Top RPG News Of The Week: August 7th (Elden Ring, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Rogue Trader and More!)

Happy weekend from Fextralife! If you’ve been too busy to keep up on the latest in the games we cover or are looking for a refresher we’ve got you covered! Here’s a bite-sized version of the Top RPG news of the week. Taste all the latest news across the Fextralife Wiki Network.

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Dark Passenger Studio

  • Developer Dark Passenger co-founded by former CD Projekt Red developers have announced recently the studio is working on an online action title set in feudal Japan. Having worked on such titles as The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077.
  • While the game currently doesn’t have a title, Dark Passenger has announced this project will be the first game under the studio. The project will focus on online multiplayer with support for both competitive and co-op. A series of tweets recently shared they are looking for talent to work on the game.
  • Players will take on the role of shinobi and kunoichi warriors, being able to jump over city rooftops, climb and sneak through temples. The website description puts an emphasis on being “unseen” implying more of a stealth approach to gameplay. So far platforms mentioned on the site include Playstation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC (via Steam and Epic).

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Frozen Flame

  • Frozen Flame developed Ravenage Games has shared the title has seen 65,000 players check out the demo for the multiplayer survival RPG. The game is available as part of Steam’s Survival Fest, being available as a demo until August 15th at 10 AM PST.
  • In case you missed it, Frozen Flame is a unique mix of fantasy with survival, taking place in the world of Arcana. It was once home to dragons, however they are now on the decline, becoming much rarer. An ancient being known as The Faceless has taken over The Citadel, with sinister motivations behind it.
  • In the demo version of game, players can experience character progression, base building, crafting and explore a vast world.
  • Frozen Flame will be launching on Steam Early Access sometime in Fall 2022. You can check out the demo now until August 15th.

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Soul Hackers 2

  • Towards the end of this month will be the release of the sequel Soul Hackers 2. A new trailer dubbed ‘Twisted Fates’ gives a peek into the game’s dramatic storyline.
  • In this entry of the series players will be attempting to save mankind through the agents of Aion, known as Ringo and Figue. They will try to put a stop to a butterfly effect that could lead to the destruction of the world.
  • The trailer shows some of the conflicts that will ensue in this supernatural RPG as well as hinting at some of the cyber hacking. Devil Summoners as their known in-game, are powerful mortals that make a contract with entities that has demon powers, to be able to use their abilities. In this trailer we see main characters Arrow, Milady, and Saizo before they have died in their intertwined fates.
  • Soul Hackers 2 will be coming to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S on August 26th worldwide.

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Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader

  • Owlcat Games has been developing Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader for quite some time now. This next title, after their highly successful Pathfinder games, is said to be the first-ever CRPG set in the Warhammer universe. Over the past few weeks, the company has been drip-feeding us with some lore tidbits as well as possible members of our upcoming crew.
  • First up is the Techpriests from Mars, the Adeptus Mechanicus considered the backbone of the Imperium of Man. These priests are bound in eternal servitude to the Omnissiah, the Machine God.
  • Next to be introduced are the Psykers, who are able to resist the Warp, a terrible corrupting force. They can even gain unbelievable powers by wielding it.
  • Lastly,  the developer introduces the Rogue Trader’s right-hand man, Abelard Werserian. Loyal to the Von Valancius family, eager to put a halt to anything that may disrupt the Rogue Trader’s empire.
  • We’ll be covering more of this game as the news releases. So far there is no release date but it will be coming PC and consoles.

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Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader Crew and Companions

Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader Crew and Companions

Monster Hunter Rise

  • Monster Hunter Rise amongst others has had its unit sales unveiled by Capcom in their investor relations report, adding further games to its “Platinum Titles”. Rise has now surpassed 10.3 million units sold, while its expansion Sunbreak now reaching 3 million, but at the time these numbers were calculated had reached a solid 2.5 million by June 30th taking third place in units sold.
  • Other stellar titles on the list include Devil May Cry 5 which is now sitting at 5.7 million and Resident Evil Village which is standing at a staggering 6.4 million units across platforms. Capcom has had a pretty good year so far but has yet to beat its 2018 title Monster Hunter World which has now reached 18.3 million, making it Capcom’s top seller so far.
  • If you’ve yet to take on the new monsters that arrived in the Sunbreak expansion for Monster Hunter Rise and still on the fence about picking it up, check out our Sunbreak Review: Monster Hunter Rise Expansion.

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Elden Ring

  • Elden Ring had a major launch, but Youtube has revealed just how big it was. On the video platform alone it gained 3.4 billion video views in just 60 days. Putting that in comparison to other major game launches, they don’t even come close.
  • In a visual breakdown, Youtube shared that the next runner-up launches were GTA V which gained 1.9 billion in views, followed by Red Dead Redemption 2 with 1.4 billion. Others on the list include Super Mario Odyssey in fourth place with 828 million, Zelda: Breath of the Wild with 638 million and Skyrim with 456 mil.
  • Other interesting stats revealed were which bosses were the most popular (or maybe the most aggravating depending on how you look at it) when it came to videos. The top-heavy hitter according to Youtube’s post is none other than Margit, The Fell Omen.
  • As for character classes the Samurai was the most sought after video, followed by Hero, Wretch, Astrologer and lastly Warrior.
  • Youtube was also kind enough to award Fextralife with the “All-Knowing Guide” award as we provided a number of videos going over bosses, builds, weapons and more. If you have yet to take a gander at our Elden Ring review, which covers the game with no spoilers after 100+ hours of gameplay be sure to check it out on our channel.
  • Elden Ring has been quite the wild Torrent ride with its launch and we’ve had many tarnished using our Elden Ring wiki as they ventured into the Lands Between. Do you have a favourite Elden Ring memory? Which boss did you look up on Youtube? Let us know in the comments below.

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

  • Pokemon Scarlet and Violet just dropped tons of never-before-seen footage and info on the follow-up to the beloved game series. In the Pokemon Presents Showcase this week, Nintendo and Game Freak revealed a number of new details going over the open-world, rideable Pokemon legendaries, as well as the Grant Treasure Hunt which is part of the 3 major story arc.
  • They also confirmed the return of Gym Battles, however players won’t need to tackle the gyms in a particular order like in past games, making for a less linear path to take.
  • Another exciting new feature is the Terra Raid Battles where players can team up with other players in raid groups to take down rare Terra types. While the battles will play out like more traditional Pokemon fights, trainers won’t need to wait for their allies to take turns and can perform actions independently.
  • Pokemon Scarlet and Violet released exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on November 18, 2022. The game will have two versions, much like any other mainline Pokemon game.

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet New Gameplay Details

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet New Gameplay Details


  • Fans of the life simulation gameplay of Stardew Valley have Harvestella to look forward to in the early weeks of November this year. The farming-slash-adventure RPG is being developed by Square Enix.
  • Some new features were revealed during its showcase, which showed off the Town of Spring as well the world’s five seasons including a deadly and rather mysterious season called Quietus. It covers the world in eternal dust storms.
  • Other new details included Job Classes. Players will have an array of job classes to choose from such as Fighter, Shadow Walker and Mage. A new confirmed class revealed was the Sky Lancer, who uses a spear and can cast wind-like abilities. Square Enix also confirmed that Harvestella classes will unlock whenever they recruit characters that have that specific class.
  • Other activities include farming ingredients to create different recipe combinations as well as relaxing hobbies such as fishing.
  • Harvestella will be released on November 4, 2022, so far confirmed for PC and Switch.

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Harvestella Showcases New Job Companion and Spring Town

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