Top RPG News Of The Week: May 8th (Path of Exile Sentinel, Summer Game Fest, Thymesia and More!)

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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

  • The next digital event for Monster Hunter Rise will be happening next week focusing on the upcoming expansion Sunbreak. In this latest livestream, Capcom will be unveiling new gameplay, monsters and more on May 10th at 7:00 PDT over on Twitch.
  • The stream will be presented by director Yoshitake Suzuki. Previously Capcom shared Monster Hunter Rise would be getting new Wirebug skills in the new expansion, maybe we’ll get a preview of what’s to come.
  • Also shared this week were new Hunter Intro Cards for Sunbreak which lets players share their info on social media, hopefully to find new hunters to team up with ready for Sunbreak.
  • Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will be coming to PC and Switch on June 30th. Players should note in order to access the expansion content they will need to have completed the  7★ Hub Quest Serpent Goddess of Thunder. If you’re new to Rise be sure to check out our Getting Started Guide.

For more on this news find it here in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Stream To Feature New Gameplay On May 10th.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak livestream announced for May 10th

Steam Roguelike Sale

  • Steam is currently holding a “Going Rogue” sale with a number of roguelikes, soulslikes and metroidvania titles getting some good deals. We have a list of picks from this current sale which will be available until May 9th, so if you want to catch bargain before the sale is over be sure to do so.
  • Our picks include Rogue Legacy 2, a randomly generated rogue tale which gets continued each run by your children, then your children’s children, then your children’s children’s children and so forth.
  • Other not to be missed titles include King Arthur Knight’s Tale, which has its own roguelite mode with permadeath.
  • If you fancy diving into the bug world of Hollow Knight, you can pick up this great indie title for up to 60% off, a steal at only $6.
  • If you’re looking for a soulslike check out Nioh 2 the complete edition which is available for around $30.
  • Of course, these are just a few of the titles available. If you’re curious to find more picks check out our article over on Fextralife for all the details.

For more on this news find it here in Going Rogue: A Steam Sale That Features Roguelikes, Soulslikes, And Metroidvanias, Runs From May 2 To 9.

Going Rogue Steam Sale

Going Rogue Steam Sale


  • The Bloodborne inspired soulslike Thymesia got a release date announcement and a demo this week. The Action-RPG will be released on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on August 9th. If you want to try out the game for yourself a limited-time demo was released which will end on May 9th.
  • Thymesia is an action-RPG Souls-like game that is heavily inspired by Bloodborne. The game is being developed by OverBorder Studio. The game has quite a few artistic kill moves and flashy abilities which make things interesting to look at.
  • Players take up the mantle of plague doctor Corvus. The unnamed land that Thymesia takes place in once thrived with the usage of alchemy to prevent disease. However, it was discovered that the use of such sciences had catastrophic consequences. Instead of preventing the plague, alchemy was responsible for it. People turned into monsters and rampaged throughout the kingdom, creating anarchy and destruction all throughout.
  • Corvus is able to effectively wield pestilence as a weapon. He is not a hardened warrior though, and far from it. Corvus must make use of many light attacks, dodges, deflects, parries, and the more unique raven feathers.
  • You can check out our impressions in more detail Thymesia – A Bloodborne-Like Action RPG Coming Next Year (2022).

For more on this news find it here in Thymesia The Bloodborne Inspired Action Soulslike Gets Demo And August 9, 2022 Release Date.

Thymesia Releases August 9

Thymesia Releases August 9

Eldest Souls

  • Eldest Souls gets its first expansion for the soulslike Action-RPG called Depths of the Forgotten, available for free. This new update adds 30% more content including a new region to explore and new bosses to best.
  • Depths of the Forgotten introduces a new area to explore through a new door that goes beyond the Enchanted Forest and far below the Citadel using a mysterious elevator.
  • Also available are new weapons to unlock in the form of the Kingsguard, The Executioner, Wild Dancer and Saint’s Hand. Each has its own buff and debuff, such as The Executioner which will increase your damage output but will also come with the caveat of reduced movement plus defence. Weapons aren’t the only addition as a new shard is available which the devs have left a little mystery around as to how to obtain it.
  • Eldest Souls promises fast-paced combat, its own flavour of Boss-Rush experience and some unique challenges to best. It’s all done in a 2D top-down pixel art style giving a retro feel.
  • Eldest Souls is available with the free expansion Depths of the Forgotten on PC, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Switch.

For more on this news find it here in Eldest Souls Action-RPG First Expansion Depths Of The Forgotten Now Available.

New free expansion for Eldest Souls adds to new area, bosses and more

Dark Envoy

  • The upcoming party-based RPG game Dark Envoy developed by Event Horizon got a new publisher under Asmodee Digital. Along with the announcement a new trailer was released, previewing the story of the game
  • Dark Envoy is an upcoming tactical RPG that focuses on the journey of two siblings, Malakai and Kaela. The pair are refugees that must survive everyday struggles. They go about exploring tombs and ruins in search of riches and glory. The game takes place in Jäan, a fictional world that is hanging in the balance of magic and technology.
  • Dark Envoy features a non-linear narrative, as the land of Jäan is going to be a semi-open world design. Players can choose to pursue only specific questlines or ignore side activities entirely.
  • Another feature that Dark Envoy has is that it will be fully playable in either solo or online co-op with a partner. Dark Envoy will also feature companions but so far it is unclear how many characters can be added to your party.
  • Dark Envoy features real-time combat, interestingly, players will be able to choose if they pause the game or just slow it down to a crawl in order to make tactical decisions.
  • Dark Envoy will be releasing sometime in 2022, for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

For more on this news find it here in Dark Envoy Is A Real-Time Co-Op RPG From The Developers Of Tower Of Time.

Dark Envoy Gets Publisher

Dark Envoy Gets Publisher and New Trailer

Summer Game Fest

  • Summer Game Fest will be making its return, with its broadcast kicking off on Thursday, 9th June 11am Pacific.
  • This will be the major event for June, as E3 2022 has already been called off for this year. Geoff Keighley the producer of the show has announced a “live cross-industry showcase” which promises announcements, reveals and spotlight on indie studios during Day of the Devs.
  • Along with the date for Summer Game Fest are the dates for the Xbox + Bethesda Game Showcase which is set for June 12th at 1 PM EST/10 AM PST. The Tribeca Game Spotlight will also be happening on June 9th, so there is quite a lot happening that month.
  • What could be revealed this June? With big titles such as Starfield and Hogwarts Legacy releasing later this year, maybe we’ll get to see more of these games. Let us know what you’re hoping to see at this year’s Summer Game Fest.

For more on this news find it here in Summer Game Fest Date Announced For June.

Summer Game Fest 2022 happening on June 9th

Hard West II

  • Things are about to get challenging in the wild west in the upcoming sequel Hard West 2. Developer Ice Cold Games have announced they are holding an open beta which is available on PC via Steam until June 5th, with a full launch planned for 2022.
  • Playing as Gin Carter, you will take on the role of a notorious outlaw who has a dangerous reputation that matches the frontier in Hard West II. The next big score is the legendary “Ghost Train”, filled with federal gold, too good to pass up. Your job is to assemble a motley crew of outlaws, kitted out with guns and supernatural skills.
  • The title follows the prequel, using turn-based combat with Action Points, but there sets to be dynamic shifting environments in Hard West 2, giving a more immersive experience with plenty of outlaw fun.
  • Hard West II will release on PC via Steam in 2022, with the open beta now on until June 5th.

For more on this news find it here in Hard West II Open Beta Available Now Until June; New Gameplay Trailer.

Hard West II gets a limited-time open beta

Path of Exile Sentinel

  • The next expansion for the free to play ARPG Path of Exile got a lot of details released this week including more info on the new features, armor, weapons, fixes, quality of life updates as well as full controller and Steam Deck Support.
  • The main draw of this expansion is the titular Sentinel, a new discovery that has been appearing throughout Wraeclast. Sentinels are companion contraptions that follow the player around for a set duration, Empowering enemies. Foes that have been buffed by Sentinels are indeed made stronger but have the potential to drop even better rewards. Sentinels are customisable with up to 30 nodes to power on.
  • Another new addition is the Hardcore Solo Self-Found Sentinel League where players will compete against each other to be the world’s first to slay the Uber Pinnacle Bosses. There will be absolutely no balance changes in this cycle.
  • If you want further details on Path of Exile Sentinel or any news mentioned in this video you head over to Fextralife, link is in the description.

For more on this news find it here in Path Of Exile Gets New Expansion Called Sentinel; Releases On May 13.

Path of Exile - Sentinel Expansion

Path of Exile – Sentinel Expansion

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