Top 5 Upcoming RPGs of June 2018 (Vampyr, Warhammer 40k, ESO: Summerset and more)

Welcome to the next entry in a Fextralife series highlighting the Top 5 RPGs for the upcoming month. In this edition, we’re going to take a look at what we think are the Top Upcoming RPGs of June 2018, talk a little about each, and then explain why we think they deserve to be on the list. So join me now and find a mixture of some hidden gems and old favorites given a shiny new coat of paint.

Top 5 Upcoming RPGs of June 2018

June is shaping up to be a good month as we have some action RPGs heading our way, even with E3 2018 just around the corner. From a sci-fi space adventure to traveling back in time to a Spanish flu ridden London, full of mystery and ancient lores. We’ve got a real mix this month, so without further ado let’s look at the Top 5 Upcoming RPGs for the month of June 2018.

Honorable Mention – ESO: Summerset  – Console Release

Release Date: June 5, 2018
Platform:Xbox One and PlayStation 4
Developer: Bethesda
Publisher: Zenimax Online

This month’s honorable mention is none other than Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset expansion. It recently released on the PC platform but joins console on Xbox One and Playstation 4 in June.

The expansion explores the Isle of Summerset, which recently has been opened up by the Proxy Queen Alwinarwe, which allows the player to explore a new adventure. The chapter includes new additions such as the Psijic Order Skill Line and Jewelry crafting. Take on new bosses, public dungeons and an all-new group challenge called the Abyssal Geyers. To find out more about the expansion check out our Elder Scrolls Online wiki.

ESO: Summerset is available on Xbox One and Playstation 4 on June 5th, and is available for pre-order with some mount bonuses you shouldn’t miss out on.

5. Darkest Dungeon: The Color Of Madness

Release Date: June 20th, 2018
Platform: PC
Developer: Red Hook Studios
Publisher: Red Hook Studios

Indie strategy RPG Darkest Dungeon gets a new DLC called The Color of MadnessDarkest Dungeon is a gothic roguelike turn-based RPG about the psychological stress that adventurers experience. Players must recruit, train and lead a team of tormented heroes into twisted forests, warrens, eerie crypts and more. The inbuilt Affliction System is a unique twist on the RPG genre, where your characters not only have to fight their enemies but paranoia, masochism, fear and irrational thoughts.

The new DLC sets to add a new explorable region called The Farmstead, a new endless quest that challenges players to survive as long as possible, new enemy factions, trinkets and 3 new bosses.

Darkest Dungeon: The Color of Madness will release on June 20th on PC via Steam.

4. Anima: Gate of Memories: The Nameless Chronicles

Release Date: June 19th, 2018
Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC
Developer: Anima Project
Publisher: BadLand Publishing

A third person action RPG, Anima: The Nameless Chronicles tells the story of a man without a name. He walks the earth as a cursed immortal being, until the end of the time. He must fight the shadows of his past bringing the question of his very existence. Will he be our last hope and saviour, or our downfall?

Anima: The Nameless Chronicles is the second game set in the world of Gaia, and is based on the Anima: Beyond Fantasy RPG table top books. The game allows you to customize your character playstyles, with an array of unique skills from magic to sword tech. Join a story full of memorable characters and epic battles with worthy opponents. Discover a huge world which you can explore with freedom, discover news secrets and unlock access to new areas.

Anima: The Nameless Chronicles is set to release on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC on June 19th.

3. The Lost Child

Release Date: June 19, 2018 North America, June 22nd Europe
Platform: PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch
Developer: Kadokawa
Publisher: NIS America

 The Lost Child is turn-based JRPG set in the city of Tokyo, where the main character journalist Hayato Ibuki stumbles upon a strange girl, during his investigations into a series of unusual suicides. The girl urges Hayato to live on and bestows upon him a device that allows him to capture mystical creatures. Pushed into a world quite different from his own, full of horrifying monsters and celestial beings known as Astrals. He must delve into dungeons and solve the mystery of this unusual device. Where his journey will lead him, could end up impacting his own world…

Featuring over a 100 Astrals from myths and legends, players can capture them in three unique forms. Choose and discover more than 250 skills from the Astrals captured. Fight your way through dungeons that boast 99 levels of deadly foes.

The Lost Child sets to release on June 19th for those in North America and June 22nd in Europe on Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

2. Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor Martyr

Release Date: June 5, 2018
Platform: PC
Developer: Neocore Games
Publisher: Neocore Games

NeocoreGames have a wide range of genres when it comes to Warhammer games, but this is a first for their franchise, an action RPGWarhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr is set in the future of the 41st Millennium where things have taken a grim turn. In this open-world sandbox game, take on missions, brutal combat and use tactical skills to overcome your enemies. As Inquisitors, you face heretics, mutants, the treacherous xenos and daemons of the Chaos Gods.

Set in the secluded region of the Imperium universe, the Caligari Sector is surrounded by thousands of planets that offer a range of mission types. Players have the role of Inquisitors who are fearsome and legendary secret agents of the Imperium. Each having their own diverse history, possess a range of skills, huge influence and merciless firepower.

Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr will be arriving on PC on June 5th, 2018.

1. Vampyr

Release Date: June 5, 2018
Platform: PC via Steam, PS4 & Xbox One
Developer: Dotnod Entertainment
Publisher: Focus Home Interactive

Vampyr is an action RPG set in 1918, just after the First World War. Vampyr follows the story of Doctor Jonathan E. Reid, who becomes a vampire after he is bitten by a patient thought to have the Spanish Flu. While the British government struggles to rebuild the country, secretive groups led by supernatural beings are pulling strings with growing influence. Ancient vampire societies, occult scholars and relentless vampire hunters compete for dominance in a shadowy conflict lasting a millennia.

Whether the doctor will choose to see humans no more than just blood bags, losing his side of humanity or fight the temptation and uphold his oath to protect the inhabitants of London only time will tell.

Vampyr will release June 5th on PlayStation, Xbox One and PC and is available for preorder.

That’s a wrap for the Top RPGs of June. Did I miss your favorite June release? What games are you most looking forward to this year? Please let us know in the comments below.

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