Top RPG News of the Week: April 29th 2018 (Dark Souls, Detroit, Witcher)

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Dark Souls Remastered

  • Earlier this week, FromSoftware announced via Twitter that those who already own the PC version of Dark Souls Prepared to Die Edition will be able to upgrade to Dark Souls Remastered.
  • On their official Twitter account, FromSoftware shared great news for Japanese PC users. Those who already own the Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition (or Artorias of the Abyss Edition as it’s known in Japan) of the game, you will be able to upgrade to the upcoming Dark Souls Remastered at a discounted price rather than paying for the retail price.
  • So far Bandai Namco (the publisher internationally) doesn’t have a public page about details for their own discount, but since they retweeted FromSoftware we can assume it’s going to be about the same.
  • FromSoftware’s press release (as they are the publisher in Japan) announced the discount to be a fantastic 50% off (2150 yen), and that they will discontinue the Japanese version of Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition as of May 5th at 8pm JST.
  • This is good news for PC fans, since many felt the  PC graphics upgrade was not significant enough to warrant full price. There are no known discounts for PS3 or Xbox owners since the game is on a completely different platform.
  • Are you hoping for a similar offer? What are your thoughts on the Nintendo Switch delay? If you’re hunting for Dark Souls news, perhaps you just would like to focus on what DKS Remaster is changing.

Detroit Become Human

  • It’s only little over a month until Quantic Dream launches Detroit: Become Human but they’ve revealed today on the PlayStation Blog they’ve gone gold and will be releasing the demo on April 24th.
  • After four years of hard work Detroit: Become Human is ready to ship and launch but we’ll have to wait for the official release date. The demo will go live at 12:01 am ET, April 24th. You will be able to experience Hostage, the first scenario in the game which has been shown at a few different events. The official release of Detroit: Become Human is on May 25 exclusively to Playstation 4.


  • Last year in May, Netflix has announced that Witcher will have it’s own series, since then not much information has been shared. But there has been some news that if you’re a Witcher fan, you’re going to want to check out.
  • Some more details have come to light from the showrunner Laren Schmidt Hissrich, who revealed that there will be eight episodes in a recent tweet.
  • Hissrich also shared that the series most likely won’t be gracing Netflix no earlier than 2020, as they wish to take their time with the series assuring “quality comes before speed“. It’s known that the pilot has already been completed but the script for the other seven episodes has yet to materialise, as new writers will be joining the Witcher team soon.
  • Location has been divulged to be in Eastern Europe which matches the inspiration behind Witcher, with folklore and historic influences. Casting has yet to commence but as it is set for 2020 release date, this should be happening shortly.
  • The Polish developers of the game, CD Project Red have been confirmed for not taking part of the project but Netflix are drawing strong inspiration for their version of the protagonist Geralt.
  • As eight episodes does sound like a tight squeeze for a storyline that expands over eight novels, let’s hope Netflix is able to meet fan expectation as they have not always done so in the past with other adaptations. Their series have been hit or miss, let’s hope it’s more House of Cards success than Deathnote.


  • post recently shared on Campo Santo’s website reveals that 12 employees have agreed to join the Valve team, continuing their jobs as video game developers and moving forward with production of their current project In the Valley of Gods.
  • Valve have shown interest in the developer Campo Santo, known for their game Firewatch, a first person adventure mystery game. In a post on their official website, Campo Santo share their plans in joining Valve and their intent to continue working on their latest project In the Valley of Gods.
  • Rest assure Firewatch fans as the team are not going to readily abandoned their previous project as they also confirm that they will “still support Firewatch”. Hopefully this will be a fortuitous acquisition bringing more exciting projects our way, it will be interesting to see what kind of developments will come from this team.

Monster Hunter World

  • The second part of the highly anticipated Street Fighter event has been annouced, which will run from May 3 to May 10 and this event is available to all Monster Hunter World players.
  • To unlock both the Sakura α and Ryu α Full Armor Set , you must undertake the challenge quest “Empress in Full Bloom I,II, III”. Your objective is to slay a Pink Rathian.
  • This quest is a seven-star mission, so you’ll need to be at least Hunter Rank 12 to participate. 
  • On a related news, Capcom will be releasing a new patch for Monster Hunter World on April 26th UTC to address a Kulve Taroth bug, an issue with Wyvern Impact, and to reset the stats the First Wvyern provides. For the full rundown of the patch and the full scope of the Armor and details of the quest, you can check out the article on the blog.

Code Vein

  • Bandai Namco have a new trailer for the upcoming Code Vein release, this trailer features a peek at the gameplay as well as fan comments about the game.
  • Featuring some impressive gameplay of bayonet in action, the latest trailer shows off some of the in-game combat with some the enemies players will face, as well as what fans have to say about Code Vein from PAX East. Comments are enthusiastic as attendees react to their experience playing the demo and the “Souls” feel to the game.
  • Code Vein is set to launch sometime 2018 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. What are your thoughts on the gameplay? Let us know below.

Graveyard Keeper

  • Publisher tinyBuild share a new gameplay trailer of their upcoming project Graveyard Keeper, a simulator graveyard management game set to release sometime 2018.
  • This could be a very morbid version of simulator games similar to Stardew Valley but instead of managing a farm, your job is to manage a graveyard and not in the most ethical way. In this medieval graveyard, you work to build your business by selling bodies to make alliances or choosing other methods to keep your graveyard business afloat.
  • This looks like a unique twist on the sim game genre, if you like dark humor this could be the game for your. Graveyard is set to release sometime 2018 on PC and Xbox one.

Octopath Traveler

  • Square Enix just revealed today a new set of screenshots for the Nintendo Switch exclusive game Octopath Traveler, a JRPG set to release July 13th, 2018.
  • A set of screenshots have dropped from Square Enix for Octopath Traveler which include two characters, H’aanit the hunter and Therion the thief.
  • The screenshots also show Noble and Rogue actions, which share whether you will choose the path of the righteous or a life of crime depending on your action choices. Actions in the noble favour can be used with 100% success, but are limited in rewards or level. Choosing Rogue actions means possibility of failure but the risk has greater rewards. Repeated failures will cause relationships to decline, but this can be remedied by bribing the innkeeper.


Iratus: Lord of the Dead

  • Unfrozen the Russian indie developer announced via Steam that their game Iratus: Lord of the Dead is heading to Kickstarter. This turn-based fantasy RPG is looking for additional funding starting May 2nd, 2018.
  • Unfrozen have been working on a dark fantasy in the form of  Iratus: Lord of the Dead since 2016, nearly at the end of development are looking for additional funding of $10,000 via Kickstarter. The funding will help them polish the game and potentially add extra content.
  • Iratus: Lord of the Dead is a tactical RPG fantasy, drawing inspiration from Darkest Dungeon. Setting a twist in the usual good versus evil, this dark fantasy turns it on it’s head as you’ll be playing the side of evil, it’s more fun this side anyway. Players are inlisted to help Iratus escape from the dungeon where he has been imprisoned for many years.
  • Iratus: Lord of the Dead is set to release on PC, Linux and Mac with expected launch of October 2018. Support for the Kickstarter campaign will commence May 2nd.

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