Top RPG News Of The Week: May 2nd (Lost Soul Aside, Monster Hunter Rise, Genshin Impact and More!)

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Xuan-Yuan Sword VII

  • Publisher Eastasiasoft and developers Softstar Entertainment, DOMO Studio, and Yooreka Studio have announced Xu an-Yuan Sword VII will be coming to platforms PS4 and Xbox One this summer 2021. The game will support English, French, German, Spanish, and Russian subtitle options. Physical editions will be available by Maximum Game in North America and Europe.
  • Xuan-Yuan Sword VII first launched on PC via Steam worldwide, and for PS4 in Asia on October 29th which was followed by PS4 in Japan on December 10th. The game combines Chinese history and myth,  with action combat. It follows the beginning journey for Zhao and Xiang’s adventure, full of dangerous enemies and a mysterious figure. Zhao must protect his sister from monsters and powerful demons. The game sets to bring action-combat with sword fighting with a real-time action system with Active Skills, Dodge, Block and Riposte.
  • Xuan-Yuan Sword VII is available on PC, and will be coming to PS4 as well as Xbox One in summer 2021.

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Lost Soul Aside

  • Lost Soul Aside resurfaced this week as it got an 18 minute video previewing the stylish fast-paced action and was announced to be coming to PS5 at the Playstation China Conference event. The combat video featured the main character zipping around the boss battle area, and even floating off the ground to avoid one of the boss’ phases with rotating laser beams of death.
  • After defeating the boss, we get a peek at a cutscene. The story remains rather mysterious, but guessing from the title, the main character could be conversing with an inner demon, another soul. His companion is a crystal dragon that morphs into his sword-like weapon, and might be who is talking to at the end of the footage.
  • The video description mentions this is early gameplay footage and is still under development, but it does give up a better look at the direction of the combat style and even the narrative. The latest video of gameplay released also looks reminiscent of Devil May Cry games, and actually now has a closer connection to the franchise. Just this week the Devil May Cry 5 composer Cody Matthew Johnson announced he will be writing music for the game.
  • Lost Soul Aside has yet to have a release window, but will now be coming to PS4 and PS5.

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Rumour: Starfield Release Date

  • Starfield could be launching in 2021 according to the latest copyright reservation. Starfield is the next big RPG title to be coming out of Bethesda, and is slated to release before The Elder Scrolls VI. It’s been a long time in the making, even going as far back as 25 years, when the initial concept was just a dream.
  • However after Bethesda revealed the sci-fi RPG at E3 2018, there has been little word on what the title is about and when it will be releasing. But a recent sighting of a copyright reservation posted by Twitter user MrMattyPlays, has the 2021 next to the copyright symbol. According to the Twitter user one of their contacts at Bethesda claims the RPG title Starfield was actually supposed to release by the end of 2021.
  • However, not to put a damper on this spark, due to the ever-shifting development schedules since last year due to the pandemic, it wouldn’t be a surprise if this was pushed to 2022. It was only in February this year when ResetEra was ablaze with possible leaks of the release window also being 2021.
  • This copyright sighting is a little more official, but we’ll have to wait and see. Be sure to drop by our Starfield wiki for all the latest info.

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Monster Hunter Rise

  • Update 2.0 for Monster Hunter Rise released this week bringing a number of new additions including Elder Dragons, Chameleos, uncapped Hunter Rank and more. This adds a host of content plus bug fixes.
  • Players can run quests to hunt Apex Monsters such as Apex Diablos and Apex Rathalos as part of the update. There is also Kushala Daora. Previously released Apex monsters can also be challenged outside of Rampage quests at the Hub/Village, and Magnamalo will join the Rampage quest as part of the rotation.
  • The Hunter Rank which was previously locked at 7 will now be unpcapped and players will earn rank points after quests. Only Rampage, Arena and single-player quests will be included. The Palico and Palamute level cap has also risen to level 50.
  • Another addition is the return of Layered Armor which can be crafted at the Smithy once Hunter Rank is unlocked. You can also craft Layered Armor for your buddies.
  • There was also the announcement of the paid DLC which adds Character Editing with the use of Character Vouchers, new voice options for your Hunter so they can now sound like Fugen or Minoto. There were also cosmetic additions including hairstyles background music, a gesture set, and more.
  • Plans are already in motion for update 3.0 which will be arriving at the end of May, adding new monsters as well as a new ending.
  • Monster Hunter Rise is currently available on the Switch, and will be coming to PC in 2022. You can drop by our Monster Hunter Rise wiki for all the latest.

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Genshin Impact

  • Genshin Impact welcomed a new character addition this week in the form of the Pyro Catalyst wielder Yanfei. It was also the rollout of update 1.5 which added a number of new features including player housing, new events, new weapon, new artifact sets, new challenges and more. The PS5 native version of the game also released supporting a 4K resolution with “enhanced” textures and faster loading times.
  • The latest trailer released for Yanfei features her showing off her gameplay and Pyro moves. Yanfei is now available through the Zhongli‘s banner Gentry of Hermitage with an up rate. Players can use their Wishes for a chance to gain the fiery character.
  • The update also brings more hangout sessions, continuing with Noelle and introducing a chance to hang out with Diona. There are also new story quests and challenges such as the new Cryo Hypostasis.
  • Genshin Impact is available to play on PC, Playstation 4, iOS and Android, as well as the newly released native PS5 version.

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Bless Unleashed

  • The MMORPG Bless Unleashed will be releasing a PC beta with a host of changes influenced by player feedback. The changes include improved UI for PC, combat control, and more according to the latest Steam post.
  • Bless Unleashed the free-to-play title has been in the testing process on PC ahead of the full launch of the game. The development team have been working hard in trying to include player feedback with each of the tests. The upcoming beta adds a number of changes to best suit the PC version of the game. These changes include updated blessings with unique buffs, smoother combat flow, control improvements, UI improvements, as well as new field elite monsters and bosses.
  • The Final Test PC beta for Bless Unleashed will be happening from May 12th – May 16th (PDT) / May 13th – May 17th (CEST). According to the official Steam page the beta is open to everyone through the official website and Steam. So if you want to check out the beta be sure not to miss the Final Test this month.
  • Bless Unleashed is currently available on PS4 and Xbox One. It will be joining PC sometime in 2021.

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PSN Golden Week Sale

  • The Golden Week Sale for the Playstation store has a number of great titles available including RPGs NieR Automata, Kingdom Hearts All-in-One, Persona 5 Royal and more. There is also a new games sale for under $20 which also runs at the same time as Golden Week, which includes Stars Squadrons, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, The Witcher 3 and more. Both sales will be on until May 13th, so get the deals while you can.
  • If you’ve picked up NieR Replicant and want to play the sequel, now’s a great time to pick up NieR Automata‘s Game of the YorHa Edition (GOTY) which is now on sale for only $20, down from $40. If that wasn’t enough you can even check out a free demo for NieR Automata if the great price hasn’t sold you. Automata is indeed a fantastic game, with plenty of story, exciting combat and boss battles to get your adrenaline going.
  • You can also grab Persona 5 Royal for only $30, for half the price. The Royal version is an expanded edition of the original game, which follows the stylish Phantom Thieves. This includes new characters, new soundtrack and more.
  • Another to add to your cart is Bloodborne which can be snapped up for a mere $13. Get FromSoftware’s celebrated Action-RPG which follows the Hunter through the gothic world of Yharnam. If you haven’t picked up this great title yet, now’s a perfect time during this sale. You can find the list of games of some of great deals over on the Fextralife website. What titles will you pick up in this sale? Let us know in the comment below.

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