The Waylanders Character Creator and Gameplay Revealed

The Waylanders Character Creator and Gameplay Revealed

Developer Gato Studios has released a new video showcasing the customisation available for character creation and gameplay for upcoming The Waylanders.

The Waylanders Character Creator and Gameplay Revealed

A new video has been released by Gato Studios for upcoming The Waylanders, a Celtic mythology inspired time travelling RPG. Players will be able to choose a number options including race, class and backgrounds to choose from, adding plenty of customisation.

The Waylanders is party-based RPG, set to have deep tactical combat, with time travel between Celtic and Medieval times, as well as multiple endings. It’s inspired by titles such as Dragon AgeMass Effect and Pillars of Eternity.


Characters in The Waylanders can have a choice of six base classes which are Warrior, Guardian, Rogue, Sorcerer and Healer. Each have their own specialisation that unlocks at a later level, opening a wide range of options for numerous playthroughs.

The Waylanders also introduces a new kind of RPG element, Formations which grant special abilities and transformations which are tied to classes as well as companions. In the video, it goes over a few formation abilities, Golem Transformation, Spear Rush and Conclave.

Base Player Classes

Players can choose from six base classes which are Warrior, Guardian, Rogue, Ranger Sorcerer and Healer. You can check out their official descriptions below:


Strong and reckless, Warriors inflict devastating damage with two heavy weapons. Shunning defense, they are merciless at close range, cutting down their enemies or flinging them across the battlefield. Warriors can also throw their opponents across the field of battle

Features: Dual Wielding, Heavy Weapons, Short Range, Melee


A selfless defender and champion, Guardians shield their friends in battle. Fighting on the front lines with a sword and shield, they draw the attention of their enemies, exposing vulnerable flanks.

Features: Shield, Heavy Weapons, Tank, Melee


Clever Rogues are masters of trickery, evasion, and assassination. They weaken and confuse their foes before finishing them off with lethal close-range attacks. If you like quiet assassinations, disappearing and reappearing at will, or just stabbing things, you’ll want to try this class.

Features: Daggers, Damage Over Time, Trickery, Evasion, Critical Damage


Rangers are lethal sharpshooters with a loyal animal companion. Rangers excel at long-range combat, using their bows to inflict critical damage on foes’ hidden weaknesses.

Features: Long-Range Weapons, Pets, Critical Damage


Mysterious and powerful, Sorcerers wreak magickal havoc across the battlefield. Reality is a sorcerer’s plaything, and they can bend it to teleport in and out of battle at will. Use lethal spells on individual enemies, cast incantations that cause havoc across large swaths of the battlefield, and bend reality to get yourself out of the way of attacking enemies.

Features: Destruction Magick, Area Spells, Teleporting


Healers call upon the aid of the spirits of the earth in order to provide your companions with defensive or offensive buffs, or use those same spirits to debuff your enemies. The Healer is the beating heart of any party.

Features: Healing, Buffs, Debuffs

Player Races

Players can also choose a number of different races which include Human, Mourian, Werewolf and Half-Fomorian. While there are races which you have seen in most RPGs, there are a couple ones which sound quite unique. Mourians the immortal race live amongst humans but outlive mortals, and Half-Fomorians who are descendents of immortal giants that once ruled Ireland. You can check out the full descriptions of each below:


Humans are the most common and diverse race in Brigantia. The Celts are the main human race represented in The Waylanders, but as the seat of a thriving empire with trade routes that extend well beyond the continent of Europe, Brigantia has always been home to people of many different beliefs, nationalities, races, and ethnicities.


The Mourians are an immortal race with dark skin, golden eyes, and a penchant for both fate-based magicks and intellectual pursuits. After centuries living amongst humans and other surface-dwellers, most Mourians have grown tired of mortal affairs, and have developed thriving communities of their own in the Underworld and the Medulas.


Descendants of the god Lug, werewolves do not transform humans with a bite, or change shape with the phases of the moon. Some appear almost human with lupine characteristics. Some are indistinguishable from wolves, but with human intelligence. The majority, however, are fearsome half-human beasts, ferocious in battle, and dangerous foes.


The Fomorians are a race of monstrous immortal giants who once ruled Ireland. When the Tuatha came to power, they banished the Fomorians to a small corner of the Mourian Underworld. The Fomorians have been in exile for thousands of years, biding their time until they have an opportunity to retake their ancestral home. Half-Fomorians are the offspring of these titans: less monstrous in appearance, but just as fearsome.

Player Backgrounds

While you can pick your class and race, you can also pick your character background which will depend on these two factors. Whether you want to be a Celtic Druid, who hones magic from nature. Or a speedy Alpha Wolf who is a pack leader to merchants and traders. It will be interesting to see the different combinations you can choose, as this will provide some great rich character backgrounds.

The choices for backgrounds include Celtic Druid, Celtic Soldier, Egyptian, Dogs of Ares Mercenary, Alpha Wolf, Mourian Diplomat, Mourian Protector, and Slave.

You can check out the latest video below:

The Waylanders will be releasing on Steam Early Access this summer.

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