The Surge Releases New Mini-boss Screenshots

The Surge Releases New Mini-boss Screenshots

Last updated on December 4th, 2016

Deck13 Interactive and Focus Home Interactive have released some glorious new screenshots for their upcoming Action RPG, The Surge, a futuristic romp through an industrial disaster that been described as Bloodborne meets Mech.

The game’s premise centers around a seemingly benevolent corporation who is working to reverse the effects of global climate change. Naturally, things beneath the surface are much more sinister resulting in catastrophe and your character will emerge from the fallout as a former employee looking for answers in the bloodiest worker’s comp case in history.

The screenshots show off some of the mini-bosses that will be patrolling the CREO facility where the game takes place. Have a look along with their descriptions.


Although most dangers in The Surge were not originally designed for combat, CREO’s security forces exist to maintain order within the complex. CREO’s ‘robot dog’ is a leaping quadruped designed to track down and kill any intrusions. As with most threats in The Surge, it has a weakness – although heavily armored, players can hit vulnerable places in order to take it down, and loot it, faster.


The Echelon 9 security forces, armed with anti-personnel combat gear, are armored in the GOLIATH-class armor making them extremely fast and strong. Although contrary to CREO’s image as a planet-saving company, CREO’s internal security forces’ primary goal is to protect CREO from outside interference, as the stakes are high.


One of the many malfunctioning industrial machines throughout CREO, the Smelter was designed to be impervious to tampering, making it extremely difficult to shut down. With ore-smashing gripper teeth and coolant forcing it to vent gasses to keeping it stable, you’ll have to attack its most vulnerable inner workings at the right time to deactivate it.

We’ve had several first hand opportunites with the game, both at E3 and Gamescom and also had an opportunity to do an insightful interview with deck13, and came away impressed with the game’s graphics and fluid combat, in which you can sever the limbs of enemies and use them as weapons.  We’ll continue to bring more updates! The Surge is set to release sometime 2017 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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