TRAHA Global MMORPG Gameplay Overview

TRAHA Global MMORPG Gameplay Overview – In this TRAHA Global article, I’m going to talk about whether or not this new MMORPG, which can be played on PC or mobile, is worth your time. Unlike many games from the same genre, you won’t have to purchase it or pay a monthly subscription, because this is a F2P game. What’s more is you are not gated from engaging in specific activities either, meaning you can participate in them without spending real money. Additionally, we are going to run through TRAHA Global’s unique gameplay mechanics like the Infinity Class System, and how well it integrates into combat to help you decide whether this is the MMO for you.

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TRAHA Global MMORPG Gameplay Overview

  • Name: TRAHA Global
  • Platforms: PC, Android, iOS
  • Developer: Moai Games
  • Publisher: Moai Games
  • Release Date: November 2nd, 2022
  • Genre: Open-World, MMORPG

TRAHA Global MMORPG Gameplay Overview – What is TRAHA Global?

TRAHA Global features the longstanding war between the Naiad and Vulcan. This is what catapults players into vicious PvP battles, all while trying to protect themselves from the hostile monsters that lurk in Listania. One of the best quality of life features of the open-world MMO is the Auto-Movement System, which some of you may be familiar with from Black Desert Online. The system makes it very easy for beginners to understand the different mechanics of the game because they can simply let their mounts do the traveling for them while they get better acquainted with their skills, weapon trees, inventory, and so on.

TRAHA Global MMORPG Gameplay Overview - Cinematic

Another thing you will notice is that you can participate in large-scale PvP battles without having to reach the max level for your character, unlike in other games. You also have the benefit of playing TRAHA Global on your own, just like in Lost Ark. So whether you intend to fight for your faction in the battlegrounds or complete tough quests to level up your character, joining a guild won’t be necessary to enjoy and thrive in any of them.

TRAHA Global MMORPG Gameplay Overview – Character Creation and the Infinity Class System

As a TRAHA with transcendent human abilities that no other mortal possesses, your first step in character creation is to choose which of the two factions you would rather fight with. Will it be the Naiad who rebel against the supposedly greedy and ambitious Vulcan? Or the Vulcan who rules with an iron hand and envisions conquering the kingdom of Listania for themselves? Regardless of your decision, there are no gameplay mechanic repercussions, but you will experience the story a bit differently depending on which you choose.

TRAHA Global MMORPG Gameplay Overview - Character Creation

Next, you will pick your first weapon out of seven rather than deciding a particular class to specialize in. This is known as the Infinity Class System and is the strongest aspect of TRAHA Global. It lets you easily swap weapons, thereby effectively changing your playstyle instead of sticking with just one for your character. To make matters easier for players, you do not have to level up each and every weapon to progress your Combat Power (CP). As long as your main level increases, so do your weapons. Simply allocate points to Weapon Traits to enhance your Attack, Defense, and Support Skills, and equip Spirit Cards to boost your stats.

TRAHA Global - Scythe Combat

If you are going for a more DPS-oriented build with high agility, then the Dual Blades, Knuckles, or Scythe should be your priority. If you prefer to be a protector whose main goal is to tank and take damage on behalf of your party, then choosing the Greatsword or Shield should benefit you. If you want to buff while providing heals every now and then, then consider selecting the Staff or Bow. No matter which weapon you choose, you still have the capability to deal decent damage, it’s just that some are more multi-functional depending on what you want your build to look like.

TRAHA Global MMORPG Gameplay Overview – Weapon Variety, Skills, and Crafting

When it comes to swapping weapons, some perform better in certain situations than others. For instance, the Bow is preferable in cases when there are other players on the battlefield who can distract enemies in melee range. This is due to how aggressive the mobs are, and how quickly they can swap aggro if you deal too much damage. But if you were to fight against a single enemy like a boss, you will need to move around to create distance between the both of you.

TRAHA Global - Bow Combat

In terms of the weapon’s skills, you are able to easily change them and their corresponding follow-throughs. These are supporting abilities that you can further trigger the moment you activate specific skills. For instance, you can change the Scythe’s Soul Grip support ability from the default Grab to Dark Thorn to attack targets from afar. Similar to active skills, you are also able to change passives without any cost.

MMORPG Gameplay Overview - Dark Thorn Support Skill for the Scythe

Finally, you gain access to equipment by fighting against enemies, monsters, and other players, as well as finishing quests. These are then improved via the Upgrades menu, giving you multiple crafting options such as the Core, Enchanting, Upgrade Trinket Slot, and Engrave. But it is important to stress that they pertain to boosting the stats of every weapon, outfit, and trinket you are wearing.

Dynamic Combat and Activities

In terms of combat, players will have a more active participation when it comes to knowing the perfect timings to activate skills and their support abilities. This is primarily due to the relatively long cooldown rates of every skill, making it impossible to constantly spam them. Instead, they will need to pay attention to how each of these interacts with the others in the hopes of dealing greater damage or healing allies effectively.

TRAHA Global MMORPG Gameplay Overview - Combat

For instance, the Windmill is a must-have Scythe skill because it inflicts massive damage based on how fast you move. Once fully charged, you should trigger its Demonic Windmill Change Skill to amplify the damage while restoring a portion of your HP. This is instrumental to Scythe-wielders to help them survive longer in combat. Alternatively, you can pick Torture instead in order to maximize your damage, especially if there are support allies around who can heal you.

TRAHA Global features multiple activities for those who enjoy PvE and PvP but, between the two, the latter is more fleshed out. In PvE, you will kill mobs and bosses via Kingdom, Solo Dungeons, and Field Bosses. Dungeons here are not as mechanical and intricate by design as in Elder Scrolls Online or Lost Ark, so don’t expect that. On the other hand, PvP ranges from Arenas, which consists of 1v1 and 3v3 modes, to Faction Wars composed of 8 players per side who are fighting for control.

Solo Dungeon Combat

There is one PvEvP event known as Conquest Battles that is time-bound, unlike the others. Conquests are particularly exciting because they are comprised of up to 200 people per faction. Before the arrival of the Fallen Lord, you must do everything to eliminate the invading group. Afterward, whoever deals the most amount of damage against him wins. The final part of the battle happens after defeating the boss, at which point you will have to defeat the other faction to accumulate PvP points.

Conquest Battle

In the near future, I hope to see that Conquests will no longer be limited to only two specific times per day and to just 1 channel given how short each battle is. This is an odd design choice since it punishes people for not being there way ahead of time, barring them from participating. And considering how much fun this activity is, it’s a shame to miss out on it. It would also be better to incorporate other bosses to these Conquests at some point, each with different challenging mechanics, to make them feel unique and fresh. Furthermore, I sometimes encounter framerate drops during this activity due to the number of players involved in this activity. Hopefully, there will be a patch to address the issue soon.

Companions and Spirits

Engaging in combat as a solo player doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be doing it alone since you have companions in the form of Familiars and Pets who will help you combat groups of enemies. They also level up when you obtain multiple copies of the same creatures.

Obsidian Ghost Funus Familiar

Between the two, Familiars perform a more active role in fights. For instance, the Obsidian Ghost Funus deals significant damage against a target using its spear while generating additional Crit Accuracy. However, it is important to remember that they should be assigned to every weapon, otherwise, you will not be able to summon them accordingly if you suddenly switch from one gear to the next.  Comparatively, the pet provides bonuses not only in combat encounters but also for your profession. Take Little Chef Shushu for example. This adorable red panda enhances your max HP while granting 205 points each for Cooking and Crafting!

Spirit Cards

To further improve your Combat Power, you will need to open Spirit Boxes. These contain an array of Spirit Cards that feature Equip Bonus and Passive Effects to enhance your build. Just like Familiars, each weapon will have corresponding Spirit Card sets that ought to be equipped. Additionally, every card will level up as long as you acquire that same type of card, making them an excellent source of extra Combat Power. You can even purchase a specific card once per day via the Summon menu using Gold.

So if you enjoy experimenting with multiple build options by swapping weapons, identifying the best Spirit Card combinations, and equipping the ideal Familiars and Pets to go with you on different adventures, then you will likely have fun playing this MMO.


On top of going through multiple story quests, players can also engage in more relaxing activities like Crafting, Cooking, Blacksmithing, Fishing, and Archaeology, related to enhancing their Combat Power. Per day, you can complete 7 commissions and a number of master quests, which are dependent on the selected profession’s level. Every profession mission will have you spend labor points. For instance, when you mine copper and grave, you spend 4 Labor Points until you get these materials. You then have the option to purchase more points using Diamonds, which is one of the game’s premium currencies or wait over time to replenish them.

Mining Profession

What I do appreciate in TRAHA Global is how streamlined resource gathering is. So if you were to say, craft a Lv 10 Sturdy Fishing Rod, you can simply click on one of the required materials, and hit Location to identify where to get them. In Cedar Lumber’s case, you can gather Cedar or purchase it from a regional shop. You will then have to craft the lumber afterward. Rather than manually searching for the item’s whereabouts in this vast open-world game, you are provided with several options to acquire them efficiently unlike in most MMOs.

Profession - Ingredients Location

You should also remember that leveling up these professions grants points, which are used for Profession Traits. Similar to Weapon Traits, they improve your character’s overall Attack, Defense, and Support abilities.

Rewards and The Shop

TRAHA Global is a F2P MMO so you can choose to play the game without spending real money. In fact, MOAI Games is very generous when it comes to rewarding players with premium currency, familiars, and more, by completing quests and engaging in dungeons, PvP, and other events. But if you are interested in gaining additional Diamonds, spirit cards, and gold from the Season Pass, you can pay the shop a visit. You can also use our code: TRAHAGlobalFextralife to receive 1000 free Diamonds, which is about the equivalent of 11 USD.

TRAHA Global Shop

Final Thoughts

TRAHA Global is a F2P title, which aims to streamline the qualities that make other MMOs tedious to play. You can even switch between PC and mobile if you want, which is a nice feature, even if it’s one I personally will not likely use. However, I do wish that the developers would consider making the UI a bit less cluttered and noisy on the PC version. There are so many things going on in the background, especially when you are engaged in combat, that it is quite difficult to appreciate the sprawling and various open-world designs the game has to offer.

TRAHA Global MMORPG Gameplay Overview - PvP Faction War

If you are itching to try a new MMO that incorporates an Auto-Move System, as well as the ability to freely swap from one playstyle to the next without having to level up another character, then you may want to give TRAHA Global a shot. You even gain access to the majority of activities before hitting the max level, so you know what you’re in for before you’ve invested a ton of hours. Be sure to use the PC and mobile links to support the channel, and use our code: TRAHAGlobalFextralife if you are checking the game out to get some free Diamonds!

What did you think of this TRAHA Global MMORPG Gameplay Overview? What aspect of the MMORPG do you find most interesting? If you have questions, feel free to drop by our Twitch Channel. If you enjoyed this article, be sure to check out our recent content, Steelrising Cagliostro’s Secrets DLC Overview Impressions and God of War Ragnarok Trophy Guide & Roadmap (2022).


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