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Last updated on May 17th, 2018

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Rage 2 Leak

  • Someone must have missed out on their morning coffee this week as Walmart might have just leaked the sequel to Rage. How you may ask? By posting a public placeholder on their website. Bethesda‘s response to the Rage 2 leak is not one you might expected from a developer who just had their game outed.
  • Walmart in Canada posted a listing on their website for Rage 2, which has not yet been announced. You would think there would be some “rage” about this leak but the official Rage Twitter account response was pretty much “you had one job Walmart!”
  • The grading of their listing is hilarious but draws attention to one thing…they didn’t deny the sequel.
  • Further tweets have been put out by Bethesda including a rocket ship and an image of Big Ben spray painted with the same shade of pink that was on the Walmart post. The post indicates a date of 14th of May and a time of 5:15, all very mysterious.

To read all about the leak in Bethesda Turn Rage 2 Leak Into A Joke Without Denying Sequel.


Steam Games Playable On Steam Link App

  • Valve have announced the release of their new Steam Link App, it will allow you to play any game in your Steam library by streaming it on supported iOS or Android devices. As long as you’re PC is connected to a good internet connection, either a 5Ghz network or connected with via ethernet cable, you’ll be good to go.
  • The next question is how will you control these games on your device? That has yet to be explained although Steam’s Big Picture mode has already shown controls to be very customisable in games that do not support it. If you wish to use a controller with the app, the Steam Controller and MFI controllers will be supported, which will probably be the better option anyway as most games don’t have inbuilt touch controls.
  • The app is set to launch May 21st and work similarly to the physical Steam Link device.

To see further details read about it in full in Steam Games Become Playable On IOS And Android Devices Via Steam Link App.

E3 2018 Floor Plans

  • It’s not a secret anymore as to which attendees are taking up the most space at E3 2018, as we see the names BethesdaBandai Namco, Ubisoft, Activision and Square Enix amongst the larger floor plans that are taking center stage.
  • After a user on Resetera took the time to cross reference the booths with the corresponding attendees from other major shows such as CES 2018, it’s now possible to see who is taking up which spaces for this year’s E3.
  • But that’s only the South Hall, the West Hall has even larger areas reserved for Sony Interactive and Nintendo which look to take a good chunk of floor space. These two developers will be hard to miss this year. With a few names missing from this year’s E3 including EA and THQ Nordic, choosing to forego either with their own press event or attending Gamescom and PAX West instead.

To see further details of the E3 2018 floor plan read all about in E3 2018 Floor Plans Show Larger Areas For Sony, Nintendo And More.

Destiny 2 Players Unlock Cosmetics More Easily In Season 3

  • Bungie shared in a news update via their website that Destiny 2 Season 3 will have the Prismatic Matrix added to the game, allowing a way for players to earn cosmetics through playing the game rather than purchasing with in-game currency. The ability to spend money on Eververse goods is still an option, but this will be a way to allow players to play to earn cosmetics as well.
  • The new system will offer a 10 item rotation which will be available in the Eververse store. By unlocking one use of the Prismatic Matrix, players will earn a cosmetic with their first “well rested” level up of the week. Additional activations of the Prismatic Matrix can be added using 200 Silver.
  • The Primsmatic Matrix launched with Season 3 and the the Warmind expansion earlier this week.

To find out more about the update check out Destiny 2 Players Able To Unlock Cosmetics More Easily In Season 3.

Nintendo Switch Online Service

  • The official Nintendo Switch Online Service is coming later this year with the ability to back up data via a cloud service. So now Nintendo Switch owners won’t have to worry about losing game data when they need to switch over to a new device, lose or break their current device.  This new subscription service will be available Monthly for $3.99, 3 Months for $7.99 and 12 Months for $19.99.
  • But that’s not all, with the announcement of the subscription comes some extras that were not expecting. Nintendo will also offer 20 NES titles as part of the service. According to the press release there are 10 NES titles confirmed which include Soccer, Tennis, Donkey Kong, Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros, Balloon Fight, Ice Climber, Dr. Mario, The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros. 3
  • Paid services will be available for purchase via and the Nintendo eShop. Current online gameplay and Nintendo Online app will be free to access until the official launch in September 2018.

To read further about Nintendo Online Services read about it in Nintendo Switch Online Service Will Come With 20 NES Games And Cloud Services.

The Council Episode Two: Hide And Seek

  • Focus Interactive announced the second episode of the RPG story driven game The Council along with some new screenshots, the episode is titled Hide and Seek.
  • The Council is a set in 1793 and is about a secret society. The narrative-focused adventure RPG is a game where choices matter. It features a unique RPG skill system in which you level up in order to assist your investigation.
  • Episode two “Hide and Seek” continues the story of the mysterious tale of the protagonist Louis de Richet, as he investigates the disappearance of his mother Sarah and in this chapter finally confronts Lord Mortimer.
  • The Council: Hide and Seek will be available for all to play on May 17th on PS4, Xbox One and PC. But Complete Season and Season Pass owners will be able to play the second episode in advance on May 15th.

To read further about release check out The Council Episode Two: Hide And Seek Available On May 17

Square Enix Announces Streaming Event

  • Square Enix have announced the date and time for their Square Enix E3 Showcase, a pre-recorded stream that will start at 10 am PDT on June 11th at this year’s E3. What they plan to feature this year has not been revealed but have teased via Twitter “discover the exciting future of Square Enix“.
  • With Shadow of the Tomb Raider launching in a few months, we can trust this will likely be a part of Square Enix‘s showcase. Other games rumoured to be making an appearance are the Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Kingdom of Hearts 3. Details of these RPGs have been few over the years, maybe Square Enix is ready to delve a little deeper into what they’ve been working on in this showcase. What are you hoping for Square Enix to reveal this E3?

To read the article check out Square Enix Announces E3 2018 Plans For Streaming Event.

Rend Goes Into Public Alpha Test

  • Frostkeep Studios have announced they are now allowing players to access the alpha of their game Rend, a multiplayer faction based survival RPG game which is available for signup via their website.
  • Choose your side in this faction-based survival game, pitting groups of players against each other amid hordes of horrific demons in an ongoing epic war. Explore a mysterious and unforgiving world as you race against the clock to achieve victory before you are wiped from existence!
  • Frostkeep Studios are comprised of game developers who have worked on the likes of World of WarcraftOverwatch, League of Legends and WildStarRend is their first project to be put into production and is now available for alpha sign up via the Rend website.

To read more about the alpha check out Faction Based Survival RPG Rend Goes into First Public Alpha Test.


  • We finally get a release window for EA’s Anthem an IP action multiplayer RPG, after their original release this year was pushed back to 2019. During a financial conference Electronic Arts‘ CFO shared the release window for Anthem which will be making it’s way to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in March of 2019.
  • Executive producer of Dragon Age Mark Darrah has been confirmed to be joining the Anthem team also in the same role.
  • Further news this week was shared in a post on the Bioware blog that Anthem will be getting a single player mode, although originally marketed as a co-op action RPG.
  • Anthem will be showcased at the upcoming EA Play 2018 press event which will be happening on June 9th – 11th.

To read more about Anthem check out Bioware’s Anthem Release Month Announced For March 2019 and Bioware’s Anthem Will Have A Single Player Mode.

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