well as revisiting places you have been to because you will most likely have missed something. Similar to other Metroidvania games, it is a must to go back to previously inaccessible areas, especially after obtaining new equipment such as the Magic Orb. This will allow you to simply swing across different locations.

Tunic Beginner Guide - Revisit Old Places

There is also no way for you to take down notes on the map in order to retrace your steps. So you will need to learn to plot them manually in real life while taking into account the progress you have made from the maps in the Instruction Booklet. Doing so will save time and make exploration much more efficient.

Tunic Beginner Guide – Seek Fox Shrines and Telescopes

Despite being considered Soulslike, partly due to the difficulty associated with its combat, the game is not as punishing. The reason being is that when your character dies, they do not lose all of their hard-earned coins, just a portion of it. When this happens, you respawn to the latest rest point or Fox Shrine you have activated. Moreover, you can improve your stats such as HP, SP, and MP here while replenishing your potions much like in Dark Souls but you do respawn enemies as well.

Tunic Beginner Guide - Seek Fox Shrines and Telescopes

Another landmark you should look out for is telescopes because they give you an entire glimpse of a city. So chests, scattered pages, potential enemies, and the whole layout will be available to you. Since there is no way to significantly change the camera perspective to see hidden paths and secrets, telescopes will help reveal these things to you instead.

Golden Square

Although it is not mentioned in the title, you ought to also search for Golden Squares once you have discovered what these can do because it will be beneficial in the long run.

Tunic Beginner Guide – Learn to Conserve Stamina

With these types of games, stamina management is vital to survival, especially since it works a bit differently here. Remember that this resource will not be depleted when you execute attacks or sprint by holding X on the PlayStation controller. However, dodging and blocking hits using your Shield will reduce stamina so you need to carefully balance these actions in combat. When SP reaches 0, disadvantages are imposed on you. You can no longer roll on the ground to become briefly invulnerable and stability hits an all-time low so the chances of getting knocked down are greater. Additionally, you will not be capable of blocking attacks and you take 150% more damage.

Learn to Conserve Stamina

When the stamina level is reduced by 50%, be sure to roll away from your foes and trigger a sprint while keeping your Shield down every now and then to conserve this resource.

Tunic Beginner Guide – Be Patient in Combat

In relation to the previous section, you have to remember to be patient in combat. Rushing into fights, especially when there are groups of enemies in the area, will not only quickly reduce your SP to 0 due to frequent dodging but also make you extremely vulnerable to taking huge damage. The technique is to watch them perform attacks first from a distance in order to study their patterns. Doing so will help prepare you for your next moves. You ought to also consider picking them off one at a time, if possible. It will be less overwhelming for you plus, you get to efficiently slay them.

Be Patient in Combat

On top of telescopes, there is another but limited way to change camera perspectives, and this is through locking. Locking onto your targets will reveal their HP as well as see the game from a different angle. The latter is specifically useful because you get to view possible hidden paths, puzzles, and secret doors that you would not otherwise notice if you were to stick with the standard isometric view.

Combat in Tunic

You should then combine this action with rolling and blocking in order to attack and face enemies in combat.

Save Coins for Stat Boosts

The main in-game currency in Tunic is the coins you obtain from killing creatures and destroying objects that you encounter like barrels. Repeatedly spawning your enemies by activating the Fox Shrine will let you farm them but make sure to go for the ones that are a bit more challenging to kill such as the Chompignom and Frogs. This lets you collect more coins because you do not have the option of selling insignificant items. Now you will be able to spend these to buy consumables from the demon-looking shopkeeper but since the currency is limited, it is important to primarily save them for stat boosts. Such consumables can be obtained from fallen foes anyway.

Save Coins for Stat Boosts

Stats such as Attack, Defense, potion effectiveness, HP, SP, and MP are crucial to living longer in combat. The items associated with them can be reviewed by hitting L1 and then referring to the icons listed per stat on the right-hand side of the screen. To level up your character, you must offer these items to the Fox Shrine and pay a decent sum of coins.

Take Advantage of Your Ghost

When you die, you leave behind a ghost that you may or may not return to. See, reclaiming your ghost will only yield a maximum of 20 coins regardless of the amount you have lost when you perished. So if it is in an area that is not worth going back to then you will want to leave it be. You can farm for those coins when you kill the creatures you encounter anyway.

Take Advantage of Your Ghost

Should you decide to return, a good tip is to attack your ghost. This results in a massive explosion, which can potentially kill nearby enemies.

Pay Attention to the Fox’s Gaze

In Tunic, the adventurous and Link look-alike fox is very attuned to the surroundings. As he/she is exploring the nooks and cranny of every section of the island, you will notice the way their head tilts when something catches their eye, may it be an unreachable chest or a mysterious locked door. Paying attention to where the fox is specifically focusing on, reveals certain secrets since relying on the standard isometric POV is insufficient.

Pay Attention to the Fox's Gaze

Doing so will help guide you in terms of navigating your way through seemingly impassable paths. Additionally, following their gaze and changing perspectives by holding the L2 button will make you think outside of the box to solve puzzles faster.

If you enjoyed this Tunic Beginner Guide, be sure to check out our Tunic Review. What did you think of this Beginner Guide? Will you be playing Tunic on PlayStation consoles or the Nintendo Switch anytime soon? Let us know in the comments below! For other content, be sure to check out our Torchlight Infinite Overview: Closed Beta Hands-on Gameplay Impression and Steelrising Review โ€“ Soulslike Automaton Uprising Done Well.


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