Try Destiny 2’s New Social Space ‘The Farm’ on PC Beta!

Try Destiny 2’s New Social Space ‘The Farm’ on PC Beta!

Back in July of this year, console gamers received the lucky chance to preview Destiny 2‘s new social space dubbed: “The Farm“.

Destiny 2 Launching in Full, Next Month!

Tomorrow, PC gamers playing the Beta will have the chance themselves. The catch? The Farm will be open to players for only 2 hours, and with the exclusion of vendors just like in the last preview.

Bungie announced today on Twitter that tomorrow August 30th, from “5:00 PM PDT to 7:00 PM PDT”, The Farm will be available for players to try.

Destiny 2 will be due out on the PS4 and Xbox One on September 6th, and October 24th for the PC platform.

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