Tower of Time will finally leave Early Access this April.

Tower of Time will finally leave Early Access this April.

Last updated on March 21st, 2018

Isometric RPG Tower of Time will leave Early Access this April. It’s been in Early Access development for a while now but it’s nearing a full release.

Tower of Time will finally leave Early Access in April. It’s about time!

Tower of Time now has a release date of April 12. Developer Event Horizon has pushed out a pre-release update for the game. This means the game is now effectively feature complete, with all the game mechanics in place that the developers wanted. All that’s missing now are the last four levels of the Tower, which will be added in time for the full release in April. Check out the pre-release trailer below.

Event Horizon made a lengthy post which detailed gameplay features coming into the pre-release update. See below.

Tower of Time Pre-Release Update

Party Alignment

At certain moments in game, your party will face an important choice. Your champions’ personalities are different and they have (perhaps) their own hidden agendas. As you progress deeper, your champions will diverge.

In such critical moments you can let your champions decide for themselves or impose your will by the power of the crystal throne. Careful though, no one likes to feel like a puppet.

These choices are not only dialogue options – party alignment will have an impact on combat as well. If your champions support you, they will support each other in combat too, granting powerful buffs. If not, then they will reduce everyone’s combat effectiveness.


The game has been optimized to load faster by saving certain bits into memory, and there no longer any areas that should tax a CPU or GPU accidentally.

Other updates

Players can now pause at any time, as well as slow down time. Two new weapons have also been added–guns and one-handed crossbows. Improvements to quest tracking have been implemented, including quest markers and better quest descriptions.

You can read the full pre-release update notes on Steam’s Tower of Time page.

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