Top RPG News Of The Week: August 19th 2018 (Black Desert Online, Devil May Cry 5, Divinity Original Sin 2 and More)

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Bandai Namco

  • A new website has popped up by Bandai Namco in Japan this week, teasing a new project for a game. The website simply titled the “Summer Horror Project” doesn’t give away much away but some clues have been shared.
  • The website shows what looks to be an abandoned Japanese house which is in motion, a looped red sky above with passing clouds. The whole image looks very creepy and seems to be a recorded clip as we can see the “play” in the top left-hand corner signifying it’s on some sort of recording device.
  • We also get a reveal date which will be happening on 30th August 2018 at 4pm JST. The scene looks like it could be a part of a horror game.
  • The meta description for the website reads: A mysterious site appears? Something will happen this summer…
  • I guess we’ll have to see if more clues will be revealed leading up to the launch date. What do you think the project is about? Let us know in the comments below.

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Fallout 76

  • Bethesda fielded some questions at this year’s QuakeCon with Fallout 76 Game Director Todd Howard and Development Direction Chris Meyer as well as Project Leader Jeff Gardiner.
  • During a panel at QuakeCon 2018 which took place recently from August 9th to 12th in Texas, Bethesda reveal more about the features of the upcoming online multiplayer survival RPG Fallout 76.
  • Some features highlighted include that PvP is invitational. When you hit someone for the first time it has reduced damage, rather than a full blown assault it’s like an invitation to commence in PvP. If the player decides to engage then full damage ensues.
  • Other details such as death penalty were shared, when you die you drop your junk but not your equipment. These items can be looted if no one picks them up and can be used for making items and upgrades.
  • The Bethesda team also shed some light on the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system which is unique to Fallout games. The S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system has a level cap of 15 points per category allowing for better balance of perks. Cards will range from 1-5 points in terms of power, the more you level up the more cards that become available.
  • If you want to see all the features revealed head over to to read about them in detail.

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Devil May Cry 5

  • Director Hideaki Istuno shared on Twitter today a splash screenshot of the demo for Devil May Cry 5.
  • The game was announced at this year’s E3 2018 by Capcom on the Microsoft stage. The fifth instalment is the sequel to Devil May Cry 4, which was released a decade ago and will be coming to Xbox One, PS4 and Steam. Along with the image he shares that the demo version is “completed” and will be playable for the first time at Gamescom 2018.
  • It’s not long until Gamescom 2018 which takes place next week and will be happening in Koelmesse in Cologne from August 21st to August 25th. We’ll be there this year, bringing you some footage of Devil May Cry 5.

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Dark Souls

  • The release date for Dark Souls Remastered on Switch has finally been revealed this week.
  • In announcement on the official Nintendo Switch twitter account they share: “We have kept you waiting long enough, and now are pleased to announce that the Nintendo Switch version of DARK SOULS REMASTERED will be released on the 19th October, 2018. Finally we hope you can look forward to playing Dark Souls wherever, whenever you wish.”
  • Nintendo switch will be starting a paid online subscription like the other consoles so buyers should be aware that it might affect online play capabilities.

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Black Desert Remastered

  • Black Desert Online developer Pearl Abyss releases new trailer showing off Black Desert Remastered, the version is set to add some improved graphics changes and music.
  • Pearl Abyss share a new trailer on their Korean Youtube channel showing some of the graphics and music that has been added to the revamped version of the game. Not only do we get to see the audio and visual improvements but some of the behind the scenes of it in the making.
  • Along with the video comes new screenshots showing some of the detailed visuals that are going to be available in the game. These images include the comparisons of armor on different characters before and after the graphics upgrade.
  • The release of the remaster is coming quite soon as it will launch on PC for Europe and North America on August 22nd. In addition, there will be a bonus Tier 7 horse free for those who log in between August 22nd and August 29th.

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Boyfriend Dungeon

  • Probably one of the most unusual action-RPG dungeon crawlers yet launches on Kickstarter. Introducing Boyfriend Dungeon, where dating your weapons helps you crush dungeons.
  • Kitfox Games introduced the world of Boyfriend Dungeon, in this latest trailer it shares six weapons that you can ultimately date. The game sets to bring a simulator game that meets dungeon action, ranging from lasersaber to cat, all available next year.
  • Players will push through mobs of monsters in a mission to rescue weapons, weapons that are apparently dateable and trapped in the dungeon.
  • Kitfox have launched their Kickstarter campaign in order to fund this bizarre dungeon crawler. Mixing dating simulator with quirky characters and unique action-combat, which is set to release on PC sometime next year 2019.

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  • Blizzard have announced the lineup for upcoming Gamescom 2018 which will include a Diablo event on the main stage, with recent news of multiple projects and Diablo III coming to Nintendo Switch, there may still be a few surprises in store.
  • But this is not the only major title that will be presented as OverwatchWorld of Warcraft, Starcraft and Heroes of the Storm will also be there.
  • There will also be a guest event on the first day, who that may be has not yet been revealed.
  • To have a look at the full schedule of what’s happening each day for Blizzard, be sure to check it out on our website.

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Divinity: Original Sin 2

  • Bandai Namco the publisher of Divinity: Original Sin 2 on console, release a new trailer introducing character creation and feature gameplay on PS4 and Xbox One.
  • The trailer delves into character creation, introducing six unique plots and showcases some of the crafting, conversation choices in this gameplay trailer. Larian Studios have added new dialogue, having re-written the third chapter entirely.
  • The video also shows off some of the environments in this immersive world, battle gameplay as well as new moves and spells. Divinity Original Sin II Definitive Edition also include split screen co-op and a the revamped Arena Mode. Players can choose to go it alone in solo-gameplay or team up in online multiplayer PVP as well as “pass-the-controller Hot Seat mode”.
  • Divinity: Original Sin 2 is available now on PC, while the game’s upcoming Definitive Edition will be arriving for PS4 and Xbox One owners on August 31st, 2018. While those who pre-order will be able to experience the first act now on PS4 and through Xbox One early access.

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