Tranquil Karkosa Lost Ark Guide: Tranquil Karkosa Tier 2 Abyssal Dungeon
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Tranquil Karkosa Lost Ark Guide: Tranquil Karkosa Tier 2 Abyssal Dungeon

Traquil Karkosa Lost Ark Guide: Tranquil Karkosa Tier 2 Abyssal Dungeon. In this Lost Ark Guide, I’m going to discuss the boss mechanics for the Tranquil Karkosa Tier 2 Abyssal Dungeon, the second Abyssal Dungeon in the Gate of Paradise after reaching Item Level 960. If you are searching for ways to survive the encounter while slaying the three bosses efficiently, then this guide is for you!

Tranquil Karkosa Lost Ark Guide: Tranquil Karkosa Tier 2 Abyssal Dungeon

After honing your gear sufficiently and completing the Feiton main questline, you will reach Item Level 960, which will allow you to enter the Gate of Paradise or the second set of Tier 2 Abyssal Dungeons in Lost Ark. Completing Tranquil Karkosa will reward you with Legendary Accessories, a Legendary Ability Stone, Engraving Recipes, and Gold, to name a few. You can even purchase the Scar of Abyss Chest at the end to gain additional Accessories and honing materials.

Tranquil Karkosa Lost Ark Guide Tranquil Karkosa Tier 2 Abyssal Dungeon

Similar to Guardian Raids, you are going to want to equip HP Potions or those that restore a percentage of your HP since they are the only ones you can use. Next, remember to bring Destruction Bombs to inflict massive Weak Point Damage as well as Whirlwind Grenades to deal huge Stagger Damage. You should then allocate the right Tripods for your Skills such that you will always select Weak Point Detection to considerably deal damage to the Bosses you encounter.

Tranquil Karkosa Lost Ark Guide - Kallivan Jump and Strike Skill in Combat

Similar to Sea of Indolence, Tranquil Karkosa will group you with 7 other players and require all of you to maintain your oxygen levels underwater via the Breath Mechanic. What is different between these two Abyssal Dungeons, however, is that in the latter encounter, your skills will no longer change when you are fighting against mobs since you are not wearing a special suit. Simply follow the linear path laid out before you until you reach the first boss, Kallivan of the Eroded Storm, in Storm Haven. Note that most, if not all of his skills, will knock you up if you get hit. Let us first go through the Breath Mechanic, followed by tips on how to survive the Kallivan fight.

Tranquil Karkosa Lost Ark Guide – Breath Mechanic

Here, you need to be constantly aware of the Breath Gauge on top of your head. Initially, it starts with the color blue followed by green, orange, and lastly, red, as your oxygen meter decreases over time. Remember that this could be significantly depleted if you get constantly hit by the boss’ yellow telegraphed attacks.

Tranquil Karkosa Lost Ark Guide - Breath Mechanic

The technique is to ensure that your Breath Gauge is always blue or green so you have some leeway for recovery. As you are fighting the monsters you encounter, you will notice purple corals around the area that will restore your gauge. If your oxygen meter is already orange and you interact with the coral, it will be filled up and turn into the color blue. Only do this when the color of your gauge is green since it takes a couple of seconds for the plants to respawn and your teammates may need it more than you. Alternatively, you can opt to stand on top of bubble spots in order to gradually restore your breath.

Tranquil Karkosa Lost Ark Guide – Kallivan of the Eroded Storm (First Boss) Sorcerers and the Wipe Mechanic

When your attacks against Kallivan start to appear as ‘Invincible’ together with Nineveh’s warning about the appearance of 2 Sorcerers, your party will need to prepare for the wipe mechanic. What they will do is create shields for themselves and the boss. At which point, Kallivan will remain invulnerable to attacks. The technique here is to split the party into 2 groups, comprised of 4 members each to deal with the Sorcerers.

Tranquil Karkosa Lost Ark Guide - Kallivan Fighting Sorcerers

Throughout the fight, the boss will continue to attack you so remain mobile by using 1 to 2 skills at a time. To defeat the Sorcerers, you will need to use Weak Point Skills or Destruction Bombs. Once they are gone, you can now proceed to attack Kallivan. If you do not manage to kill them both, your party will be wiped out.

A few seconds after, Nineveh will pop up on the screen again saying that he is preparing for a strong attack. This pertains to the wipe mechanic as indicated by the yellow bar next to him. Be sure to activate powerful Stagger Damage Abilities as well as Whirlwind Grenades to briefly impair him. Doing so allows you to bombard him further with potent skills. Otherwise, the entire party will die. These special mechanics happen 2-3 times in the encounter depending on the damage Kallivan takes.

Tranquil Karkosa Lost Ark Guide - Dealing Stagger Damage Against Kallivan

Kallivan of the Eroded Storm Basic Attack Patterns

Tranquil Karkosa Lost Ark Guide – Jump and Strike

One of the attacks that you have to be wary about when you enter Storm Haven is Kallivan’s jump and strike skill. Here, he will lunge at you from a distance and then strike you with his Anchor. This can be followed through by the same ability the moment he turns around so be ready to dash sideways.

Tranquil Karkosa Lost Ark Guide – Anchor or Pistol Weapons

Kallivan has another weapon with him, particularly the Pistol. What happens is that a huge circle comprised of blue and red sections will appear on the ground. The weapon he raises will determine where you should move to. If he raises the Anchor, you need to avoid the red area by going to the blue tile. But if he lifts the Pistol, you should stay in the red section. Failing to do so will knock you up due to the water’s strong force.

Tranquil Karkosa Lost Ark Guide - Kallivan Anchor or Pistol Weapons Skill in Combat

Tranquil Karkosa Lost Ark Guide – Water Rays

Next, you will notice that water rays will be drawn to the boss. This is an indication that Kallivan is about to execute a debilitating ability. After a second or two, numerous blue projected circles will appear on the seabed followed by the water rays themselves. If you are standing on any of these, you will get knocked up and take damage. The only way to avoid it is by moving away from the boss when you see him accumulating these rays.

Tranquil Karkosa Lost Ark Guide - Kallivan Water Rays Skill in Combat

Tranquil Karkosa Lost Ark Guide – Triple Anchor Strike

In a triple anchor strike, Kallivan will slam and submerge this weapon on the ground 3x. The best way to prepare for this is to be extremely mobile and adaptive. At the start, there will be a full yellow circle on the ground to indicate that he is about to perform the strike. This will then be followed by 2 more yellow circles but they will be hollow. For the 2nd one, make sure to dash inward to avoid it, otherwise, you will be knocked up.

Tranquil Karkosa - Kallivan Triple Anchor Strike Skill in Combat

The 3rd and final circle is larger than its predecessor so you will be able to easily protect yourself from it once you are at the center or near Kallivan. Lastly, you must do everything you can to dodge the explosions from these circles because they significantly impact your oxygen meter to the point that it can be completely depleted.

Tranquil Karkosa Lost Ark Guide – Boomerang

There are times when Kallivan stomps on the seabed to instantly conjure sand pillars in a long straight line, both in front and behind him. The moment this happens, be sure to run away from either path because he will soon be hurling his weapon forward like a boomerang. It will return to him after a couple of seconds and then travel backward to try to hit players situated there.

Tranquil Karkosa - Kallivan Boomerang Skill in Combat

You may also capitalize on this moment if you are playing a ranged Class such as a Sorceress. Since he will stay in place throughout the skill’s animation, you might as well activate your Cast and Holding Abilities like Doomsday.

Tranquil Karkosa Lost Ark Guide – Strikes

Next is the multiple strikes ability where Kallivan initially hits you with a cleave-like attack. He will then raise his Anchor while summoning a cross symbol on the seabed. If you do not step away from it, the cross will explode and knock you up.

Tranquil Karkosa - Kallivan Strikes Skill in Combat

One variation of this is when the boss performs a stomp, which is closely followed by a yellow half-circle projection on the ground. You must dash to the opposite side because, in just a second, Kallivan will come crashing into the AoE thanks to the chain of his anchor, greatly depleting your Breath Gauge.

Tranquil Karkosa Lost Ark Guide – Pistol Shot

Last but not least is Kallivan’s pistol shot skill where he also stands in place to aim his pistol against the party. This attack is easy to spot and dodge away from since there will be a red quarter circle telegraphed on the seabed. Dashing behind him will instantly save you from getting knocked up. You can then deal as much damage as possible. This position is especially beneficial for those who specialize in executing Back Attacks like the Deathblade.

Tranquil Karkosa - Kallivan Pistol Shot Skill in Combat

Tranquil Karkosa Lost Ark Guide – Karkosa’s Punisher (Second Boss) Summoning Deep Sea Melanos

Once you reach Karkosa’s Wound, you will confront the second boss of the Tranquil Karkosa Abyssal Dungeon known as Karkosa’s Punisher. Unlike the fight against Kallivan, this encounter does not have a wipe mechanic (and is, therefore, easier to manage) but the corresponding boss also summons another creature in the form of a pufferfish named the Deep Sea Melanos.

Tranquil Karkosa - Karkosa's Punisher Summoning Deep Sea Melanos

This happens every now and then. What you and your allies must do is kill it asap. If Melanos manages to reach Punisher, the latter will release a massive AoE whirlwind attack.

Karkosa’s Punisher Basic Attack Patterns

Tranquil Karkosa Lost Ark Guide – Homing Water Blast

One of the first attacks that will greet you in the arena is Punisher’s homing water blast. Here, he conjures an orange fan-like pattern on the ground that will trail multiple players around. It is pretty tough to dodge due to the narrow gaps in between and the quick response time needed from you. This will be closely followed by a water blast nearly half a second after the fan stops.

Tranquil Karkosa - Karkosa's Punisher Homing Water Blast Skill in Combat

Getting hit by it will knock you up, inflict damage, and stun you. The latter two are still possible as long as the blast grazes you. The skill is chaotic so the only straightforward way to avoid it is by positioning yourself on the outskirts of the patterns’ borders. Another variation of the homing water blast is when this boss leaps gracefully only to crash back into the ground, making it harder to avoid. He can execute this twice in quick succession.

Tranquil Karkosa Lost Ark Guide – Summoning Vines

The boss can also summon vines in front of him to push players backward and deal damage. There is one variation of this skill where Punisher will not move back prior to initiating the skill. As a result, affected allies will be rooted in place. To pull them out, you will need to use auto-attacks against them.

Tranquil Karkosa - Karkosa's Punisher Summoning Vines Skill in Combat

Tranquil Karkosa Lost Ark Guide – Slow Charge

One minor attack is Punisher’s slow charge where he pushes players in front of him. This is easy to evade by simply running to the side. Be keen on the howl he makes before he turns towards the target and charges with his arms raised in front of him.

Tranquil Karkosa Lost Ark Guide – Chaotic Beams

Another potent skill that deals Damage over Time (DoT) because of Bleeding is Punisher’s chaotic beams, which are summoned beside him. When he shoves his arms forward, powerful water beams will be released that will deal additional damage while forcefully pushing you backward. Immediately dash behind the conjured circles to avoid the attack entirely.

Tranquil Karkosa - Karkosa's Punisher Chaotic Beams Skill in Combat

Another variation can come in the form of a V pattern with the boss at the center. Rather than attacking him from behind, you should hit him from the side to avoid taking damage from the chaotic beams.

Tranquil Karkosa Lost Ark Guide – Whales

When Punisher stops in place, he intends to gain momentum to conjure whales that will suddenly attack you from the seabed. Three or more circles will appear so make sure to dodge before the whales appear. In the meantime, your ranged allies can bombard this boss with powerful spells. Should you get hit, you will take high damage and be knocked up.

Tranquil Karkosa - Karkosa's Punisher Whales Skill in Combat

Tranquil Karkosa Lost Ark Guide – Grab

When Punisher does a backstep, you have to be wary because he is preparing to charge forward in order to grab one of the players. If this happens, use all of your Stagger Skills and Whirlwind Grenades to inflict Stagger Damage. Once done successfully, he will let go of the player, otherwise, he will crush him to the ground while releasing a massive AoE attack that will knock everyone up.

Tranquil Karkosa - Karkosa's Punisher Grab Skill in Combat

Tranquil Karkosa Lost Ark Guide – Water Geysers and Water Droplets

Next, this boss will reach for the seabed just to create several smaller white circles. These are where the water geysers will blast from so moving as far away as possible from the AoE will save you from taking major damage.

Tranquil Karkosa - Karkosa's Punisher Water Geysers Skill in Combat

Rather than crouching, Punisher will stand upright and reach for the stars. At which point, water droplets will fall on top of you as indicated by red projections on the ground. Keep moving until the skill’s animation ends to avoid getting hit.

Tranquil Karkosa Lost Ark Guide – Karkosa Monarch Draikhan (Third Boss) Rotation Wipe Mechanic

The last part of the Tranquil Karkosa Abyssal Dungeon is located in Karkosa’s Throne where you will go head-to-head against Karkosa Monarch Draikhan. Similar to Kallivan, you have to master his wipe mechanic, which is known as the Rotation. This is typically initiated when his HP bar goes down to 16 and 8. However, there are some cases where your party will also be comprised of powerful Tier 3 players so in this case, the wipe mechanic will happen at lower HP levels.

What happens is that Karkosa will move to the center of the arena to channel his dangerous attack. Nineveh also warns you of this in preparation. Before the encounter even starts, you need to coordinate with your teammates to determine the position you will stay in with respect to the octagon. Once you have all found your places, which should be done quickly, you will each have to catch blue (or yellow) orbs before moving clockwise to take the place of your ally.

Tranquil Karkosa - Karkosa Monarch Draikhan Rotation Wipe Mechanic (1st Rotation)

Every time you change positions, you will notice that the orbs’ color differs, and that’s fine. If any of the orbs reach the boss twice, the wipe will occur so be sure to catch the orbs heading towards you. Should you get hit by the same type of orb 2x, you will be knocked back, reducing the chances of preventing the wipe from taking place.

The 2nd Rotation happens at 8 HP bars. What you need to do changes a bit. After the 3rd orb, rather than moving clockwise to the next position, everyone should stay in place. The reason for this is that 2 orbs of different colors will rush towards you so you ought to get them before moving on. Instead of following the 1234 rotation type here, it should be 12334. If both Rotations are completed successfully, the team will survive.

Tranquil Karkosa - Karkosa Monarch Draikhan Rotation Wipe Mechanic (2nd Rotation)

Karkosa Monarch Draikhan Basic Attack Patterns

Karkosa is a unique boss in the sense that he has two heads – one to inflict the Waterlogging Debuff and the other to deal the Electric Shock Debuff. Having at least one of them makes you take more damage. Should you obtain both debuff stacks, you will have to run away from your allies because you will automatically execute an AoE attack that can significantly harm them. To reduce these, be sure to acquire floating orbs in the arena.

Tranquil Karkosa - Karkosa Monarch Draikhan Floating Orbs

Tranquil Karkosa Lost Ark Guide – Charge

Similar to other Guardian Raid bosses, Karkosa will glow blue before charging forward. Hit him with a Counter Skill to stagger him or dash sideways to avoid the attack.

Tranquil Karkosa Lost Ark Guide – Breath Attack

Another attack that is quite easy to avoid is the breath attack. Before Karkosa unleashes this, a red quarter circle will appear on the ground. Simply run away from it and target him from the side since he will remain in place throughout the skill’s animation.

Tranquil Karkosa - Karkosa Monarch Draikhan Breath Attack Skill Variation in Combat

Another variation of this is the double breath attack, which will come from Karkosa’s two heads. At the same time, they will rotate and spray targets with their breaths to inflict the Waterlogging and Electric Shock Debuffs. Be sure to initially move away from them and then close the gap after they have sprayed a specific section to attack them hard.

Tranquil Karkosa Lost Ark Guide – Water and Electric Storm

Karkosa will rear one of his heads upward to call upon the water and electric storm. The AoE quickly turns chaotic as multiple blue and yellow projections appear on the ground. These are the landing spots of the storm. You can either dash or tread lightly towards the sections where the droplets have just landed to avoid the incoming rain.

Tranquil Karkosa - Karkosa Monarch Draikhan Water and Electric Storm Skill in Combat

Tranquil Karkosa Lost Ark Guide – Water Orbs

Karkosa will summon two water orbs on either side. These orbs will release high-pressure water at random intervals that will push targets back while dealing damage. Note that they will either move towards the end of the arena or the boss so to protect yourself, always dash in the opposite direction.

Tranquil Karkosa - Karkosa Monarch Draikhan Water Orbs Skill in Combat

Tranquil Karkosa Lost Ark Guide – Waves

Next, this boss unleashes powerful waves 3x in quick succession. Every wave increases in diameter so it can potentially hit you even when you are not near him. Should you get hit, you will take damage and be pushed back.

Tranquil Karkosa - Karkosa Monarch Draikhan Waves Skill in Combat

Tranquil Karkosa Lost Ark Guide – Leap

The last skill of Karkosa that you need to remember is leap. This can be executed 2x in a row with the second one covering more ground. When you see him roar and jump in mid-air, dash away from him and wait for the entire ability’s animation to end. Otherwise, you will take damage, get knocked up, and receive the Electric Shock Debuff.

Tranquil Karkosa - Karkosa Monarch Draikhan Leap Skill in Combat

Final Tips

Remember to only interact with the corals if your Breath Gauge is orange or red because it takes quite a while for the plant to respawn. So by default, prioritize the bubble spots available in the area so that your teammates can benefit from quickly replenishing their oxygen meter. Note that if yours has been fully depleted, you will take high damage per second so always keep an eye on this.

Tranquil Karkosa - Karkosa Monarch Draikhan Stagger Damage After Rotation

In the fight against Karkosa, it is a good practice to restore your Breath Gauge 1 HP bar before he initiates the Rotation. For example, if it is the first one, then you need to approach bubble spots when his HP is 17. This ensures that you have saved enough oxygen in preparation for the Rotation. Once done, take advantage of the Stagger Damage you inflict to incapacitate this boss and deal as much damage as possible.

Stay tuned for more Lost Ark Boss and Endgame Guides and be sure to check out our Lost Ark Wiki or drop by our Twitch Channel if you have questions about the game. You can also check out our recent endgame content including the Helgaia and Calventus Boss Guides, Gold Farm Guide, Sea of Indolence Abyssal Dungeon Guide, and Best Combat Engravings. We also have Build Guides for the Berserker, Sharpshooter, Scrapper, Wardancer, and Deathblade, to name a few. Which Abyssal Dungeon Guide is giving you a tough time? Let us know in the comments below!

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