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Happy weekend from Fextralife! If you’ve been too busy to keep up on the latest in the games we cover or are looking for a refresher we’ve got your back. Let’s take a look at the comings and goings across the Fextralife Wiki Network. Check out the video above and read on for the text!


  • Koei Tecmo and Sony have released some new Nioh shiny screenshots and details that show more of what’s coming in next week’s Dragon of the North DLC, as well as the free update that is bringing PvP and new skins. DLC spoilers to follow so be warned!
  • Dragon of the North will take place in the Oshu region and introduce the ambitious ruler, Masamune Date, also known as the “One-Eyed Dragon”. Just when you thought that peace was finally restored in Japan, we’ve now begun to hear troubling rumors that the One-Eyed Dragon is secretly gathering spirit stones, setting a stage for more unrest and mayhem to take hold.
  • The first batch of screens show some of the new content coming in the DLC, such as new NPCs: Date MasamuneDate Shigezane and Katakura Shigenaga, new guardian spirits: Nekomata and Seiryu and some of the foes and locations we’ll be tackling and traversing.
  • The next series of screens show what’s coming in the free update, the new skins for Fuku, Tome, Ginchiyo and Okatsu that we’re getting in much better clarity, and in some PvP action which we presume will be in the training dojo.
  • Dragon of the North is bringing new missions, weapons and lore to the game and is the first of the paid DLC’s for the game, with Defiant Honor and Bloodshed’s End due in the future. Dragon of the North release for the PS4 on May 2nd. Thoughts on what’s coming? Let us know in the comments!

Mass Effect Andromeda

  • BioWare has released the next limited time Apex mission for Mass Effect: Andromeda’s multiplayer. It is available from this past Thursday until tomorrow the 24th on every platform.
  • Players can join the elite APEX forces and take part in the next of several ongoing story-based missions that will feature new playable characters, weapons and items. This Mission, takes place back on Firebase Paradox and comes with a few limited time upgrades for the weekend.
  • Be sure you’re following the blog to find out when the next Apex mission goes live and the details of the objectives!


  • Zenimax online has released the first in a series of videos that give players a brief tour of some of the new locations that are going to be explored in Morrowind, their upcoming expansion to the Elder Scrolls Online. This first guided tour gives you a look at the iconic Vivec City, the largest settlement in the new landmass of Vvardenfell.
  • Your tour guide for the excursion is the assassin Naryu Virian and in the video she gives you an overview of what the bustling city contains, from market districts to the Outlaw’s refuge. The city itself was built in honor of their patron god Vivec and exists under the shadow of a suspended meteor and figures to be a very prominent location in the upcoming content.
  • The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind is in closed beta right now on the public test server and will be the largest piece of expansion content to date for the popular MMO. In addition to the new locations, it brings a new class, the Warden, new dungeons, sets, PvP battlegrounds and a ton more. It’s set to release June 6th for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The Surge

  • We’ve seen a lot of information regarding The Surge recently, much of which is from trailers and some streamed footage, but no one has really taken the time to dissect the game and make direct comparisons of each mechanic. Having played the preview build rather recently, we decided to take things a step further and really show people how it “actually feels” to play The Surge.
  • In our hands on time with the build, we found that the game started out slow and just got more and more fun the more we played. We are really excited to see what else the game has to offer and we really hope a few weeks from now we are writing a stellar review. The Surge releases for the PS4, Xbox One and PC on May 16th. Check out the full hands on preview article for more.


  • Fans of both the Fallout series and tabletop gaming (and who isn’t?!?) will be happy to know that there is a tabletop game on the way for the franchise. Fallout: Wasteland Warfare is a new miniatures wargame from Modiphius Entertainment, a tabletop publisher who has several successful Kickstarter projects over years. In the game you will command a crew of detailed 32mm scale minis through PvP, co-op & solo tabletop missions.
  • There are not a whole lot of details beyond that whether it’s a tactics game or more traditional RPG. It remains to be seen if this will head to crowdfunding  or go right to press. Given that the original Fallout games were heavily inspired by tabletop gaming, it’s only natural for things to come full circle and have the video games influence a new tabletop franchise the way we are seeing with Dark Souls and The Witcher board games.
  • If nothing else, the wonderful minis are a great painting project for hobbyists! Thoughts on the game and how you’d like to see it play out on the table? Let us know in the comments!

Shadow of War

  • 2014’s Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor was a revelation for gamers who are also fans of the Lord of the Rings franchise. Often, games tied to the series have fallen short of player hopes with a handful of them providing mildly enjoyable experiences. However, Shadow of Mordor brought the series into true AAA territory, by infusing into the hack and slash genre a fluid and entertaining combat system along. But a big component of the game’s critical success was an innovative Nemesis system that allowed enemy NPCs to remember the deaths and other situations from its experience with the protagonist, allowing them to be promoted within Sauron’s ranks and grow stronger (and vengeful), while also increasing the value for defeating them. Buoyed by the sleeper success, developer Monolith hit us with a reveal announcement for Middle-earth: Shadow of War earlier this year, and a promise of a release this August, along with announcement footage of city siege gameplay. As the weeks have gone, we’ve learned a bit more about what the sequel will look like and how it will build off the foundations in the first. We previewed the game this week on the blog.
  • Everything about Shadow of War looks like an improvement over Shadow of Mordor and that’s saying a lot. It looks as if Monolith is taking everything that was great about the first and building upon it in all the right ways. This is a developer that is definitely not content to rest on their laurels and that’s evident in how Shadow of War is shaping up. If this game truly builds upon the series it will easily be a contender for game of the year. The only thing that can get in their way at this point is the becoming a victim of over-ambition and trying to do too much. We’ll be keeping a close, lidless, flaming eye on this one up to its August release.


  • Now that Dark Souls is completed as a franchise (for the time being at least), From Software is moving on to other projects. Given how they evolved Dark Souls over 3 games, we got to wondering how Bloodborne would evolve if they released sequels for it, especially since it’s so different from Dark Souls. What better a resource to thought experiment with than our own Fextralife community full of rabid Soulsborne enthusiasts! We put together a community breakdown of the features we would like to see in a Bloodborne sequel, with an eye towards what improvements we would like to see on certain mechanics.
  • Overall we can see that Bloodborne didn’t do much of anything bad at all. It did many things great, and at worst a handful of its features felt unfinished more than just outright poor. We’ve collected a few of those incomplete features here, and believe with just a few more tweaks and some extra time spent developing them, these misses could easily become strengths. For a game we already scored a 9.5, shoring up these few areas while retaining everything that was good about the first could put the sequel in some rarefied air indeed. What are your thoughts? Hit the comments and let us know what you want to see in Bloodborne 2!


  • Tactical card games and RPG’s have a lot in common. Both involve careful planning, careful execution, and a lot of reflection on what went right and, all too often, what went wrong. Stats and numbers feature prominently in both as do themes and builds. Yet, we see so few examples of them overlapping. Shadowhand is an upcoming game from Grey Alien Games that is looking to add depth to the strategy card game by making it a full fledged RPG complete with stats, inventory, abilities, and equipment you can use to improve and enhance your success in tense duels against AI enemies. Building off of the success of their last game Regency Solitaire, indie team Grey Alien Games is looking to take their solitaire-style turn based combat formula a step further with deckbuilding and character building. We took a longer long at the game and you can check out the full preview on the blog!
  • The more we researched this game, the more we really became intrigued. There are a lot of interacting mechanics and adding and RPG stat spread and inventory/equipment option that not only affect the card play but have their own central focus is a great way to take an approachable concept like Solitaire and up the stakes and strategy to it. This feels like the kind of game you boot up to play for 15 minutes and find that 3 hours have gone by. It would be interesting to see it be expanded to a PvP setting at some point in the future, maybe as a DLC. Regardless this is one for the radar next month.

Dawn of War 3

  • This week marked the release of Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III on PC. If you’ve been keeping up with our Top 5 RPGs of the month series, we tabbed this game as one of the top games of the month of April.
  • Developed by Relic Entertainment and published by Sega, Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War II is the third installment of the real-time strategy series set in a dark future world set in the popular universe created by Games Workshop. You will lead one of three races: Space Marines, Eldars, and Orks. Each has unique heroes, units, buildings, and abilities and RPG elements to your units.
  • The past games in the series have been addicting, tactical affairs that have consumed countless hours of player time, while immersing them in the rich, grim lore of the Warhammer universe. The third installment ups the ante with towering war machines, massive army battles, elite squads you can send in and more.
  • Early review scores are looking solid, so if you’re looking for something heady and gratifying to dig into this weekend, this could be the game for you.

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