Top 5 Upcoming RPGs of 2018: January

Last updated on January 18th, 2018

Welcome to the next entry in a Fextralife series highlighting the Top 5 RPGs for the upcoming month. In this edition, we’re going to take a look at what we think are the Top 5 RPGs of January 2018, talk a little about each, and why we think they belong on the list. Hop in and discover some new games you haven’t heard of, or learn a little more about ones you have. Watch the video above and read on for the text!

Top 5 Upcoming RPGs Of 2018: January

Happy new year from Fextralife, it’s 2018 and it’s a brand-new stage for gaming. January kicks off the fresh year strong, as it features some much-awaited RPGs, particularly with one game that everyone just can’t wait to get their hands on. This time around, the new month boasts new releases and a few ports, which you could say is a strong point itself. Especially in this day and age of the industry where the market is flooded with remakes and remasters. 2018 is looking to be a promising year with this start so let’s dive right in head first with Dissidia Final Fantasy NT !

Honorable Mentions: Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Release Date:  January 30th, 2018
Platform:  PlayStation 4
Developer:  Team Ninja
Publisher:  Square Enix & Koei Tecmo

Take iconic characters from the famed Final Fantasy  franchise and pit them against each other in a battle royal fashion, and you have yourself Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.  This action-RPG fighter first started life as an arcade title in Japan that was developed by Team Ninja of Ninja Gaiden  fame. And now, Final Fantasy NT  will be making its way to the PlayStation 4 console as an exclusive and will feature the same flashy and thrilling combat from its arcade counterpart, but with new enhancements and features.

The game features four class types from the head-strong “Vanguards”, to agile “Assassins”, lethal “Markmen”, and the unique “Specialist”. It’ll have players square off in a three-dimensional environment where they can jump high, dash, and strafe with freedom as they trade blows with some incredible looking abilities. And just like in the main-line Final Fantasy  games, you’ll have access to Summons, which can aid you in battle. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT  looks to be a lot of fun and you can expect the game to launch worldwide on January 30th, 2018.


5. Life is Feudal: MMO

Release Date:  January 2018
Platform:  PC via Steam
Developer:  Bitbox Ltd
Publisher:  Xsolla Inc

Next up on the list is Life is Feudal: MMO.  And is a game created by studio Bitbox. It is a massive online sandbox RPG with an advertised 21x21km of virtual land for adventurers to inhabit. It features a living and breathing world called Abella, which is complete with a dynamic weather system, and day and cycles; both of which has an effect on the realm’s natural resources that are scattered throughout. Being a sandbox game, players can harvest said resources and create their own communities that can start off as small villages which can then transition into fledgling cities, forts, and eventually, into a Kingdom.

They will also be able to forge alliances with other player-held factions and can engage in war over territories and supplies. But that’s not the only method of settling disputes, as opposing sides can also dabble in diplomacy for a solution. Likewise, being a combatant isn’t the only role players can take on, as they can also set themselves up to be wealthy entrepreneurs. Establishing trade and even their very own companies. And once making it big, can exert influence with their fortune. Life is Feudal: MMO  is coming to PC via Steam with a tentative date of January 2018.


4. Legrand Legacy: Tale of the Fatebounds

Release Date:  January 24th, 2018
Platform:  PC via Steam
Developer:  SEMISOFT
Publisher:  Another Indie & Mayflower Entertainment

Legrand Legacy: Tale of the Fatebounds  is a JRPG-inspired game from studio SEMISOFT and it’s their love letter to the genre. The title features its own take on the classic turn-based combat, in addition to an engrossing story-line. It has players fill in the shoes of its protagonist Finn, a freed slaved, as they take on a perilous quest to save his daughter. Setting in motion a chain of events that’ll lead to fulfilling an age-long prophecy, which has a hand in the world’s fate. All of this, set in a land embroiled in war between the Kingdoms Altea and Fandor.

It is there where players, along with their party of charming characters, will explore various settlements filled with interesting personalities for them to interact with, and dungeons that’s teeming with danger from inhabiting monsters and big rewards. As well as battling it out with engaging turn-based mechanics. Tale of the Fatebounds  will also include various mini-games to help liven things up and side quests to tackle. Legrand Legacy  is a PC title that can be acquired through Steam on the 24th of January, 2018.


3. Fallen Legion+

Release Date: January 5th, 2018
Platform:  PC via Steam
Developer:  YummyYummyTummy & Mintsphere
Publisher:  YummyYummyTummy

Brought to you by YummyYummyTummy, Fallen Legion+  is a fast-paced RPG that combines the brawling from Dragon’s Crown  and the button combos of God of War,  as described by its developer. The game was initially released in July of this year as two separate titles, which was split between the PlayStation 4 with “Sins of an Empire”, and the PS Vita with “Flames of Rebellion”. Each one telling the war perspectives and struggles of opposing sides in the world of Fenumia, from Princess Cecille on one end to Legatus on the other. Together, these games are being repackaged as a single release for the PC platform, hence the plus.

As mentioned, Fallen Legion+  will feature thrilling gameplay that has players control a party of four, with each member being a certain attack type who is assigned to a button. This setup can allow players to dish out devastating and complex combos against their adversaries. The game also has a morality system implemented that is presented with cards, and as split-second decisions displayed on-screen during gameplay. Each one can grant various enhancements to the group, but is not without ramifications as their choices has influence on the story.

And all of Fallen Legion’s  2D artwork that you see have been hand-drawn and reveals painstaking detail, and not to mention, a rock soundtrack to get you pumping. January 5th, 2018 is the day Fallen Legion+  will come to Steam.


2. Lost Sphear

Release Date:  January 24th, 2018
Platform:  PlayStation 4 / PC via Steam / Nintendo Switch
Developer:  Tokyo RPG Factory
Publisher:  Square Enix

Fans of traditional JRPGs, listen in closely as you will not want to miss this one. Lost Sphear  is the latest upcoming game from Tokyo RPG Factory and is the spiritual successor to I Am Setsuna.  Lost Sphear  features an intriguingly unique premise, in that players will journey in a world formed by the memories of its inhabitants. This world one day becomes plagued with a calamity, where memories are being lost with haste, pulling it towards demise. As Kanata, you and your band of childhood friends shall adventure across the lands to recover these memories, and by using your uniquely awakened power, you’re the only one who can restore what was lost.

Just like with I Am Setsuna, Lost Sphear  also takes cues from classic titles such as Chrono Trigger  with its gameplay. Featuring a twist with the old-school turn-based system, it sees players frantically position their characters in real-time during a phase, as to strategically eliminate their enemies with efficiency. It also features these powerful mechanized suits of armor that amplifies a user’s stats; and with its “Paradigm Drive” function, its wielders can discharge new abilities. The game sports highly polished graphics and a beautiful instrumental soundtrack as well.

Lost Sphear  is set to launch on January 24th, 2018 for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC by means of Steam. And if you’d like to know even more, we have a preview on this game ready for you at the blog.


1. Monster Hunter: World

Release Date:  January 26th, 2018
Platform:  PlayStation 4 / Xbox One / PC
Developer:  Capcom
Publisher:  Capcom

And now for the final game on our list, Monster Hunter: World.  Capcom’s latest installment into the Monster Hunter  franchise is the most ambitious one yet. As the game was not only developed to be bigger and better, but was also made for a more broader audience in mind. Meaning that the upcoming title has been streamlined and optimized in various areas to fit that agenda. Doing away with the many obscurities and past frustrations its predecessors had. No longer will hunts be confined within a section of a map, or will players be required to stack points for unleashing skills on certain equipment, and such.

Hunts will now take place in vast sprawling locations with plenty of veritcallity. And each, housing its own climate and unique plant-life and wildlife. From tiny critters to docile herbivores, and of course, to the prized monsters to be slain and carved from. With this dynamic world, fights will seamlessly transition between areas as the massive beasts, or yourself, call for a retreat or a charge.

Monster Hunter: World  also boasts a number of new features, gear and whatnot including new mantles, with the Glider variant standing out, an awesome Slinger that allows you to pelt at foes and zip across obstacles, a revamped multiplayer system for easy drop-in drop-out play sessions with friends or other hunters online, and many, many more. Monster Hunter: World  will see the good hunt commence on the 26th of January 2018 on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles, with a PC release following some time after.


That’s a wrap for the Top RPGs of January. Thoughts on the list? What are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below.

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