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  • Developer Nine Dots and publisher Prime Matter have announced the Outward: Definitive Edition will be making its way to consoles Playstation 5, and Xbox Series X|S as well as PC on May 17th.
  • Outward: Definitive Edition will be released on next-gen consoles and PC, making it the first time it has been made available natively on Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. The game first released in 2019.
  • The definitive edition will include all previously released DLCs such as The Soroboreans and The Three Brothers as well adding new encounters in dungeons, new scenarios and new diseases. Those who already own the base game and the downloadable content The Three Bothers will receive the Definitive Edition upgrade for free.
  • In case you missed it Outward follows the adventure of a traveller in an open-world faced with perils such as Corruption which can wreak havoc. Death is not the end, but can leave you in a tougher spot than when you first began. It also features split-screen co-op, survival mechanics, combat and spellcasting.

For more on this news find it here in Outward: Definitive Edition Releases On Playstation 5, Xbox Series X|S And PC On May 17th.

Outward Definitive Editon coming to Xbox Series and Playstation 5 on May 17th

Lord of the Rings Mobile RPG

  • Electronic Arts has announced they are currently developing a Lord of the Rings RPG for iOS and Android called The Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-earth.
  • EA has announced a new app described as a “collectible role-playing game” which will offer a “strategic, social-competitive experience” according to a press release. While no release date was announced for the mobile game, the beta is set to launch sometime this summer.
  • While “deep collection systems” are part of the game, The Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-earth sets to feature “immersive storytelling, turn-based combat…and a wide roster of characters” not just from The Lord of the Rings series but also from The Hobbit.
  • Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-earth will release on mobile with a beta taking place this summer.

For more on this news find it here in EA Is Developing A Lord Of The Rings RPG For Mobile.

EA are developing a Lord of the Rings mobile RPG with turn-based combat

Final Fantasy XVI

  • It has been some time since we’ve had an update about Final Fantasy XVI, the developer previously sharing that the next major news update for the game would be in spring 2022. Well it’s spring…so where’s the news update? Both Naoki Yoshida and Yosuke Saito were a part of the live stream for the NieR Re[in]carnation x Final Fantasy XIV Collaboration Special which took place last week.
  • Part of the live stream dialogue was shared on (translated by Gematsu) which had a small update…on the news update.
  • Previously the developer had promised a big reveal in spring. Yoshida explained that the trailer is actually already finished and ready to go, however was “delayed for various reasons” and “it’ll come out soon”.
  • Teasing us even further, Saito compliments his fellow Square Enix producer on some footage he’s seen of FFXVI saying he’s “really impressed”. According to Yoshida the team are eagerly running through the footage to further polish and optimise it.

For more on this news find it here in Final Fantasy XVI Producer Teases Latest Trailer Is Complete And Coming Soon.

Final Fantasy XVI trailer finished but delayed for release

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

  • Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak got some major details shared during the digital event this week.
  • First off, the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak team put up a showcase on three newly revealed Monsters. The trio are actually new subspecies of existing monsters, and in one case, the return of an old favorite. Revealed were Seregios, Aurora Somnacanth, and Magma Almudron.
  • Also revealed were Follower Collab Quests, singleplayer-only activities where certain story NPCs will join the Hunter on their hunts, creating a unique experience exclusive to Sunbreak. Each follower will also have a specific weapon that they can wield.
  • There’s plenty coming in Sunbreak including new Switch Skills or Wirebug Skills and also Swap Evade which allows hunters to swap their Switch Skills Loadout.
  • Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will release on June 30 for PC and Switch.

For more on this news find it here in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Gets New Details In May 2022 Digital Event.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - May 2022 Digital Event Details

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak – May 2022 Digital Event Details

Electronic Arts

  • In the recent Electronic Arts quarterly financial conference call held for analysts and investors, chief executive officer Andrew Wilson gave an update on EA’s plans for upcoming games.
  • For the fiscal year 2023 in Q4 the publisher has four games in the pipeline that have yet to be announced. The first title is from a major IP, the second is a title involved with a partner developer, the third sets to be a remake and the last is a sports title.
  • There were no other hints or details given exactly what the four titles are, or what the major IP is. Electronic Arts has already announced the Dead Space remake, but the footnotes in the presentation share that the title has not been “publicly disclosed”.
  • This makes for quite the busy timeline for EA with The Lord of the Rings mobile game also in the works. What franchise would you want to see gain another entry or even a remake? Let us know in the comments below.

For more on this news find it here in Electronic Arts Are Planning A Major IP Release Between January And March 2023.

EA has four games set for Q4 2024 including a major IP


  • Bethesda announced this week that upcoming Starfield and Redfall have both been delayed to an early 2023 release. Starfield the new IP RPG set in space was suppose to release later this year, however will now be delayed to 2023.
  • While the news is somewhat disappointing, it should however be good to know that the games will be taking time for more polish. Bethesda has also promised a deep-dive happening sometime soon. With the Xbox and Bethesda joint showcase happening on June 12th maybe we’ll see more there.
  • Starfield is the highly anticipated first new IP from Bethesda in over 25 years. It promises to be an amazing open-world. Progression will not be linear and will focus heavily on the player’s sense of exploration and discovery. Created specifically “for wanderers”, Starfield is a “NASA-Punk” game that has many joinable factions and interesting explorable locations.
  • Redfall, on the other hand, is a new open-world vampire-themed game from the creative teams behind the Dishonored series, Arkane Austin. The title is a cooperative first-person shooter that blends the developer’s signature and meaty combat into a vampire-slaying setting.

For more on this news find it here in Starfield And Redfall Delayed To Early 2023, Deep Dive Into Gameplay Coming Soon.

Starfield - Delayed to 2023 + Gameplay Deep Dive

Starfield – Delayed to 2023 + Gameplay Deep Dive

Dying Light 2 Stay Human

  • The first major story-focused DLC for Dying Light 2 was expected to release this summer, but now has been delayed to September 2022.
  • Developer Techland has announced that they need a bit more time to work on the first story DLC, to give it a bit more polish. But that doesn’t mean the studio isn’t planning on adding more features to the game in the meantime.
  • The team has been focusing on some most requested features such as New Game+, FOV slider for consoles and other co-op improvements. June sets to introduce the first game chapter called ‘In the Footsteps of a Nightrunner’. This chapter will be filled with content, events and will add also a photo mode.
  • A new updated roadmap outlines what’s in store for players including an Agent & Rank System, missions & bounties, rewards, and new enemies.
  • Dying Light 2 is currently available on Xbox Series X and Series S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PC and will release on Nintendo Switch via cloud version later this year.

For more on this news find it here in Dying Light 2 Stay Human First Major Story DLC Gets Delayed.

Dying Light 2’s first major story DLC now delayed

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