Top 5 Bloodborne Headpieces

Top 5 Bloodborne Headpieces

Last updated on November 2nd, 2017

Having completed Bloodborne 3 times and being one trophy short of platinum, it’s safe to say I know a good bit about Bloodborne. The most important part, however, is fashion!

Today I’m going to go over what I believe are the top 5 hats in all of Bloodborne. Naturally, I’m going for style over functionality. Let us begin!

beak_mask.jpg5. Beak Mask.

Everybody likes birds. If you don’t, then I don’t rightly wish to know you. The plague doctor mask is a widely known symbol of the plague, which is very fitting for our game here. The beak was used to hold scented herbs and straw which were meant to act as a “filter” for bad air.  Most importantly, it’s creepy and brings thoughts of death and despair.

hunter_hat.jpg4. Hunter Hat.

The iconic headwear for Bloodborne. It was shown in the CG reveal trailer and is even on the front cover. While a tad bland, this hat conveys a sense of anonymity, covering one’s face entirely. Simple, elegant, and badass enough to secure it a spot on this list.

gold_ardeo.jpg3. Gold Ardeo

Every From Software game deserves a piece of silly attire, and this nails it. Reminiscent of Pyramic Head of Silent Hill fame, this headwear is a callback to a very similar helmet featured in the Design Works for Dark Souls. This gold helm is both silly and badass at the same time, and belongs to one of the most interesting NPCs in the entire game.

gray_wolf_cap.jpg2. Grey Wolf Cap

Similar to the Hunter Cap, this hat has clearly seen better days. Beat up, ragged, and dirty… this hat belonged to Djura, a good hearted, albeit naive man. What really makes this hat stand out, however, is the bandage that covers one eye. Eyes and “blindness” are a recurring motif in this game. Does it represent ignorance? Denial? Or perhaps true sight? Regardless, this single eye covering brings up some interesting questions.

cainhurst_helmet.jpg1. Cainhurst Helmet

This helmet screams Demon’s Souls. The intricate detail makes it quite beautiful, while the full face covering with no eye holes (blindness motif, I say!) makes it clear that this helm is made for combat. While most other pieces of headwear would be virtually useless to stop enemy attacks, this one appears as though it could actually assist its wearer. On top of this, it’s damn pretty. The addition of a white mane coming out of the back only adds to the elegance. Truly a brilliant design.

There you have it. My top 5 pieces of headwear in Bloodborne. What did you like to wear? Do you focus more on form or functionality? I’d be happy to hear your opinions. Cheers and happy hunting! Umbasa.


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20 comments on “Top 5 Bloodborne Headpieces”

  1. Avatar Drascoll says:

    No Doll Hat?
    No Knight’s Wig?
    No Black Hooded Iron Helm?
    How do you FashionBorne?

    Same on you… Just kidding :^)

  2. Avatar Northborn says:

    Fun article!

    My top five would have to be:

    5. Henryk’s Hunter Cap – A fancy, flourishing version of the hunter’s cap. A beautiful plume hangs from it, giving it a dashing air. The color scheme, however, tends to clash with more attires.

    4. Black hood – Doubled with the Cainhurst Knight doublet, you have your perfect assassin’s attire.

    3. Cainhurst Helmet – A helmet of intricate design, a striking balance between beauty and creepiness

    2. Beak Mask – The plague doctor look just works. Its creepy, its scary, and to think a knife-wielding maniac wears this sends chills down the back.

    1. Gascoigne’s Hat – Basic upon first glance, the way it sits upon the head gives it a non-nonsense, sinister, Undertaker-like vibe.

  3. Avatar skarekrow13 says:

    I haven’t seen them all yet, but my current favorite two would be…

    Graveguard Mask. It’s basically Mask of the Ghost Dad (not starring Bill Cosby) with a lot more creepiness and hood action

    Beak Mask. Let’s face it, Crows and Skarekrows have complex relationships. What with crows being a species that’s particularly not inclined to be frightened by straw men since they can recognize human faces and quickly learn that this ain’t one of them and that this guy hasn’t moved in forever. Crows can make tools and learn to speak human speak, as well as the recent story of the crows that are bringing presents to a girl who has treated them well.

    In other words, the Crow Master Race is coming and we’d all do well to have our own beak masks on hand in the near future.

    Back to the game, this thing just looks awesome, and flashing around the threaded cane with feathery cape whips is about as awesome as possible.

    Honorable mention to the Top Hat. As I mentioned when I found it, combine it with a monocle and threaded cane in cane form and you have a Mr. Peanut cosplay

  4. Avatar AlbaMeira says:

    You picked my favorites topic creator. The ones mentioned and The Crown of Illusions but that’s mostly because I think it looks amazing overall { Infact Logarius the character , reminds me of a cross between Gwyn and Vendrick from Dark Souls. } It’s probably the whole Vendrick style of hiding out from the female monarch of Cainhurst. ( I.E Vendrick’s own hiding out from Nashandra in DS II ) and Gwyn due to the whole royal theme he has going for him.

  5. Gasarocky says:

    Yo, no Gascoigne’s cap? That thing is so classic. With the right outfit you can even pretend you’re from a western(add Doll body piece, Gascoigne pants)

    Definitely think Henryk’s hat over the generic hunter hat should have been in there too

    Agreed on most of the list though

  6. Avatar TitanArum says:

    Grey wolf cap
    black church hat
    cainhurst helmet
    black hood
    hunter cap

  7. Avatar olavrell says:

    My favourites are the following:
    Tomb Prospectors hood
    Blindfold cap
    Cainhurst helm.

  8. Avatar Shimeon says:

    Bone Ash Mask
    Beak Mask
    Cainhurst Helmet
    Blindfold Cap
    Hunter Hat A (the one that is used)

    I usually wear one of them along the Knight’s Gard or Crowfeather Garb.

    I prefer headwear that hides the face. More mysterious, you know.

  9. Deadlysyns says:

    Top hat
    Gascoigne’s Hat
    Bone Ash Hat
    Ash hunter Hat
    Henryk’s hat

  10. Avatar SingTheSorrow says:

    1. Gehrman’s Hunter Cap
    2. Grey Wolf Cap
    3. Hunter Hat
    4. Beak Mask
    5. Bone Ash Mask

    My top five.

  11. chosenunbread says:

    you gotta mention the top hat. 4 key rules for chosenunbread fashion: simple, sightly, snazzy, smart.

    and don’t forget the doll’s hat! if you want to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies all you need is a bald head and that bad boy. maybe it’s not fashionable, but that creepy combo is extremely disgusting.

  12. Sephard says:


    The only hat I ever switched to was the Beak Mask, and only when there was Frenzy

  13. Avatar Amadeus says:

    Hmm, I’d have to say my top 5 are –

    5. Top Hat
    4. Grey Hunter’s Cap
    3. Gascoigne’s Cap
    2. Knight’s Wig
    1. Cainhurt helmet.

    That’s my opinion. :’3

  14. Avatar Hyena says:

    I’m happy to see that my first article isn’t a total flop. Glad you guys got a kick out of it

  15. Avatar Hyena says:

    Also, I realize that the image for the hunter cap is the wrong image. I’ll try to fix that. The image on the article is of the Yharnam Hunter Hat, and not the regular one.

  16. Avatar Henry_Baltimore says:

    Never usually sport headgear unless im trying to squeeze defence for a boss fight, just doesn’t go with the look i strive for. Some solid choices here tho. Very good.

  17. lunamaire says:

    Mensis Cage Blind Cap Bone Ash Mask Beak Mask Cainhurst Helmet

    I love the Mensis Cage.

  18. Shinigami says:

    I like the original list, but would have probably changed a few myself, but they all have their pro’s and con’s…

    my list would be something like;

    Gold Ardeo
    Mensis Cage
    Black Hooded Iron Helm
    Henryks Hunter Hat/Gehrman’s Hunter Cap
    Iron Yahar’gul Helm/Cainhurst helm


    Are people doing cosplay in this yet? would love to see some! :devil:

  19. gaztaseven says:

    5. Gascoignes’ Hat
    4. Crow Mask
    3. Grey Wolf cap (would be 2nd without the eyepatch)
    2. Blindfold Choir Hat
    1. Top Hat

    0. Charred Hunter Hat, why don’t you exist?

  20. Avatar SevansVII says:

    Black Church Hat wins all. Good defense too.

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