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Last updated on January 18th, 2017

Happy weekend from Fextralife! If you’ve been too busy to keep up on the latest in the games we cover or are looking for a refresher we’ve got your back. Let’s take a look at the comings and goings across the Fextralife Wiki Network. Check out the video above and read on for the text!

Dark Souls 3

  • According to YouTube creator Sanadsk, some datamining of Dark Souls 3‘s files has revealed the potential name of the game’s second and final DLC.
  • Taking a look through the game’s files, he came across a line labeled: DLC2_MIYAKONOMOUJA. Miyako no Mouja is Japanese and translates to City of the Dead or Dead Capital. This is a start and should allow for enough speculation.
  • If it is City of the Dead or a variation along that theme, it’s possible we are going to be making a visit to Londor, which some have speculated and hoped for. This make sense given the characters in the game connected to the land such as Yuria, Elfriede, and Yoel and how prominently they feature in the game’s story. Perhaps we’ll be seeing some dark themed weapons, armor and spells to compliment our builds.
  • Ashes of Ariandel was the most recent DLC to release, all the way back in October and we’re anxiously awaiting confirmation of when this second one will drop.

dark souls 3 ashes of ariandel 3

The Elder Scrolls Online

  • We put together a definitive guide for Homestead, the player housing feature of the Elder Scrolls Online that is coming with Update 13 and is now live on the public test server.
  • There are 39 total Homes that can be acquired by each player:
    • 3 Apartments (1 for each faction)
    • 10 Small Homes
    • 10 Medium Homes
    • 10 Large Homes (1 for each playable race)
    • 3 Manors (1 for each faction)
  • Nearly all the homes can be bought with in-game gold. Unfurnished ones can be purchased with crowns or you can buy them for gold as well as complete an achievement that earns the approval to move into the neighborhood.
  • You will be able to either craft furnishings using existing skills, or buy new furniture and decorations for your house from vendors and the Crown Store and can use the housing editor to move them all around. You can keep all kinds of new trophies and functional items there so the homes have a lot of relevant use.
  • Speaking of the Elder Scrolls, Bethesda Vice President Pete Hines said that the remaster process that brought Skyrim Special Edition to the current gen is the exception rather than the rule, and that revamped past experiences should not be expected. Moving the Skyrim engine onto the current gen in order to tune it for Fallout 4, made it relatively easy to bring Skryim along to a new platform.
  • Hines had this to say: “Generally speaking, our approach has usually been that instead of spending all this time on a thing we’ve already made, why don’t we instead spend that effort on something new, or on the next version of that thing?” Onward to the Elder Scrolls 6!

Mass Effect Andromeda

  • The newest Andromeda Initiative video for Mass Effect Andromeda is now live for recruits and delves into the vehicles you will be spending most of your time in: the Tempest spaceship and your Nomad planet exploration vehicle.
  • The Tempest is a speed specialist that can travel 13 light years per day. The ship is lightly armored but fast and can escape quickly from sketchy situations. Within the ship which serves as home for Ryder and the crew are several functional rooms.
  • Research and Development is where the team will gather intel and work on practical application to upgrade weapons, armor and the Nomad. The Tech and Bio labs will support this by providing discoveries for these upgrades. The Meeting Room provides a place for the crew to gather or conference with the Nexus. Below is  Engineering, the Armory, Med-Bay and the Cargo Bay where the Nomad is kept. The ship features Crew Quarters and a Galley for some rest and relaxation as well as your Pathfinder Cabin. The Bridge is where the ship’s navigation takes place, where one of the many planets can be selected for exploration.
  • Upon landing the Nomad deploys and serves as your exploration specialist. It’s a 6WD powerhouse that features a rear boost for an extra bit of planet scouting speed. Thrusters, shield, shield blast, life support, radar and paint jobs can all be customized how you see fit, depending on the conditions of the planet you’re exploring. The Nomad also allows you to scan surfaces and mine them for minerals.
  • Now we have some insights into how our trusty mechanical companions will function. They’re a big part of every Mass Effect game so getting to know them better is just like getting to know a new character.


  • A host of new action packed screenshots released this week for Nioh, the Team Ninja developed PS4 exclusive that is being published in Japan by Koei Tecmo and by Sony in NA and EU.
  • The screens show us some new enemies, weapons, the always brilliantly designed armor, shots of NPCs, a tiger Guardian Spirit, and a couple of scenic shots of the game’s stages.
  • As the game approaches its final development stages, it’s clear that the design aesthetics are coming to fruition and it’s starting to look like one of the better visual games out there. We already know how good the gameplay is through our extensive time with the alpha and beta demos.
  • Nioh is hosting their final gameplay livestream before launch on January 20th, and like the past streams, we can expect a look at some new stages, new gear and maybe even a new boss. Nioh releases February 7th for the PS4.


Final Fantasy XV

  • Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy XV’s upcoming Moogle Chocobo Carnival, a special seasonal event that will take over the town of Altissia will begin on January 24th for players.
  • Everyone who owns the game can participate in the event, all you have to do is download the first free DLC, the Holiday Pack which brings some free goodies to players like outfits, items and the carnival passport which gains you access to the festivities. There are no details on what kinds of events or prizes we can specifically earn at the event but we can anticipate some mini-games and new limited time items and gear.
  • Square Enix also shared that the game has sold 6 million units to this point, making for a successful launch for the RPG titan.
  • Ready for some fresh Final Fantasy XV content? The DLC train is just beginning with episodic stories that will explore the backgrounds of the characters and the Comrades expansion that will introduce 4 person multiplayer to the game.


Horizon Zero Dawn

  • Sony and Guerrilla Games have released a brand new story trailer for Horizon Zero Dawn, the PS4 exclusive Action RPG coming February 28th, 2017.
  • In the video we get a new look at some of the enemies and tribes that main character Aloy will encounter in the game. Following a massacre, Aloy sets out into the wide world of beautiful landscapes. She meets new allies against an enemy who threatens to raise an army of machines for take control of the land. We get to see a glimpse of the corruption of the machines and the cinematic trailer ends with an imposing look at a massive robotic boss.
  • This is the most extensive story look thus far and it’s quite the dramatic scene. It’s clear the game is going to have a large cast of characters and a story that will push the action forward.
  • Also this week we took a look at the game’s potential as an RPG and what it can do to push the genre forward. We looked at its approach to questing, appearance, and technology to see how it can embolden developers who don’t traditionally make RPGs. Check out the article for more.

Torment: Tides of Numenera

  • In a creative bit of marketing, Torment: Tides of Numenera developer inXile Entertainment and publisher Techland have released a beyond cool interactive video that lets players take on one of the upcoming classic RPG’s dynamic quests.
  • Creative Lead Colin McComb takes the wheel and narrates the experience which takes you to the bustling location of Circus Minor. NPCs named El-Jinto and Canadu have caught a beast and are displaying it for money while someone nearby spies. Approaching the spy, you are presented with a choice and that is where the video’s series of branching decisions begins. The quest can unfold in one of 7 different outcomes showing off the game’s dynamic dialogue and massive amount of choice they’ve put into the game.
  • At the end your decisions impact your Tide affinity, which is a sort of morality meter that affects how the game reacts to you.
  • Torment: Tides of Numenera releases on February 28th for PS4, Xbox One and PC and is one of our Top 20 RPGs of 2017.


  • Earlier this week, amdist reports that Scalebound was in development trouble, Microsoft announced the cancellation of the action RPG that was being developed by Platinum Games.
  • Developer Platinum Games issued a statement regarding Microsoft’s cancellation of the game and game Director Hideki Kamiya of Bayonetta fame was also apologetic.
  • It’s been a bit of a dramatic fallout for the Xbox One/PC game that seemed to tease a lot of potential, as recently as last E3, enough that we picked it as a top RPG of 2017. The surprising death of the game has caused a bit of a stir within the industry, although the exact reasons for the cancellation have not been revealed.

scalebound screen 2

Deep Down

  • Speaking of games in development hell, we took a look this week at Deep Down a game that once held so much promise but has receded into the woodwork, with only the staunchest of hopeful fans wondering about the fate of what was supposed to be a PS4 exclusive launch title
  • Capcom first announced Deep Down in conjunction with Sony’s PS4 reveal in February 2013 and at subsequent conventions had a handful of trailers to show.
  • Sadly 2014 was the last we saw of the game and nearly 2 years have gone since that final communication and what the game’s present status is remains a complete unknown. The game could be content complete, ready for a beta, completely back to the initial conceptual stages or somewhere in between. It’s really anybody’s guess at this point.
  • Our last beacon of hope was an August 2016 request for extension of the Deep Down trademark by Capcom that was granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office. The extension runs through February 9th, 2017 at which point Capcom must present a statement of use for the trademark. This is the fifth and final extension of the sort granted by the office, so failure to deliver on anything demonstrative of development will result in the trademark expiring, an effective death for the title. We’re really crossing our fingers that this game doesn’t suffer the same fate as Scalebound.


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