True End of Century RPG Teased By PlayStation Japan!

True End of Century RPG Teased By PlayStation Japan!

The official YouTube channel of Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia (SIEJA) recently released a teaser trailer for a mysterious upcoming game on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.

True End of Century RPG – New Project!

This mysterious project is called True End of Century RPG.  Even more mysterious are the lack of details as to who is publishing or developing this title. With the trailer’s description stating that: “On October 26th, 2017, everything will be revealed”.

The new footage begin as what seems to be a post-apocalyptic setting in the future. With various types of armed vehicles showcased, from a red tank to a walker spider-like tank among others. Also, a women narrates the teaser saying:

“Several decades ago, when it was destroyed… at the hands of a nameless hunter… a cry of death… was sent all over the world using all possible lines of communication. Kill all of humanity.”

You can check out the teaser video below:

True End of Century RPG  doesn’t really have a lot to go with at the moment, and we’ll check back on this title as soon as new details pop up.

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