Top RPG News Of The Week: August 26th 2018 (Sekiro, DMC 5, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night and more)

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Rune Ragnarok

  • Human Head Studios announced the upcoming release of Rune: Ragnarok, an open-world action-RPG that let’s you explore the God ravaged nine realms. Set in a world where terrible giants, beasts and undead have populated the earth, where Loki rules and immersed the universe in darkness and chaos.
  • Players will choose their god, pillage villages using powerful weapons and armor; complete quests in the name of their allegiance.
  • Take on the the difficult quest of destroying Loki, once and for all. Team up with fellow Vikings to share experiences and strength.
  • Key features of the game include exploration of dangerous lands, multiplayer with fellow warriors and choose a God who will bless you with unique abilities and skills.
  • Rune: Ragnarok comes to Steam Early Access in September 2018.

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Sekiro Release Date Revealed

  • FromSoftware and Activision announced that upcoming Action-Adventure Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice will launch on all platforms on March 22nd 2019.
  • Key features of the game include fast-paced action adventure with all new mechanics.
  • Exploration and discovery, meet new characters and encounter hidden enemies.
  • Achieve strategic mastery of “Sekiro” or the “one-armed wolf’s” techniques and abilities, from prosthetic tools, swordplay to stealth and conquering the use of the grappling hook.
  • Set in a re-imagined world of Japanese aesthetic of the late 1500s Sengoku period, meet larger than life enemies and battle fearsome bosses.
  •  Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice comes to Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC on March 22nd 2019. The standard edition will be priced at $59.99 and the collector’s editions which includes map, Shinobi Statue, collectible artbook and more for $89.99.

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Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

  • Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night made waves in their Kickstarter campaign and has been long awaited by fans, however they release news that the game will not be launching until next year 2019.
  • The producer Koji Igarashi shared in the latest Kickstarter update that they are going to push the release of the game as they felt due to feedback from the beta, that the quality of the game needed improvement.
  • Furthermore, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night will no longer be coming to Playstation Vita. Igarashi explained that the reason for not releasing a Vita version is “largely due to Sony’s plans to discontinue the Vita console, ending production of physical copies and stopping certain online store support features.”
  • Those who have backed the game for the Vita version can now select a new platform to redeem their game when it is released or opt for a refund.
  • Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night will now launch on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch next year 2019.

If you want to know more about this news find it here in Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night Delayed Release Until 2019; PS Vita Version Cancelled.

Devil May Cry 5

  • Capcom reveal the release date for action combat game Devil May Cry 5.
  • A new trailer has been showcased featuring new adrenaline pumping gameplay of Devil May Cry 5. The footage shows Nero fighting numerous enemies as he wipes the floor with them.
  • We also get to see Dante towards the end of trailer as he makes his entrance on his motorcycle and ultimately splits it in two and uses them as weapons.
  • The fifth instalment is the sequel to Devil May Cry 4, which was released a decade ago.
  • Devil May Cry 5 will be coming PS4 and Xbox One on March 8th 2019.

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Shenmue 3

  • Deep Silver announced the release of the upcoming third in the series, Shenmue III. In a trailer titled “The Prophecy” we learn more about the lore and the launch date which will be August 27th 2019.
  • Shenmue III is the next instalment in the story-driven saga about martial artist Ryo Hazuki as he searches for the one responsible for the murder of his father. An open-world title that sets to bring martial arts and epic story line together.
  • In the latest trailer we get a release date for Shenmue III which was previously postponed to a next year release, due to the developers wish to improve the overall quality of the game.
  • Shenmue III will launch on Playstation 4 and PC on August 27th 2019.

If you want to know more about this news find it here in Shenmue 3 Set To Release August 2019

Kingdom Come Deliverance

  • Warhorse Studios announce the release of the their second DLC for medieval RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The DLC The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon is set to bring story quest content and more this Fall 2018.
  • This is the second premium DLC to be released for Kingdom Come: Deliverance, setting to expand the content and focusing on the character Sir Hans Capon. Along with the paid DLC comes some free content for all owners of the main game in the form of Tournaments. In Tournaments players will test their skill against an opponent in a one-on-one battle.
  • The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon will follow the lovesick adventures of Hans as he attempts to win over his love interest Carolina. The DLC is set to bring a range of new content ranging from jewellery theft to love potions and will add 10-15 hours of gameplay.
  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance DLC The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon and free Tournament content will be coming to game later this Fall.

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  • THQ Nordic announced in their lineup last month that BioMutant the quirky furry action-RPG would be one of them. They release a new trailer featuring some unseen gameplay during Gamescom 2018.
  • The trailer shows off some of the combat Mutant Powers, Bionics and Weapons players will be able use in this action-RPG. From leaping from high ground to rolling down a hill in what appears to be a giant water droplet. The gameplay features some of the larger than life characters and fun combat.
  • Further news this week shared that BioMutant would delay it’s release, it was originally suppose to launch this year 2018.
  • BioMutant will now launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC in summer 2019.

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Bless Unleashed

  • Bandai Namco announce they are launching the MMORPG Bless Unleashed for console.
  • Bless Unleashed is an open-world game where players can fight it out in PvP battles or take on mythical beasts together. The game is created using Unreal Engine 4 and set to bring detailed landscapes and characters.
  • The game is being developed by Round 8 Studio of Neowiz, the same studio in South Korea who made Bless Online which launched on Steam early access in May this year.
  • Bless Unleashed will be bringing five character classes for players to choose from and will be combo-driven. Bandai Namco have said they have focused on a balance of skill progression, story and combat.
  • Bless Unleashed will be coming to Xbox One sometime next year 2019.

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Monster Hunter World

If you want to know more about this news find it here in Monster Hunter World Celebrates 10 Million Units Sold With Free Login Bonus.

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