Top RPG News Of The Week: May 31st (Darkest Dungeon, ESO Greymoor, Fallout 76 and More!)

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Days of Play

  • Playstation Days of Play will be returning next month, starting June 3rd to June 17th for US and May 25th to June 8th for EU. You will be able to pick up a number of deals including for games, Playstation 4 accessories and PSVR.
  • On this list not to be missed, you can get the Yokai Action-RPG Nioh 2 for $39.99, which is marked down from $59.99. It received high praise for it’s in-depth combat and variation of yokai bosses, with plenty of builds to playthrough. If you’re planning on picking it up this title during Days of Play be sure to drop by our Nioh 2 wiki for all your yokai needs.
  • You can also pick up PS Plus and PS Now with up to 30% off  during Days of Play.

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The Outer Worlds

  • We’re fast approaching June which means The Outer Worlds will be coming to the Nintendo Switch. It was announced it had been delayed earlier this year, pushed a few months from its original March release date but it looks to be on track for next month.
  • The developer Obsidian Entertainment has been working with Virtuos Games who are responsible for the port, and have released new screenshots of the game on the Switch.
  • If you’re curious to find out more about this RPG be sure to check out our The Outer Worlds Review: Immense Interstellar Fun. If you’re ready to dive in be sure to check out our guides including The Outer Worlds: Best Perks as well as our builds.

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Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor

  • The latest chapter for The Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor has released on PC this week, continuing the year long journey into the Dark Heart of Skyrim.
  • The latest cinematic trailer does not disappoint as it hones in on everything reminiscent of Skyrim but adds further mystery with the supernatural beings that appear. The trailer shows a group led by Lyris being ambushed by werewolfs and then finally vampires.
  • Greymoor delves into the snow covered peaks of Western Skyrim, with an underground world known as Blackreach with plenty of dark conspiracies to go along with it. This expansion will not only bring you on a journey involving nords, but something that affects the whole Tamriel.
  • Also this week was the announcement that The Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor would be coming to Stadia this June 16th. This means you wlil be able to venture across Western Skyrim, the underground city of Blackreach and the rest of the Tamriel on a number of compatible devices. Using Stadia you can play on laptops, desktops, phones, tablets and even through Chromecast Ultra on tv.
  • Those with Stadia Pro membership will be getting access to the The Elder Scrolls Online Standard Edition for free.
  • Stadia will also support PC crossplay and cross-progression, meaning you can carry on your ESO adventures if you have previously played on PC, straight onto Stadia for PC NA/EU. You can switch back and forth between platforms if you so wish.
  • Elder Scrolls Online and Greymoor chapter will be arriving on Stadia on June 16th for select regions. It is currently available on PC and will launching on PS4 and Xbox One on June 9th.

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Book of Travels

  • Might and Delight the developer behind the upcoming online RPG has announced their “tiny multiplayer” Book of Travels will be launching on PC, Mac and Linux via Steam in October.
  • The game described as a “tiny multiplayer online RPG” or TMO, as it lets players explore a large world but as they do, they will only run into a small number of players on each server.
  • What is also unique about the Book of Travels is its overall aesthetic inspired by classic RPGs, story book illustrations that come to life. Its fairytale world provides serene settings with a choice to survive on your own or with friends.
  • The title also brings an innovative RPG system, with over 300 plus abilities to master, magical skills and passives giving plenty of customisation.
  • There are also 20 plus forms in character creation, which focuses on personality and identity, fulfilling a deep role-playing experience.
  • Book of Travels will be launching on PC via Steam in October 2020.

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BlizzCon 2020

  • Blizzcon 2020 was meant to take place this year in November, but due the novel coronavirus pandemic has now been cancelled. With recent gaming events being cancelled and turned into online events, this doesn’t come as much of a shock. It was in early April that Blizz had already expressed concerns of hosting a BlizzCon this year.
  • They are already looking to next year for some kind of virtual event to take place instead, which was shared by BlizzCon executive producer Saralyn Smith in the latest official blog post.
  • As previously mentioned BlizzCon is not the only gaming convention to be cancelled, QuakeCon, Gamescom, E3 and the Tokyo Game Show have all been cancelled.

For more on this news find it here in Blizzcon 2020 Officially Cancelled, Virtual Event Most Likely Early 2021.

Fallout 76

  • Fallout 76’s Fasnacht Parade event hit a bit of snag with a bug that started causing some gameplay issues for players. However, Bethesda have now fixed the problem and will be extending the event.
  • Fasnacht Parade which was first introduced to F76 last year in March has returned to the wastelands this year. In this event players are given objectives to complete as well as have the task of guarding the participants of the parade. But during this event there were some issues with critters not spawning correctly causing players to fail the objectives.
  • The event was then taken down, but reinstated the next day now with an extended end date of June 9th. You can also claim a free bundle from the in game Atomic Shop from June 2nd.

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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered

  • Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition will be launching this August 27th in the west on Playstation 4, Switch, iOS and Android. This RPG can be played solo or with up to four players, meaning you can team up with friends or go it alone.
  • It follows a young group called the Crystal Caverns as they venture to find myrrh, a rare liquid that is needed to cleanse and maintain a crystal used to protect the world from a poisonous gas.
  • The remastered edition add improved visuals/audio, character voice-overs, online multiplayer with cross-play, additional dungeons and a new mimic feature to change your character’s appearance to match a number of characters you’ve met so far.

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Darkest Dungeon: The Butcher’s Circus

  • A free PvP mode is now available for Darkest Dungeon called The Butcher’s Circus. This new DLC is now available to download on Steam and let’s players assemble their own four-member party to compete in climbing the PvP ranks.
  • Winning against an enemy team will unlock banner components, allowing players to put together their own duelist heraldy.
  • Also to celebrate the release of the Darkest Dungeon The Butcher’s Circus DLC, the game is now free-to-play until June 1st on Steam. You can also purchase the title for 75% off and there is 50% off the previous downloadable content.
  • Darkest Dungeon challenges players to a dark roguelike turn-based RPG, with a number of flawed heroes to recruit, all with their own strengths and drawbacks. Pit them against a number of harrowing circumstances including stress, famine, disease and the dark.

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