Top RPG News of the Week: Final Fantasy VII Remake, Vampyr, Dark Souls & More!

Sunday is here once more, so let’s dive right into the RPG news roundup. It’s been another big week for RPG fans, with Final Fantasy, Vampyr and The Surge 2 all competing for your attention. Did you struggle to keep up with it all? If so, don’t worry about it! Here’s a bite-size roundup of the RPG news of the week.  Let’s look at the latest news across the Fextralife Wiki Network. Watch the video above and read on for the text!

Vampyr Release Date & Webseries Episode 4 – Stories From the Dark

  • Dotnod Entertainment released the fourth episode in their Vampyr webseries.
  • Episode 4 – Stories From the Dark focuses on the the act of making a story for a game.
  • At the end of the video they also revealed Vampyr’s release date to be June 5th.

Final Fantasy News Roundup

  • Cloud Strife will be redesigned for Final Fantasy VII Remake.
  • They’ll be aiming at a dorkier, more natural look for Cloud.
  • In other Final Fantasy news, Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition has been released for smartphones & it’s rather good.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

More Square Enix News

  • Square Enix is making an ARPG & an MMO based on the Million Arthur anime series.
  • Han-Gyaku-Sei Million Arthur will be an MMO with the catchphrase “Destroy all Excaliburs.”
  • Kou-Kyou-Sei Million Arthur is an ARPG which is described as a “character hunt action RPG.”
  • Both titles are currently only slated for releases in Japan and China.
  • Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda has said they’ll keep focusing on single-player games.
  • You can also expect lots of DLC for their single-player releases.

The Surge 2 has been officially announced

  • The Surge 2 has been announced by Focus Home.
  • It will be released in 2019.
  • This time the setting will be more open, featuring a “sprawling, devastated city”.

the surge 2

Trailer released for upcoming indie game Egress

  • A new trailer has been released for upcoming indie game, Egress.
  • The game looks to combine Battle Royale with Dark Souls-like combat.
  • It features an open, fully explorable city.

From Software reveals exclusive content for Dark Souls Remastered editions in Japan

  • From Software has revealed exclusive content for the Dark Souls Remastered editions in Japan.
  • The limited edition physical copy will receive a bust of an Elite Knight.
  • The digital version will receive a PS4 Dark Souls theme.


Skyblivion: Oblivion Remake in Skyrim

  • A trailer has been released for the upcoming Oblivion remake, Skyblivion.
  • Skyblivion is being made by modders using the Skyrim game engine.

Horizon Zero Dawn News Roundup

  • Guerrilla Games has released a small patch for Horizon Zero Dawn.
  • The patch added the option for players who do not own the Frozen Wilds Expansion to visit the PlayStation Store directly from the main menu.
  • The patch also fixed some crash issues.
  • In other Horizon Zero Dawn news, director Mathijs De Jonge revealed that Horizon Zero Dawn was originally going to feature two player co-op.
  • Co-op was removed as including it would mean they’d have to scale down other features of the game.
  • From February 28th, you will be able to unlock Aloy’s armor and bow in Monster Hunter World.

horizon zero dawn two-player co-op


Smartphone RPG Seven Knights is Coming to Switch & PCs

  • Netmarble Games announced that smartphone RPG Seven Knights will soon be coming to Switch consoles.
  • It is also being developed for PCs and will be distributed via Steam.

seven knights battle

Diablo creator returns with a new RPG – It Lurks Below

  • Veteran game developer David Brevik, most famous for overseeing the creation of Diablo with Blizzard North, is working on another RPG: It Lurks Below.
  • He’s producing the entire game himself.
  • It looks like a combination of Terraria and Diablo, with wand-based combat.

Take a look at Code Vein’s Home Base

  • Bandai Namco have revealed further info about Code Vein‘s Home Base.
  • It will be the game’s central hub & it will include a number of traders who sell rare items.

Elder Scrolls 6 Will Be Released After Two Mystery Games

  • Pete Hines of Bethesda has reiterated that Elder Scrolls 6 will only be released after they’ve finished work on two other mystery games.
  • They also explained that the majority of the work on the Skyrim remakes was handled by another studio.

skrim vr elder scrolls


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