Throne and Liberty Gets A Striking New CGI Trailer
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Throne and Liberty Gets A Striking New CGI Trailer

NCsoft has released a new trailer during G-Star 2023 for upcoming MMORPG Throne and Liberty plus details on changes ahead of the upcoming Korean launch.

Throne and Liberty Gets A Striking New CGI Trailer

The upcoming MMORPG set to release in Korea this December, Throne and Liberty got a brand new trailer for G-Star 2023.  The game will be available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC in Japan and the West, thanks to Amazon Games as the publisher. However, the release date for these regions is still unknown. A trailer for the western audience was revealed at the Summer Games Fest event in June 2023.

Throne and Liberty Group Attack Trailer

The new trailer shows stunning visuals of the fantasy title, a towering glowing enemy armor clad ready to strike with a giant sword. They look a bit reminiscent of the Lich King from World of Warcraft, except looking far more ghostly from their open armor. A hero is seen sparring with the deadly foe, using a crossbow to no avail and finally succumbing to a massive blow breaking their own sword. But before receiving a hit that would surely end them, more figures strike down from the sky and stop the massive sword.

There’s a mix of different attacks shown here, a shapeshifter druid type roars onto the scene. Another interesting attack is a lightning-type flail from afar which lands but ultimately leaves the challenger in more trouble being caught in the enemy’s shield. A storm appears which at first looks like it is the enemy’s doing but shows the first hero summoning some superpowers to aid the group.

Also shown during the G-Star’s game show, was taking a look at mechanics for the 11th and 18th floor bosses and dungeon design, showing improvements from their previous developer showcase held earlier this month. They have also taken into account player feedback to remove such features lootboxes but will instead focus on battlepass systems in terms of monetisation. They have also introduced 6-player dungeons, changes in UI with Q, E, R, keys, and Guild Bosses which act as an alternative option to World Bosses which may clash with PvP schedules.

Throne and Liberty is being released in Korea on December 7th, with the international version being assisted by Amazon Games which has secured the rights. Amazon also currently publishes their own IP New World and the Korean ARPG Lost Ark as well as the upcoming Blue Protocol

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