The Week in Wikis: Top RPG News of The Week on Mass Effect Andromeda, ESO, Dragon’s Dogma Sequel & More

Happy weekend from Fextralife! If you’ve been too busy to keep up on the latest in the games we cover or are looking for a refresher we’ve got your back. Let’s take a look at the comings and goings across the Fextralife Wiki Network. Check out the video above and read on for the text!

Mass Effect Andromeda

  • BioWare has announced that Mass Effect Andromeda will launch for PS4, Xbox One and PC in NA on March 21st, 2017 and worldwide on March 23rd.
  • Members of the development team took the game’s holiday build home over the break and the resounding feedback helped lock in the release date. The release date initially seemed to leak last year, but now we finally have solid confirmation.
  • In conjunction with the announcment, BioWare released a bunch of great new screenshots.
  • Later in the day, at Nvidia’s keynote address for this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, new gameplay footage was released.
  • In the video, we see 2 minutes of one of the game’s returning Loyalty Missions which lets players explore the backstories of the characters in their squads, in this instance Peebee. After landing the Tempest, the brief gameplay unfolds with a selection of powers and gear before tackling some of the enemies on the ground.
  • Earlier in the week, addressing questions of whether the game will be coming to the Nintendo Switch, BioWare’s Michael Gamble said that the studio is open to the idea, but a Switch version is not in active development. According to Gamble, “We’re not planning on it. If the Switch launches and everyone’s just yammering for Mass Effect, who knows,”.

The Elder Scrolls Online

  • Homestead, the player housing feature of the Elder Scrolls Online is now live for players on the PC Public Test Server.
  • At launch, you will have access to nearly 40 unique homes. You will complete a quest to receive a small room at an inn and you can expand from there. The homes you can acquire are themed after the game’s 10 races and can come furnished or unfurnished. You can purchase any of them you’d like regardless of your race or alliance.
  • Nearly all the homes can be bought with in-game gold. Unfurnished ones can be purchased with crowns or you can buy them for gold as well as complete an achievement that earns the approval to move into the neighborhood.
  • You will be able to either craft decor using existing skills, or buy new furniture and decorations for your house from vendors and the Crown Store and can use the housing editor to move them all around. You can keep all manner of goodies there and host friends for gatherings. Turn down for what?
  • Homestead releases properly for players in February’s Update 13 which will bring a whole list of changes, some of which we previewed last week.


Dragon’s Dogma

  • Hideaki Itsuno, director of Dragon’s Dogma and Devil May Cry said via Twitter that he will announce a new game in 2017.
  • We are entering the 15th anniversary of the Devil May Cry series so it very well could be a new game in the franchise, which last saw a release in 2013. However, 2012’s Dragon’s Dogma was a very popular new IP for Capcom and fans of the game have been clamboring for a sequel.
  • Capcom said that the success of the recent PC port could lead to a sequel, and the time is ripe to capitalize on the Action RPG genre.
  • We’re big fans ourselves of both games, but have really found ourselves really wanting a proper Dragon’s Dogma sequel, with the agonizing knowledge of the Dragon’s Dogma Online that is presently a Japan only experience. At this point, we’d probably settle for a start screen and title music.

dragon's dogma


  • A new map for Overwatch, called Oasis has been released for players on PS4, Xbox One and PC.
  • After spending some time on the game’s public test realm, it is now live for the masses. The map is for the Control game mode and features 3 unique control points, jump pads and some deadly cross traffic.
  • The new year should bring much, much more for the wildly popular hero shooter from Blizzard, including some new additions to the hero roster.
  • Later in the week we got word that Roadhog will be receiving a nerf in the future, specifically addressing his problematic chain grabbing, which is almost as gross as it sounds.


  • The incredibly popular Long War mod is coming to XCOM 2 on PC, as announced this week by Firaxis Games and 2K.
  • For those unfamiliar with the Long War, it was a very popular mod for XCOM: Enemy Unknown that lengthened the game’s experience and dramatically altered how you handled your Soldier Classes. The overhaul was so extensive that developer Firaxis has created a close development relationship with the newly named Pavonis Interactive, something not commonly found in gaming.
  • There are no details as to what the Long War mod will change in this iteration of the game, but we can anticipate something in a similar vein to the first one with increased length, difficulty and system overhauls.
  • As cliche as it is by now when finishing an XCOM related sentence, I’m going to say it anyway. Get hyped commanders.

xcom 2


  • Upcoming Sci-Fi/Fantasy RPG Elex from developer Piranha Bytes and publisher THQ Nordic is going to be featuring support of Razer’s Chroma hardware for PC.
  • The Chroma line of hardware features colored lights that serve as visual cues for players and games like Overwatch are increasingly featuring support that integrates these cues with the gameplay.
  • The system will alert you with different colors and patterns situationally, such as when your stamina or health drops too low, or when you bite the dust, which I hilariously came close to doing during our hands on time with the game. Thanks to a kind person at Piranha Bytes, I got the heal I needed to avoid complete embarassment.


  • We put together a preview this week of upcoming online RPG, Dauntless from developer Phoenix Labs.
  • Players take on the role of Slayers, who live and hunt among a series of floating islands called the Shattered Isles, which drift across an endless sky. With skyships now available to the inhabitants, exploration of the surrounding isles has begun
  • However, this expansion has been met by a natural threat, beasts called behemoths who wreak havoc and destroy settlements on the islands. As a Slayer, your mission will be to hunt and eradicate these dangerous beasts who threaten the safety of everyone on the Shattered Isles, using what you acquire from your hunting quests to improve your deadliness as a hunter.
  • In combat, players are going to have several tactical options and considerations depending on the beast being hunted. The combat system is not hack and slash, and recklessly attacking is going to leave players open for devastation, similar to Monster Hunter and Dark Souls.
  • The weapons a slayer choose will determine the fighting style and combo attacks. Whether you choose axe, swordhammer or any other yet to be revealed weapon type, what is wielded will all have very unique combos.
  • The trophies you harvest from the behemoths can be brought to an Aethersmith in the town of Ramsgate who will add them to your weapons and armor to improve their abilities and appearance.
  • Dauntless is endeavoring to craft a positive feedback experience that is hard to find in gaming: Deep combat with engaging monsters who can be harvested for trophies and items that improve gear. Rinse, wash, repeat. We’re looking forward to seeing more of it in action in the upcoming months!

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  1. Avatar qeter says:

    why you gotta go raising my dragons dogma hopes its almost certainly a dmc game . :(

  2. Avatar Emergence says:

    Because sometimes you get lucky and vain hope is rewarded. See the 2007 New York Giants.

  3. Avatar Fexelea says:

    I want another Dragon’s Dogma so badly! Gimme

  4. Avatar Forum_Pirate says:

    Because modern DMC is trash that we pretend isn’t real whenever possible. It is, quite possibly, the worst example of the genre that I’ve ever played. I’d even take the aggressively average Devil May Cry 2 over that garbage.

  5. Avatar Fexelea says:

    DMC 4 was good. I hope they make a "real" DMC 5 not developed by an obnoxiously stupid UK studio.

  6. Avatar Forum_Pirate says:

    I wasn’t counting 8 years old (or a remaster of said 8 year old game) as modern, but yeah, it was.

    So do I. I hate Devil May Cry: Devil May Cry, including it’s redundant title of redundancy. The nicest thing I can say about it is that the (melee) combat controls ok (when color coded enemies aren’t ruining it by breaking the flow of combat).

  7. Avatar Fexelea says:

    I wanted to strangle the guy when he said that "Dante isn’t cool anymore" and proceeded to make a smoking emo brat into the protagonist.

  8. Avatar Forum_Pirate says:

    Amen sister. I’ll grant that *old Dante is obviously a product of the 90s, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t cool. Pin-up dresses are obviously a product of the 50s, they’re still gorgeous. People like Adam Jensen well enough, he’s basically just cyborg Neo with a beard as far as appearnce goes, (who wouldn’t look out of place in blade runner)

    New "Dante" is just the worst. He’s not funny either. And the obvious ***k you moment with the mop too…

    Also, I’m curious as to where this guy lived in 1997~2004, because here it would always have been really strange for a platinum blond dude to show up at a bar in a bright red trench coat (with or without the fancy black shirt.) That’s kinda like saying "lets redesign darth vader because old vader isn’t cool anymore, if you showed up at a bar in that helmet and a cape you’d be laughed out of the building."

    EDIT: *Meant old, said new, don’t know why.

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