Top 10 MMOs In 2022 You’ve Never Heard Of

Top 10 MMOs in 2022 You’ve Never Heard Of. In this article, we’re going to take a look at the Top 10 MMOs You’ve Never Heard Of, some of which already have release dates in 2022. If you’ve been searching for entirely new MMOs besides the established and popular ones such as Elder Scrolls Online, Final Fantasy XIV, and Guild Wars 2, then this list is for you!

Top 10 MMOs in 2022 You’ve Never Heard Of

What makes a good MMO, you might ask? MMOs are comprised of multiple worlds involving large groups of people. These usually feature challenging activities like dungeons and raids that encourage heavy coordination or those, which require you to expand and defend your base together.

Meanwhile, some MMOs focus more on telling unforgettable stories while others introduce engaging gameplay loops, motivating you to immediately grind for the gear and items you need. Exploration is also a key component as you follow quest lines and gather resources for whatever you’re trying to create.

Broken Ranks Top 10 MMOs in 2022 You've Never Heard Of

The new MMOs we’ll be discussing are attempting to differentiate themselves from the classics, and in doing so, have been garnering enough attention. We’ll also go through their planned release dates as well as the latest updates they’ve shared. Without further ado, here are the Top 10 MMOs in 2022 You’ve Never Heard Of!

Broken Ranks (January 2022)

If you’re interested in playing an MMO that features an interesting mix of an overworld view like the old Baldur’s Gate games but one which has turn-based combat similar to Ruined King: A League of Legends Story, then Broken Ranks has you covered. This game is being developed by Whitemoon Games and is planned to be released on January 25, 2022, via PC and macOS.

Broken Ranks MMO Equipment

Turn-based combat is played out with a bit of a twist. You’re only given 10 seconds to decide on the moves you’ll be executing rather than having the freedom to thoroughly think about what you ought to do next. This should create tense scenarios that would keep you on your toes despite the game being turn-based.

Whitemoon is also bringing the entirety of their previous game, The Pride of Taern, into this new release. This means that new Broken Ranks players can also experience over 10 years of the previous content, which is sure to keep them very busy for quite some time.

Broken Ranks MMO Ambush Combat

The game is completely free-to-play, with only cosmetics and convenience items being available in the cash shop. Another good thing about this is that Platinum, which is the premium currency, will be fully tradable between players like in Warframe.

Fractured Online (2022)

Fractured Online is a top-down MMORPG similar to Lost Ark. However, it’s also a dynamic, player-driven Sandbox game. Developer Dynamight Studios takes pride in the fact that they are building an experience, which players can choose for themselves. Levels are given less emphasis than most MMOs, and thus you won’t have to grind dozens of hours before something interesting starts happening. You’ll be allowed to select the areas you wish to explore, and in what order, similar to Elder Scrolls Online.

Fractured Online MMO

Moreover, you’ll be able to choose one of three races to determine your playstyle. There are no set classes, so instead, you’ll invest in a Talent Tree, which looks like a shrunken version of Path of Exile’s passive tree. Certain resources and skills are more easily available depending on your home planet.

These skills are learned uniquely. Instead of simply selecting an ability from a menu to “learn” them, players must hunt down monsters, which make use of that specific ability. They must then watch these monsters use it in combat to eventually replicate the same skill on their own.

Fractured Online MMO Skill Tree

Fractured Online is currently in the Alpha Stage but is planned to be released sometime in 2022 according to their Steam Page. The game will be available on PC, macOS, and Linux operating systems.

Corepunk (Q1 or Q2 of 2022)

Another top-down MMORPG on our list is Corepunk, which is set in a dystopian universe consisting of environments brimming with rich details, similar to Torchlight II’s art style. Due to the game’s Open-world nature, you can venture into any land without limitations, essentially allowing you to take on quests in the order you prefer. Additionally, the majority of these features alternative paths, which means that your playthrough will be different from that of your friend’s.

Corepunk MMO

What makes Corepunk unique compared to other MMOs is its fog-of-war combat system. Players can utilize this by taking enemies by surprise and benefiting from the game’s night and day cycle.

Corepunk will follow in the footsteps of standard MMO roles such as the damage dealer, support, healer, and tank. Despite this, there’s an intricate character customization mechanic that allows you to vary your playstyle based on the abilities you invest in and the artifacts you gain. Meanwhile, looting items will be relatively closer to ARPGs where you gain access to a substantial amount of items available on the ground after an encounter, for instance. This ought to make the experience of grinding for good equipment much more fluid and fun.

Corepunk MMO Combat

The developer, Artificial Core, has been running tests and addressing issues to make the game ready for Beta. At the moment, Corepunk’s Closed Beta is slated to be available between mid to late spring of 2022 via PC. You can sign up on their official website to participate in it.

Ashes of Creation (2022)

Next is Ashes of Creation, which is a medieval high fantasy MMORPG that’s currently being developed by Intrepid Studios. It also features sandbox mechanics based on how you choose to interact with the highly reactive world of Verra.

Ashes of Creation MMO

What’s interesting about the game is the introduction of development points known as Nodes that are distributed across several regions. For instance, you can grow a town into an influential city based on your contributions in the Node’s Zone of Influence. As a result, you’ll be able to gain strength in the political arena while unlocking and completing quests, which can cause your city to either flourish or disintegrate.

Ashes of Creation MMO Combat

Certain Nodes grant additional access and responsibilities. If you’re part of the government, you’ll have the capability to modify structures as well as to control the decisions affecting your citizens. There are currently four Node types in the game, namely the Divine to enhance skills and upgrade equipment, Economic to strengthen trade and the economy, Military to improve your performance in combat, and Scientific to invest in building structures.

Ashes of Creation has recently transitioned to Unreal Engine 5, which will not only speed up development, but it’ll also help to catch and fix bugs relatively quickly. The game has been in the Alpha Testing Stage via PC since March 2020. Hopefully, the beta will be available sometime this year.

BitCraft (2022)

Among the sandbox MMORPGs this year, one of the games that I’m looking forward to is BitCraft, which seems to be a love child of Valheim in terms of the survival elements, and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild based on its beautifully rendered graphics. The game is being developed by Clockwork Labs, Inc.

BitCraft MMO

Similar to Valheim, BitCraft starts you off in a procedurally generated sandbox world that’s ripe for the taking. After waking up in the middle of nowhere, your goal is to scrounge whatever resources you can in order to survive by building some sort of shelter.

To make matters more interesting, you’ll also be exploring the wilderness and learning skills, which aren’t limited to combat only. You’ll have to develop your farming, hunting, fishing, and crafting skills to further enhance your town. The more you engage in these practices, the more adept you become at them.

BitCraft MMO Chopping Wood

Additionally, you can become the leader of your village depending on how you navigate the political ground. With your friends, you’re able to build massive cities and even empires from scratch while strategically fending off enemies who are out to destroy everything you’ve created. BitCraft’s Pre-Alpha Stage will start in 2022 via PC so don’t forget to sign up on the game’s official website to try it out!

Mad World (Summer of 2022)

If you’ve ever wanted an MMORPG that resembles an isometric version of Darkest Dungeon, then Mad World is for you. Mad World is a top-down, horror-themed Action RPG with beautiful, yet terrifying, hand-drawn visuals. Monsters are extremely grotesque, which reminds us of Eldritch Horrors. Some creatures are even large enough to fill up your entire screen, towering over your hapless heroes.

Mad World MMO Combat

At a glance, the gameplay seems to be your typical ARPG but there won’t be defined character classes. Instead, skills will be based on the weapons you wield. Mad World will feature an expansive passive skill tree like in Path of Exile and Wolcen. The game will also be hub-based, highlighting multiple, large maps that are seamlessly connected.

Mad World MMO

Furthermore, Mad World is based on HTML5 technology and can therefore be played using any modern web browser – no downloads are needed! This means that it’s accessible across any platform as long as the device has access to a browser. The developer, Jandisoft, has plans to release Mad World in the summer of 2022.

The Day Before (June 2022)

If you’re into post-apocalyptic open-world MMOs, then The Day Before, which is being developed by FNTASTIC and published by MYTONA, may be the game you’re looking for. Here, the goal is to adapt and survive by searching for and gathering food and weapons. Meanwhile, you’ll also have to contend with hostile individuals as well as the infected while exploring what’s left of America to determine how and when the country started to collapse.

The Day Before MMO

In the trailer that was released back in October 2021, you’ll notice intricate details behind multiple environments and textures, reminiscent of The Last of Us Part II. The player’s main character then runs around the mall in the hopes of searching for valuable items, which can be salvaged and used. Additionally, they’re able to craft and alter their weapons’ muzzle and stock or dismantle them for spare parts. The developers are planning to release The Day Before on June 21, 2022, via PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

The Day Before MMO Combat Against the Infected

Destiny’s Sword (September 2022)

Destiny’s Sword is shaping up to be one of the more innovative games on this list. Developed by 2Dogs Games, Ltd, this social MMO has players taking up the mantle of leading a group of soldiers. Even if they’re highly skilled, combat continues to leave lasting effects. Destiny’s Sword explores these effects on people, not just physically but mentally as well. To further illustrate this point, the first quote in the game’s About section reads, “In a future where bodies can be healed in minutes, the wounds technology can’t conquer are within the mind.

Destiny's Sword MMO

Characters are randomly generated and come with different personalities, abilities, and backgrounds. Each one of them will grow in contrasting ways depending on the choices that you, their commander, make. Having your troops take fire unnecessarily may result in permanent injuries or it can stress them out, enough to cause anxiety and PTSD. Compared to Darkest Dungeon and This War of Mine, Destiny’s Sword is taking stress a step further.

Destiny's Sword MMO Character Assessment

The game features an “Insight Engine”, which contains layers upon layers of psychological models gained from interviews with real-life war veterans. The unique perspectives these individuals have contributed should give us insight into how war changes people. It isn’t clear how the MMO mechanics of this game will play out though, but we should find out when it releases on September 1, 2022, via PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Embers Adrift (2022)

Embers Adrift is a sandbox MMO that is being developed by Stormhaven Studios, which is comprised of merely 10 people. Stormhaven is striving to return gamers to a time where difficult, challenging content takes center stage once again similar to the likes of Mortal Online 2.

Embers Adrift MMO

They want players to “rediscover discovery” by having them adjust to the absence of quest hubs, minimaps, and objective markers. This should encourage you to fully carve out your path with friends in order to forge your own stories. As such, group-based adventuring and exploration is highly encouraged.

Embers Adrift will not have any microtransactions since the team wants you to focus on understanding and navigating the world. You won’t also be bombarded with pop-ups and immersion-breaking UI elements. However, the game will be subscription-based to fund future content.

Embers Adrift MMO Combat

Embers Adrift’s alpha testing servers are open every weekend for those who have preordered the game. Preorders for PC and macOS are being sold for $50 and include one month of playtime. Embers Adrift may be released sometime in 2022.

Blue Protocol (2022)

Last on our list of MMOs is Blue Protocol, which is being developed and published by Bandai Namco. Even if this will be released in Japan this year, they’re already looking into the possibility of expanding the game globally.

Blue Protocol MMO

If you enjoy JRPGs such as Code Vein, Tales of Arise, and Scarlet Nexus, then you’ll certainly be interested in getting your hands on Blue Protocol. Although the developers have recently been mum about the game, we’re hoping to get more details about it as well as a release date this year. According to their last update back in late 2020, there will be 4 classes to choose from, however, more will be added as the development cycle progresses.

Similar to Final Fantasy XIV, zones are segregated, which means that these are instanced and limited to a certain number of players to prevent server congestion. Much of the content you’ll experience is also catered towards PvE with the usual dungeons and raids. But the dungeons, in particular, will scale to your level, allowing you to complete them on your own. Combat-wise, the game features snappy actions dictated by your weapons and abilities.

Blue Protocol MMO Combat

Blue Protocol is free-to-play and it’ll be initially available on PC with plans to possibly release the MMORPG to consoles. But we’re still uncertain as to how expansions and DLCs will be priced if they’ll also be free or not. Do note that there will be a cash shop, but this is restricted to cosmetic items only.

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