The Week in Wikis: Top RPG New of the Week on Dark Souls 3 DLC, Nioh Launch, ESO Update, Torment Trailer & More!

Last updated on February 21st, 2017

Happy weekend from Fextralife! If you’ve been too busy to keep up on the latest in the games we cover or are looking for a refresher we’ve got your back. Let’s take a look at the comings and goings across the Fextralife Wiki Network. Check out the video above and read on for the text!

Dark Souls 3

  • Dark Souls 3 is releasing its final DLC: The Ringed City in March 28th, and the first gameplay footage of the upcoming DLC is now available for fans to scrutinize and theorycraft, much like we did with the announcement trailer.
  • The DLC brings impressive areas to explore, with somewhat familiar enemies that are however altogether new, walking that narrow line between reminding you of the original Dark Souls and moving in completely unexpected ways. It’s all spiced up with that persistent feel that Bloodborne isn’t too far away from this realm.
  • SPOILER ALERT The trailer showed off the first area of the expansion called and led players up to the first boss. For a full rundown of everything we know so far that’s coming check out the Ringed City page on the wiki which collects every new Weapon, Armor, Enemy, Boss and more that was shown in the gameplay demo.
  • A Dark Souls 3 The Fire Fades / Game of the Year edition will be available for sale on April 21st, bundling the base game and both DLCs for new players.
  • There’s much more info to come so be sure to check back with us for the next month and a half!


  • This week we saw the long awaited launch of Nioh, Team Ninja’s Ninja Gaiden meets Dark Souls Action RPG exclusively on the PS4. Similar to the Soulsborne series, the game is a challenging experience that has as much hidden as it has explained. To help navigate your first steps in the game, we’ve put together a New Player Help Guide and FAQ on the Nioh Wiki.
  • We also put together a great starting tips guide on the blog so if you’re just digging in for the first time this weekend, be sure to give it a look and keep it handy.
  • There is a ton to see and do and learn in this game and we’re lovingly crafting the wiki to suit your needs. Check out the great videos we have for each of the Bosses. We also have a full walkthrough written for all of the game’s Main Missions.
  • Beyond that there’s plenty of content on Skills, Weapons, Armor, Online, Skins, Clans and more! Basically everything you need to plan your playthrough and beyond!
  • DLC is also soon on the way and it will be bringing PvP with it among other content.
  • Check out our review of the game. We really think the the game snuck up on people’s radars and has for us emerged as an early but strong contender for game of the year!

Elder Scrolls Online

  • With the release of Update 13 this week for the Elder Scrolls Online, players finally received the long awaited housing option. While we could write a whole article in itself about this aspect of the Update (and we have),we put together an article guide that looks at some of the massive changes to game itself. Tons of things changed and we covered the major ones.
  • Players who complete and turn in any highest tier Writ for their trade now have a chance of acquiring a Master Writ as part of the reward.
  • Cyrodiil vendors will change a few things about what they sell an how they sell it. First, Imperial City Sets will now come with Weapons AND Jewelry and it is possible to barter for Gold Jewelry of each of these sets directly. Each Alliance will now have a Regional Equipment Vendor that sells Zone Bags of the Alliance’s home zones.
  • Besides the vendor changes, there are many updates to Alliance Point gain. Zenimax has decided, and rightly so, to increase the amount of AP gained from various PvP related activities that aren’t killing players.
  • Every class has undergone skill changes and there are a lot of other general changes that come with it. Check the article for a full rundown of every change.
  • It’s amazing how Zenimax keeps improving their game with each new update. They have really turned what was an average game at launch into something phenomenal over the course of these past two years and we cannot wait for the Morrowind Update in June when they will introduce a new 5th Class: The Warden! As always, keep checking with us for the latest in guides on what these updates mean for you as a player.


Horizon Zero Dawn

  • Sony and Guerrilla Games have released some new Horizon Zero Dawn trailers showing off 2 of the game’s machine enemies, the Snapmaw and the Thunderjaw.
  • The Snapmaw is a crocodile like beast that can be found in aquatic areas. It features a series of biting attacks with its sizeable maw, appropriate to the monster’s name and can also use its tail. It is weak to fire damage and has a cryo sac on it that can be exploited for significant damange.
  • The Thunderjaw is a roving lumbering dinosaur like machine that is an all terrain specialist. Its mouth is all business with bite attacks and mounted lasers it can use. It will also use its powerful legs to charge at you. Its weak part is its heart and brain (whose isn’t?) and its disc launcher can be knocked off and used against it.
  • Horizon Zero Dawn is starting to look more and more like a mecha Monster Hunter. If it has half the depth of Capcom’s signature hunting franchise, we’re in for an action packed treat. Horizon Zero Dawn releases February 28th exclusively for the PS4. In the meantime, check out all of the skills you’ll be using to bring these beasts down!

Torment: Tides of Numenera

  • inXile Entertainment has released a new story trailer for their upcoming CRPG, Torment: Tides of Numenera.
  • This epic cinematic story trailer recounts the lore leading up to the very moment that players begin their odyssey as the Last Castoff – the flesh-and-blood by-product of a megalomaniacal deity known as the Changing God.
  • A billion years in the future a man discovered a way to cheat death. All is not well though as each time he left a body, a consciousness was left in its place. Initially embracing these castoffs he eventually became indifferent to them. Making matters worse, is his cheating of death brought forth a force called the Sorrow, a being that seeks to bring balance by eradicating the Changing God and the castoffs. As the Last Castoff you will begin the game hunted by the Sorrow and it is up to you to bring resolution to this saga.
  • Torment may be one of the most philosophical games to come along in a long time, and players are going to be faced with some interesting and dynamic choices. It releases on February 28th, for PS4, Xbox One and PC.


  • Activision this week confirmed what we already knew, that Destiny 2 was still on track for release in 2017.
  • We put together a long list of reasons why we think the game will release in Fall of this year and we stand by it. Check out the piece on the blog and share your opinions on the time frame.
  • What we really want to know is what will the game look like? Rumors have swirled that the game will be more open and the story may revolve around repelling a Cabal invasion. There are assertions that it will release on PC as well and that Guardians will not be carrying over from the first game. We shall see.
  • Until then a spring update is in the works and we can likely expect it sometime in May.

destiny rise of iron 2

Fallout 4 & Skyrim

  • Bethesda has released the announced patches from last week for Fallout 4 and Skyrim. Fallout 4 now has PS4 Pro support to the apocalyptic open world RPG. The updates for each also brought new features to Mod content for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. Players now have additional options for browsing the game’s mods
  • Bethesda also rolled out the promised release of the game’s High-Resolution texture pack as a free download to the PC players. To use the High-Resolution texture pack, you’ll need 58 GB of space available and make sure your system can handle the recommended specs.


That’s a wrap for the Week in Wikis, we’re looking forward to another great week of gaming fun! Don’t forget to check out our VIP program for some exclusive supporter benefits, and budding writers should take advantage of our Become an Author initiative! Thanks for a great week and as always, keep checking in with us for news, reviews, YouTube streams and vids, and general wiki goodness!

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