Top RPG News Of The Week: November 3rd (Nioh 2, Dragon Age 4, BG 3 and More!)

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Dragon Ball Z: Karakot

  • The new set of screenshots for Dragon Ball Z: Kararot show Super Saiyan 3 Goku fighting Kid Buu.
  • The upcoming action-RPG lets players experience the tale of Dragon Ball Z with epic scenes and some “never-before-seen story moments that answer some burning questions of DRAGON BALL lore for the first time!” according to the Steam page description.
  • Dragon Ball Z: Kararot will release on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC on January 17th 2020

To learn more about this news find it here in Dragon Ball Z: Kararot Screenshots Feature Super Saiyan 3 Goku.

Nioh 2

  • Team Ninja have announced that Nioh 2 will be launching on March 13th 2020. This news comes just a couple days shy of the open beta which starts on Friday 1st November. Along with this news comes a launch date announcement trailer and details for joining the open beta.
  • If you want to take part in the Open Beta to get a closer look at Nioh 2, you can join in on the fun on November 1st until November 10th. You will need to download the open beta from the Playstation Store which will let you experience some new features such as an extensive character customisation, new weapon the Switchglaive and more.
  • The starting zone for the beta will be the Interim which is a safe zone. Here you will be able to choose weapons, test movesets and move on to a real stage when you feel you’ve got the hang of things.
  • You can also pick up Nioh on Playstation Plus as it’s one of two titles joining as a free game this November, so you can prepare yourself for it’s launch next year.
  • Nioh 2 will launch on March 13th 2020 on Playstation 4.

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Everreach: Project Eden

  • The upcoming action-RPG Everreach: Project Eden launch has been delayed. Originally suppose to launch in September, it has now been announced that it will be coming to Xbox One and PC via Steam this December. This will be followed by Playstation 4 in 2020.
  • Everreach: Project Eden follows the character Nora Harwood who is part of the Everreach Security Division which is on a mission to secure colonisation of Eden.
  • They will also investigate some mysterious happenings in a fast-paced, story driven action RPG with third person shooting. There is customisable skill trees, over 80 upgrades and travel by hoverbike.

To learn more about this news find it here in Everreach: Project Eden Delayed To December For Xbox One And PC; PS4 Coming 2020.

Final Fantasy 14

  • Final Fantasy 14 has gained a new raid that allows you to gain the 2B dress from Nier Automata. Players can take part of a 24-player raid where three participants will gain a set of 2B’s clothing.
  • The little black dress is set at level one glamour gear, so no matter your race or job, you too can look as good as 2B.
  • But that’s not the only Nier: Automata treat, players can also gain high-level raid gear based off the looks from other Nier: Automata characters. These will have both job and level requirements though. You have a chance to gain a new piece of gear each week, not including the 2B set.
  • The Nier Automata goodies have released this week along with Patch 5.1 for Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers which is available on Playstation 4 and PC.

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Immortal: Unchained

  • It’s been 1 year since the release of the unforgiving sci-fi action-RPG Immortal: Unchained was released and to celebrate this anniversary Toadman Interactive have announced the release of the Ultimate Edition.
  • Immortal: Unchained Ultimate Edition bundles together all the DLC content as well as the base game. This includes all released DLCs which are Midas Touched, Primes Pack and Storm Breaker. Storm Breaker includes further locationsenemiesbossesweapons and more. You can get all this content for $39.99 via Steam.
  • If you’re currently playing this dark sci-fi RPG be sure to visit our Immortal Unchained wiki for help. If you’re interested to find out what we thought of Immortal Unchained be sure to check out our review.
  • Immortal: Unchained is available to play on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

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The Surge 2

  • Last week an update was released for The Surge 2 which came with a free Future Shock Weapon Pack and news that details of the season pass would be revealed soon.
  • Now Focus Home Interactive have unveiled details which include new weapons, gear sets and a new story DLC.
  • Those who purchase the Season Pass will gain 13 weapons this November, followed by the release of 3 new gear sets in December and a brand new story DLC called The Kraken in January 2020.
  • The Kraken brings players to a new location of an aircraft carrier and will have hours of new content for you to experience.
  • The season pass also comes with an exclusive Borax-I Quantum weapon which you can access now. The season pass is now available on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC for $19.99

To learn more about this news find it here in The Surge 2 Season Pass Details Announced.

Dragon Age 4

  • Electronic Arts share that Dragon Age 4 most likely won’t be releasing until 2022 at the earliest.
  • Recently during a financial earnings call an investor asked about the future of the Dragon Age franchise and what is next on the cards for BioWare. EA’s CFO Blake Jorgensen shared that BioWare were well underway on the fourth entry of the Dragon Age series but also commented it would be quite a while until we see it.
  • EA fiscal year 2022 ends on March 31st 2022, and from this we can gather Dragon Age 4 is likely part of fiscal year 2023 meaning the earliest DA4 would launch is April 1st 2022.

To learn more about this news find it here in Dragon Age 4 Not Likely To Release Earlier Than 2022.

Demon Knights Ankhoron

  • An action-RPG set to bring 2D fighting-game mechanics to a 3D world in Demon Knights Ankhoron has been launched as Kickstarter campaign.
  • Developed by a new indie studio Archon Forge Games based in Vancouver and Hong Kong, the action-RPG Demon Knights of Ankhoron has quite the experienced AAA talent behind it. The team ranges from those who have worked on titles such as Dark Souls, Street Fighter as well as Tekken, and worked with such companies as Bandai Namco and Capcom.
  • The game is set to feature rich exploration, an action-RPG story mode with single player and multiplayer, a set of unique hero characters with customisable options such as armor and upgradeable weapons. There is also going to be a magic skill system and a PVP fight arena as well as “in-game bounty hunter modes”.
  • The world is set to be quite expansive with 20 cities and 2 continents to explore. The combat will have plenty of in-depth fight mechanics such as combos that are customisable, counters, parries and magic abilities.
  • Demon Knights Ankhoron is currently on Kickstarter which still has roughly 30 days to go with a goal of around $44,600 USD.

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Baldur’s Gate 3

To learn more about this news find it here in Baldur’s Gate 3 New Image Revealed.

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