The Waylanders Gets Character Teasers Ahead of Leaving Early Access Next Month
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The Waylanders Gets Character Teasers Ahead of Leaving Early Access Next Month

Developer Gato Salvaje Studio in the run-up to The Waylanders leaving early access has released teasers for characters in the Celtic inspired RPG.

The Waylanders Gets Character Teasers Ahead of Leaving Early Access Next Month

The Waylanders is leaving early access on February 2nd, and as the full launch draws near, Gato Studio has been teasing about the Companions and characters you will meet in the game.

The Waylanders is a Celtic inspired title that comes with a number of companions, each with their own backstories. The latest videos released on the official Gato Studio Youtube channel introduces these companions including Amergin a druid, one of the first companions you’ll meet on your adventure and you may remember him from one of the initial trailers for The Waylanders such as the 2019 Gamescom trailer. Then there is the character Nazhedja an immortal Mourian Seer, a confident wielder of magic.



What is The Waylanders?

The Waylanders is a party-based game that features real-time combat, with a tactical pause option for players to have control over offensive Formations. This allows for a deeper combat experience, as Formations allows for players to round up other party members to perform specific class-based moves against enemies.

In The Waylanders the class Ranger can use Animal Companions

Keeping that classic CRPG feel, the game has an option for top-down perspective but also offers third-person follow-cam.

The title has six basic classes, a choice of 30 advanced classes and 9 companion characters to choose from, with the option for romance. This gives plenty of flexibility in terms of RPG playstyles and character creation.

The Waylanders Moving Out of Early Access

The Waylanders is finally leaving Early Access, and the developer Gato has shared a post on Steam outlining what happens to the game as it fully launches. If you’re planning on buying the game before its official launch as you want to jump right away, you should do that before February 4th as the game will go from $34.99 USD to $39.99 USD.

If you do however miss out on buying it before its full release, threat not as there will be a 10% discount for 2 weeks after its launch. After the launch of the game it will have all of its extra content available. Gato also shares that The Waylanders will be seen in future Steam sales, so if you somehow miss these discounts you can always check out the sales later on.

Save Files

So one major note for those who already have the Early Access version of the game you should note they will not work with the full version of the game. The studio shares that they have tried to find a way to make this happen, but because they are a small team unfortunately there wasn’t a solution. Those who play the full game will start fresh, so be sure to experiment with what you can now before the full release.

No Post Launch DLC

As addressed in the post The Waylanders’ story is complete at launch, no further DLC will be released but the team is working hard on continuing to fix bugs and respond to community feedback. However, the post teases that they may have a quest or two up their sleeves…just maybe.

Future Platforms

It looks at least for now The Waylanders won’t be coming to further platforms, as the team are dedicated to providing a positive experience on PC. But never say never, as it is something they are looking into, but doesn’t sound like it will be anytime soon.

The Waylanders will leave Early Access on Steam and GOG on February 4th, with the full price being $39.99 USD but with a 2 week discount of 10% so around $36. If you want to learn more about Companions, Classes, Weapons and more head to our The Waylanders wiki.

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