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Monster Hunter World Iceborne

  • Capcom previously announced they would be adding another monster with the next free update for Monster Hunter World Iceborne.
  • They now reveal that the Stygian Zinogre will be the next beast arrving on December 5th. Along with the trailer comes the date of the next developer diary 4 which arrives on December 4th.
  • This will include a new Tundra Region for the Guiding Landsarmor setsweapons and more.
  • The Stygian Zinogre is a subspecies of the Zinogre which was first seen back in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and sets to be quite the challenge with its Dragon Element damage type.
  • But Capcom have also teased another monster on Twitter over last weekend, which could be the likes of a new Elder Dragon.
  • There is also a teaser image for a new seasonal in-game Chinese event, which shows new layered armor and even a Palico dressed as a Chinese lion.

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Code Vein

  • Code Vein will be receiving the season pass in early 2020 according to an official tweet from Bandai Namco. The pass contains 3 DLCs set to bring new story content, bosses, weapons, blood codes and more. There is no exact release date but a window of early next year has been shared.
  • Along with the season pass, a free update will be arriving this December which sets to include festive themed additions much like the Halloween update did. This will include Christmas themed accessories, new poses and dance emotes.

For more about this news find it here in Code Vein’s DLC Content Arrives In Early 2020.

Immortal Planet

  • Immortal Planet came to PC in 2017 but it is now coming to more platforms this December 6th 2019. An isometric action-RPG set to have a souls-like progression, intense boss fights and combat which will engage you in block, dodge and parrying.
  • Set on an icy forgotten planet, a lone Awakewalker awakens from cryosleep with no recollection of their past. In order to unravel the mysteries and discover a future, players will need to find a way out of this frozen zone. Along the way there will be plenty of enemies, each with their own challenges to face and upgrades to gain for your character.
  • If you want to know what we thought of Immortal Planet be sure to check our Immortal Planet Review – Isometric Souls.
  • Immortal Planet is available to play on Steam via PC. It will release on Playstation 4, Xbox One and Switch on December 6th for $16.99. Pre-ordering on Xbox One or Switch will get you 10% off.

For more about this news find it here in Immortal Planet ARPG Launches On Consoles This December.

Elder Scrolls Online

  • As we get closer to the The Game Awards 2019, we also draw closer to new announcements. A recent tweet from TGA producer Geoff Keighley says Elder Scrolls Online will be sharing some news.
  • Zenimax shared this week that we will definitely be seeing a brand new cinematic trailer to complete the Season of the Dragon, a year long journey of content that centered around dragons, khajiit and Elsweyr.
  • The last trailer sets to wrap up the story. But could there be more coming in the way of news?
  • Geoff Keighley producer and presenter of the The Game Awards recently shared on Twitter a post including a photo of a billboard in Times Square with the image of a masked figure, as well as the words “A Hero Returns”.
  • But Keighley also mentions “teasing TESOnline news”, which might mean more will be unveiled.
  •  TGA while an award ceremony commending notable titles released that year, is also a host to announcements. It might not be too much to expect at least a hint of what’s coming next.
  • We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for TGA 2019 as we’re expecting plenty of reveals.

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Darksiders Genesis

  • A recent report by Escapist Magazine divulges that Darksiders Genesis, an isometric action title by Airship Syndicate, will take players around 15 hours to complete. But the title will “reward exploration” says director Steve Madureira.
  • The hack-and-slash title sets to have 11 levels total and five boss fights to master. Each of them can be replayed, you can go back to gain resources you may have missed at the time. Players will need to gain Creature Cores dropped by enemies to level up abilities.
  • Originally Airship set out to create a 10 hour main playthrough but with time the game grew to 15 hours of content. Of course this will depend on the level of detail players will spend with each level, through exploration and whether they choose to race through on horseback or walk to discover. There are also three difficulty levels, casual, normal and hard mode. But you can also unlock Apocalyptic difficulty upon completing a successful run through.
  • Darksiders Genesis will release on PC on December 5th and Google Stadia. Console versions will arrive on February 14th 2020.

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Demon Knights of Ankhoron

  • The action-RPG Demon Knights of Ankhoron reaches their Kickstarter goal.
  • With only a week left action-RPG Demon Knights of Ankhoron have surpassed their original goal of $44,664 USD with 154 backers. The dark fantasy title is being developed by Archon Forge Games who set to combine the 2D fight mechanics to a 3D open world experience, with a dark and gothic aesthetic.
  • The Kickstarter which launched at the end of last month, has gone over their goal already by about $5000 and meets their first stretch goal to add basic co-op mode and online PVP.
  • If you’re considering backing there are still a few days left until the Kickstarter project is over.
  • Demon Knights of Ankhoron doesn’t currently have a set platform to release first, but the developer has listed PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

For more about this news find it here in Demon Knights Of Ankhoron Action-RPG Gets Funded On Kickstarter.

Phoenix Point

  • The latest trailer for upcoming XCOM influenced title Phoenix Point shares the story, in a quick catch up trailer.
  • The turn-based strategy game Phoenix Point by Snapshot Games is fast approaching its release this December 3rd. The mind behind XCOM Julian Gollop is one of the founders.
  • A new trailer has been released delving into the story behind Phoenix Point. A tale of a terrible Pandoravirus, just like it’s name implies, all hell breaks loose. Humans started changing, their DNA altered by alien forms, the Phoenix Project breaks down, meaning the first line of defence is no longer. With all this peril the eco system on the planet breaks down.
  • Phoenix Point releases on December 3, 2019 on PC via Epic Game Store, and on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sometime in 2020.
  • If you want to know more about Phoenix Point be sure to watch/read our Phoenix Point Preview.

For more about this news find it here in Demon Knights Of Ankhoron Action-RPG Gets Funded On Kickstarter.

Everreach Project Eden

  • Publisher Headup Games and developer Elder Games have announced the release date for sci-fi action-RPG Everreach: Project Eden which will launch on December 4th.
  • Along with this release date is the third instalment for the trailer series called “Secret Documentation”.
  • This latest trailer outlines the gear that Everreach Security Division Lieutenant Nora Harwood uses and shows more of the upgrade system which offers over 80 choices on a vast skill tree.
  • Everreach: Project Eden will launch for Xbox One and PC via Steam on December 4th. Playstation 4 version will launch in 2020.

For more about this news find it here in Everreach: Project Eden For Xbox One And PC Launches December 4th.

Pokemon Sword and Shield

  • A new Gigantaxmax Pokemon is heading to Sword and Shield this December, a huge Snorlax.
  • This December Snorlax will be coming to Max Raid Battles, yes he’ll be even bigger, so big in fact he has his own grass and tree growing on his belly, like a tiny island.
  • At this moment Snorlax is not available in Max Raid form, but come December 4th until January you’ll have a chance to catch one. Max Raid will add a new move, G-Max Replenish. This new move will replenish consumed berries.
  • Pokemon Sword and Shield are available to play on the Nintendo Switch.

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