Top RPG News Of The Week: September 25th (Diablo IV, Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader, Solasta and More!)

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Cyberpunk 2077

  • Cyberpunk 2077’s concurrent players on Steam saw a significant increase ever since it was first launched back in December 2020. The recent interest in Cyberpunk RPG has sparked once more given the release of Cyberpunk: Edgerunners on Netflix, the most recent Edgerunners Update (Patch 1.6), and the upcoming Phantom Liberty Expansion in 2023.
  • Cyberpunk 2077 has recently generated a lot of buzz following the release of its animated series, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners on Netflix. Over a 24-hour period the number rose to over 85,000 concurrent players. What’s also remarkable is Cyberpunk 2077 managed to topple Elden Ring, which had less than half of the 24-hour peak at 43,754.
  • The animated TV series is created in collaboration with CD Projekt Red and Studio Trigger, an animation studio in Japan. Like in the game, the show revolves around the life of the main character, in this case, a street kid, David Martinez.
  • Patch 1.6 brings a hefty amount of changes into the game. These include the much-awaited transmog system, Edgerunners content related to the anime, the introduction of several new weapons and secret quests, and cross-progression.
  • As with all news in this video/article you can check out the link in the description below.

For more on this news find it here in Cyberpunk 2077 Overtakes Elden Ring With More Than 85,000 Concurrent Players.

Cyberpunk 2077 Breaks Player Count Records Thanks to Edgerunners

Cyberpunk 2077 Breaks Player Count Records Thanks to Edgerunners

Diablo IV

  • Diablo IV got a surprise announcement this week that a Closed Endgame Beta will be available soon. Select participants will be invited to join.
  • The team did want to reiterate that this is a closed, end game beta. This means that they will initially be picking a small set of players according to game data. Folks who have been quite active in Diablo III and Diablo II Resurrected’s End Games are more likely to be selected.
  • The closed beta will also be confidential, and feedback can only be coursed through Blizzard at the moment.
  • Diablo IV’s Closed Beta will consist only of the endgame aspects this time around. No campaign will be in sight, at least during this period. This is because the developers do not wish to unveil Lilith’s story just yet. It looks like there might be some twists and turns awaiting the players.
  • Diablo IV’s Endgame Closed Beta was also announced to have a few systems that players will have access to. These are Helltide a region wide server event, Nightmare Dungeons, Whispers of the Dead sort of mini-quests granting Grim Favors currency, Fields of Hatred which is PvPvE zone, and the Paragon Boards.

For more on this news find it here in Diablo IV Closed Beta Announced That Will Focus On The End Game.

Diablo IV Closed Beta Announced to Focus on the Endgame

Diablo IV Closed Beta Announced to Focus on the Endgame

Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader

  • Rogue Trader, the first CRPG in the Warhammer 40,000 universe gets tons of new info about the available companions, backgrounds, and enemies.
  • Backgrounds divulged include Navy Officer, Commissar, and Ex-Criminal. Also introduced is a new companion Cassia the Navigator. Gifted with the ability to safely steer the Imperium’s warships through the dangerous Warp.
  • There was also the first confirmation that there will be both Asuryani and Durukhari Aeldari enemies present in Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader. There are the Craftworld and Dark Eldar, respectively. So far there has been no release date announced for the game.

For more on this news find it here in Rogue Trader The Warhammer 40,000 CRPG Reveals Another Companion, Possible Player Backgrounds, And More.

Rogue Trader - More Info Focuses on Player Background Companions and More

Rogue Trader – More Info Focuses on Player Background Companions and More

Elden Ring

  • Steamforged are behind an Elden Ring board game which will be heading to Kickstarter, complete with tabletop miniatures.
  • After the successful year of Elden Ring’s launch, the Action-RPG is being turned into a tabletop game. Steamforged, the tabletop game publisher behind the likes of Dark Souls: The Board GameDark Souls The Card GameMonster Hunter World The Board Game and more, are transforming the Lands Between into a board game to be funded on Kickstarter. Early backers can help fund stretch goals and get the board game before it hits the shelves.
  • Not many details have been outlined yet, but what we do know is that the game will “immerse players in the forsaken Lands Between“. The game will allow 1-4 players to take on the role of the Tarnished with “a huge and varied adventure”. Players will use “intelligent dice-free combat”, which means strategising and adapting “plans during each encounter” when facing a lowly Godrick soldier “or the Grafted King himself”.
  • So far the campaign has teased one of the first bosses, which shows a miniature of Margit. Other Steamforged projects have included further expansions, with a spotlight on boss encounters. As with all Kickstarter campaigns stretch goals can add further content, enemies and more. The first miniature looks amazing, hopefully more stunning models will be funded when the project goes live.
  • So far no release date has been announced but if you want to follow the campaign you can follow the Kickstarter page to get a notification.

For more on this news find it here in Elden Ring Board Game Is Heading To Kickstarter.

Elden Ring is getting its own board game complete with miniatures.

Lost Ark

  • Content this August for the popular Amazon Games published MMO Lost Ark has been rather small in comparison to other months. Last month introduced a nice little Stronghold distraction, the Pet Ranch as well as a few other mini events to act as catch-up mechanics.
  • Good to know that coming next week, on September 28, a large update will be upon us. Western Lost Ark will be getting the Machinist Class and the Kakul-Saydon Legion Raids!
  • Introducing the Machinist, Lost Ark’s next advanced class. The Machinist in Lost Ark (called Scouter in other regions) is the most technologically advanced class. He makes use of a trusty drone companion that has more weapons hidden inside.
  • Alongside the new class comes the merging of servers. Amazon Games will be implementing server merges, being done for Western Europe, Central Europe and the South America regions.
  • This month’s holiday event Arktoberfest celebrates yes you guessed it the beer festival Oktoberfest. Various Twitch streamers will have drops available for players to get their hands on beer head cosmetics.
  • A special weekend Fever Time event will also be happening. Instead of the usual Fever Time only being limited to Saturday and Sunday, this Arktoberfest will be extended to four days. From September 22nd to 24th Fever time will grant food buffs in the form of sausages, pretzels and gingerbread.
  • Lost Ark is currently available on PC.

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Lost Ark Gears Up for the Machinist and More

Lost Ark Gears Up for the Machinist and More


  • New Game Plus will be heading to Steelrising next week, letting you bring weapons levels, gear and upgrades.
  • Next week on September 29th, a new update will be hitting the Action-RPG Steelrising adding further adventure and challenges with New Game Plus. Be prepared to bring your weapons, levels, gear, upgrades and of course your A-game as you face a higher level of difficulty.
  • New Game Plus or NG+ will let players relive the game as it resets all quests, but pits players against a more challenging level of difficulty, while keeping the character’s progress. This means you will still have the same levels, weapons, gear and upgrades.
  • The patch will release on September 29th, where players will need to download and update their game. Once updated you will have access to NG+ as long as you have finished the game.
  • The patch also brings some new badass weapons, exclusive to NG+, a new NG+ exclusive complete outfit and several NG+ exclusive enemy variations with new skins, weapons and even movesets.
  • If you want to know our thoughts on Steelrising check out our review. For those about to venture into the automat-filled Paris check out our Beginner Guide and Class Guide.

For more on this news find it here in Steelrising Gets New Game Plus Update Next Week.

Steelrising gets a new update next week adding New Game+ to the Action-RPG.

Dying Light 2

  • The first major story DLC for Dying Light 2 has been delayed according to studio Techland, with the DLC Bloody Ties now releasing on November 10th.
  • Bloody Ties is the first of the two-part story DLC slated for Dying Light 2. The devs have already shared their plan to support the game fives year post-launch, with the first content being set at The Carnage Hall. This once opera house now houses a different kind of entertainment, where the stage now features fighters.
  • Described as being the “epicentre of death, wealth and absolute splendour”. Players will find “challenges and quests, surprising new weapon types, character interactions and discoveries to uncover”.
  • Bloody ties was teased back in August, showing two fighters in combat with one brutally slaughtering the other. We also saw the victor claim at skull crown, dubbing him the winner of the match.

For more on this news find it here in Dying Light 2’S Bloody Ties DLC Gets Delayed To November.

Solasta Crown of the Magister

  • The team at Tactical Adventures has announced a new DLC for Solasta Crown of the Magister called Inner Strength. The DLC introduces new character classes and subclasses as well as new ancestry. A free update also arrives alongside the  DLC which introduces backgrounds, feats and more.
  • Three new classes include the Warlock Class, a Charismatic spellcasting class with four subclasses. Warlocks have the ability to bing pacts with demonic entities. Next is the Bard, who wields a flute and lute, helping to bolster their comrades through the power of music.
  • Finally the Monk class will keep the dark forces at bay equipped with martial arts. Aside from the neat classes and features introduced into Solasta’s 3rd DLC is the addition of the Dragonborn Ancestry.
  • The Inner Strength DLC will be released on November 15th.

For more on this news find it here in Solasta Crown Of The Magister 3rd DLC “Inner Strength” Announced.

Solasta Crown of the Magister New Inner Strength DLC Adds 3 New Classes

Solasta Crown of the Magister New Inner Strength DLC Adds 3 New Classes

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