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Elder Scrolls Online

  • After some dataminers got a hold of some information that lead to the discovery of a possible next expansion of the MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online, Zenimax decide to officially announce a livestream that will take place on January 15th in a post on their website.
  • The information revealed that a new expansion could be coming to Elder Scrolls Online. Not only does the information share the DLC name which was believed to be called Elsweyr, but also a new class Necromancer.
  • While Bethesda hadn’t officially confirmed that a new DLC would be coming to Elder Scrolls Online, they did share a tweet that gave clues that a new expansion could be underway. Tweeting “Cat’s out of the bag!” referring to the feline like Khajiits but also later sharing “The Season of the Dragon Approaches” to be the topic of the next livestream.
  • Bethesda held a stream earlier this week that lead to a reveal of a teaser trailer for the next chapter in ESO.
  • The livestream that will announce and share more details about “Season of the Dragon” chapter will go live on Twitch on January 15th at 2:00 p.m. PT or 5 p.m. EST.

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Black Desert

  • The developers Pearl Abyss of the MMORPG Black Desert finally announce the release date for Xbox One.
  • Black Desert the action-RPG fantasy open-world will make it’s way to Xbox One on March 4th. It previously was only available on PC known as Black Desert Online and will make its way to console for the first time.
  • Pre-orders have gone live on the Microsoft Store with the standard version priced a $29.99, deluxe version at $49.99 and the ultimate edition at $99.99. Each edition gives players early access to the game, the number of days will depend on edition that you purchase.
  • There are also some pre-order bonuses which includes in-game exclusive such as a pet, outfit and horse armor and wagon set.
  • Black Desert is currently available to play on PC and will be joining Xbox One on March 4th 2019.

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  • The requirements for the upcoming sci-fi action game Anthem have just been revealed by EA and Nvidia. Along with the info comes a new trailer showing off 4k visuals.
  • Bioware’s Anthem is an upcoming action-RPG, a sci-fi shooter that will allow players to explore a world that contains a harsh environment that threatens humanity. Players will choose powerful Javelin exosuits, each with great abilities to help even the playing field with the masses of beasts and creatures that have inhabit the land.
  • EA have shared the requirements needed to run Anthem in both minimum and recommended spec. It looks like you will need a minimum of 8GB of Ram and a GTX 760 GPU to handle Anthem, with a recommended 16GB for a more optimum performance.
  • The recent 4k trailer show stunning visuals of the world that exists within Anthem and of course the jet packed adventure that awaits players.
  • Anthem will be released on February 22nd for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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Devil May Cry 5

  • According to Capcom they estimate that the time it will take for players to beat upcoming Devil May Cry 5 is 15 hours.
  • While 15 hours may sound short for most games, action games tend to be on the shorter side in terms of playable hours. At a Q&A in Seoul (transcribed by GameShot and translate by GamingBolt) the director was question about the length of the game. On average they can range between 8 to 12 hours to playthrough. According to the Director of Devil May Cry 5, Hideaki Itsuno reveals that the play length is estimated a little longer than average with 15 hours to playthrough start to finish, according to their internal testing of the game.
  • Devil May Cry 5 will launch on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC on March 8th 2019. You can catch the next demo for PS4 and Xbox One on February 7th 2019.

To read more about this news you can find it here in DMC5 Will Take 15 Hours To Beat According To Game’s Director.

Legrand Legacy

  • Marking the one year anniversary of its release, Legrand Legacy: Tale of Fatebound was announced by SEMISOFT developer and Another Indie publisher that it will be launching on Nintendo Switch on January 24th this year. A new video has been released featuring some of the gameplay on the Switch platform showing attack mechanics during quick time events.
  • The title focuses on turn-based playstyle presented in hand-drawn artstyle mixed with 3D aesthetic. The title describes the game as “a love letter to our all-time favorite JRPG’s”. Players will also be able to take part in mini-games, sides quests and rebuilding castles.
  • While Legrand Legacy has been announced for the Switch later this month, news of other promised platforms, Playstation 4 and Xbox One is suppose to release later this year.
  • Legrand Legacy: Tale of the Fatebound will be available on Nintendo Switch on January 24th and is currently available to play on PC. Xbox One and PS4 version release dates are yet to be announced.

To read more about this news you can find it here in Legrand Legacy: Tale Of The Fatebound Launches On Nintendo Switch This January.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

  • As we edge towards Sekiro’s release later in March 2019, FromSoftware have been revealing some new details about how the hub area works in the game.
  •  In an article released by gameinformer, they share more about how players will spend their time when they’re not taking down the fearsome bosses conjured by the Dark Souls creators.
  • While From is establishing a new IP heading a little away from the challenging action-RPGs they are best known for, they do include some elements in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twicethat might seem quite familiar to souls fans. One such feature is the hub area known as the Dilapidated Temple. Players will be able to access this area by using the sculptor’s idols which acts in a similar way to bonfires seen in previous From titles such as the Dark Souls series.
  • While the Dilapidated Temple hub does give access to different areas, these won’t be as far-reaching as previous From games. Manager of Marketing and Communications Yasuhiro shares: It doesn’t branch out in every direction right from the start. That said, it’s not a kind of linear progression from A to B to C. You do have points with branching paths, with forks in the road.
  • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice will be releasing on March 22nd 2019 on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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The Division 2

  • Ubisoft has shared that Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 won’t be launching on Steam, choosing the Epic Games Store and Uplay instead.
  • The third-person shooter The Division 2 takes up it’s release on the newly launched Epic Games store and the Ubisoft Store. This isn’t a new idea for game developers to forgo Steam, as more platforms become available for publishers and developers to now choose from.
  • Not only does Ubisoft favour Epic Games when it comes this game release but also have partnered with them to bring future titles to the platform. While it is unknown at this point which games, this does show that it is becoming more apparent there is more choice when it comes to where you can buy PC digital games.
  • Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 will release on March 15th 2019 on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

To read more about this news you can find it here in Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 PC Version Will Launch Exclusively On Epic Games Store And Uplay.


  • After eight years of partnership Bungie has announced they will parting ways with Activision. Bungie will assume “full publishing rights and responsibilities for the Destiny Franchise”.
  • The developer Bungie and the publisher Activision originally joined together in April 2010 where they announced a 10-year publishing deal. During their time together they released Destiny in 2014 and Destiny 2 in 2017.
  • Bungie released their own statement via their website in regards to the news, explaining that they are looking to the future and have enjoyed their partnership with Activision. They also confirm that the are already in the process in transitioning making sure it will be “as seamless as possible”.
  • Blizzard released a tweet saying that Destiny 2 will still remain fully supported by Blizzard, as the game uses the BattleNet system.
  • It seems a little surprising that Bungie are cutting their 10 year partnership short but it looks like they are taking what they have learnt from recent feedback of their DLC Forsaken as a way forward.

To read more about this news you can find it here in Bungie Splits With Activision And Keeps Destiny.

Dark Souls Trilogy

  • New listings at a number of online retailers suggest that Bandai Namco’s Darks Souls Trilogy collection could be making it’s way to Europe this year.
  • While the three game collection had already been revealed last August, releasing on Xbox One and PS4, the release was for US and Asia only on October 19th 2018. There had been no news up until now that the collection would release in Europe.
  • But now listings that have been spotlighted by ResetEra, the Dark Souls Trilogy has popped up on Amazon Spain and Amazon Germany, which could mean a European release date on Friday 1st March 2019 for both consoles according to the listings.
  • Both Amazon Spain and Germany have set a price for the Dark Souls Trilogy for around 70 Euros which is cheaper than buying the three physical games separately. Bandai Namco still has not yet confirmed if the Dark Souls Trilogy will release in Europe at this point.

To read more about this news you can find it here in Darks Souls Trilogy Collection Could Be Coming To Europe.

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