Top RPG News of the Week: May 6th 2018

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Red Dead Redemption 2 New Trailer

  • Rockstar Games drops a third trailer for the upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2 full of gun slinging gameplay action and fist fighting fun.
  • Set in 1899, the game is a prequel to previous the Red Dead Redemption title. The story takes place after a robbery goes awry in the western town of Blackwater, causing Arthur Morgan and the Van der Linde gang to flee. With encroaching federal agents and the best bounty hunters on their tail, the gang must commit armed robbery, steal and fight their way through the wild west of America in order to make it out alive.
  • It’s not just outside influences that cause trouble for the gang, but “internal divisions” also threaten their unity.
  • Get ready to “love yourself a fire” as Red Dead Redemption 2 hits PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this year on October 26th.

Dark Souls Network Test

  • FromSoftware earlier this week announced the network test dates for Dark Souls Remastered. They will be on May 11th and May 12th for platforms PS4 and Xbox One. The first test will be available on May 11th from 6:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. PT and on May 12th 6:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.
  • Those who wish to try Dark Souls in all it’s remastered glory will need to reserve 3 GB on their console for the test client.
  • Those on Xbox One will need to download the test client from the Xbox Store between May 1st until May 7th.
  • For those on PS4, they will need to download from the PlayStation Store between May 1st until May 8th.
  • Don’t miss out the deadline as you will need to download during those dates in order to be ready to play that weekend.

For more information about the network test you can read all about it on our Dark Souls Network Test Dates article.

Vampyr “Becoming the Monster” Trailer

  • Focus Home Interactive released a new trailer today called “Becoming the Monster” which shows off some new gameplay for the upcoming Vampyr game full of combat action. Showcasing a few of the abilities that protagonist Dr. Jonathan Reid is cursed with, it’s a trailer you can definitely sink your teeth into.
  • Throughout the trailer we hear a sinister narrator depicting the darker side of the doctor’s soul. Whether the doctor will choose to see humans no more than just blood bags, losing his side of humanity or fight the temptation and uphold his oath to protect the inhabitants of London, only time will tell. The trailer ends with the vision of the mysterious “goddess”, does she hold the key to Reid’s powers? I guess we’ll have to play to find out.
  • The DONTNOD team have given players a variety of abilities to suit different playstyles, varying up-close combat with ranged attacks.
  • Vampyr is releasing June 5th on PlayStation, Xbox One and PC and is available for preorder.

Are you excited for the release of this dark toothy RPG? Let us know in the comments below.For more details check out the New Vampyr “Becoming The Monster” Trailer Released.


  • Dauntless receives a Behemoth of an update in preparation for open beta launching May 24th. Those who have been playing the closed beta have had the playing field leveled, as the progression of their characters have been wiped as the update rolled out on May 2nd.
  • There is a silver lining for those who joined closed beta as they will receive a special in-game reward.
  • Participants who take part in the closed beta between May 2nd reset and May 22nd reset, will be able to gain rewards for climbing tiers and receive more in-game bonuses unique to their input in the game’s development.
  • But’s that’s not all, the Dauntless team Phoenix Labs has introduced a new progression system, new Behemoths, transmog system and hunt options. There are new shiny rewards to go with this in the form of exotic weapons and armor.

To learn the full details of the update read about it in Dauntless Receives A Behemoth Of An Update.

Stardew Valley Multiplayer Update

  • The developer Eric Barone or better known as ConcernedApe as he is known by most of the Stardew Valley community, has been working alone on Stardew Valley for quite some years now, but with this multiplayer update he has teamed up with Chucklefish publisher Tom Coxon to make this dream a reality.
  • Up until the launch of the beta, Stardew Valley has been a solo game, but bringing in multiplayer mode has now opened a whole range of co-op possibilities.
  • Now you can put your friends to work on your farm, or even marry one in-game instead of an NPC.
  • Multiplayer option allows you to have up to 3 friends join your game, making it 4 players in total including yourself to be able to run a farm. You share the money, farm and world updates with your friends.
  • This multiplayer mode is currently only available in beta on Steam. No news for other platforms has been announced but Concerned Ape has assured that multiplayer support will be coming later.

To learn how to opt-in for the beta and more co-op possibilities check out Stardew Valley Gets Multiplayer Mode In Public Beta.

CD Projekt Red

  • The developers CD Projekt Red of the acclaimed The Witcher 3 have confirmed they will be attending E3 2018 and will not be coming empty handed as they are going to feature a RPG.
  • The news came from a listing on this year’s E3 database that has the developer under the category of “Role-Playing” for platforms PC, PS4 and Xbox One.
  • Could this mean that their Cyberpunk 2077 sci-fi themed RPG is going to be showcased?
  • Since they opened a new studio in Poland earlier this year to support the project, could mean their ready to show a preview of what’s to come.
  • E3 2018 will take place from June 12-14 in Los Angeles.

Disgaea 5 Complete Delayed For PC

  • NIS America were set to launch Disgaea 5 Complete a strategy RPG for PC for May 2018, but have run into some issues causing a delay in the release of the title. The game has now been slated for release for Summer 2018.
  • The issue that NIS America ran into yesterday was mentioned in an announcement via the NIS America website, stating it is causing the delay. The demo version of this turn based RPG game that was made available via a partnership with Alienware Arena has also been put on pause as they try to figure out the issue, a new set of keys will be made available once the problem is fixed.
  • Not only have NIS America apologised for the delay but are offering a refund for those who have already pre-purchased the title via Steam.

To read further about this news find out more about it in Disgaea 5 Complete Delayed For PC And NIS America Demo Pulled.

Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition Free Half-Life DLC

  • Earlier this year Final Fantasy XV came to PC along with the Half-Life DLC which was used as an incentive for gamers to pick up the game. Now due to the popularity of the DLC it is now free to download for PC players.
  • Previously only available with the purchase of the Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition, the Half Life DLC is now free for all players to download. The DLC contains the Gordon Freeman’s HEV Suit, Gordon’s glasses and crowbar. It will be permanently available for players to use in both single-player campaign and Final Fantasy Comrade multiplayer expansion, so you will be able to dress like Gordon to your heart’s content.

To read further about this news find out more about it in Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition Half-Life Costume DLC Is Now Free.

Chucklefish Announce Eastward

  • From the publishers who made Stardew Valley happen, Chucklefish announces a new game with a trailer for Eastward, an apocalyptic looking adventure game with nineties Japanese inspired animation.
  • Pixpil are the developers behind this unique pixel art looking world, working with the publisher Chucklefish who developed Starbound  and Wargroove, as well as the publisher of Risk of Rain, Stardew Valley and Starmancer. Eastward seems to fall into Chucklefish’s wheelhouse when it comes to pixel art adventure games.
  • The characters are cute and “quirky” in nature which contrasts the backdrop of this end of the world decaying city. The game is set to include puzzle solving and dungeon elements, with single player with dual-character adventure.
  • Hong Moran’s intricate pixel designs was what this game is built around, together with Pixpil’s love of Mother and The Legend of Zelda, forms this story driven RPG.
  • The release date for Eastward is yet to be announced, but will be coming to PC and Mac with tentative plans to release on console depending on demand.

To read further about this news find out more about it in Chucklefish Release Trailer For Upcoming RPG Eastward.

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