The Surge 2 Builds: Deflectomatic Boss Killer

In this The Surge 2 Guide I’m going to be showing you my Deflectomatic Boss Killer Build, that is designed specifically to take down Bosses via Directional Blocking their attacks. In The Surge 2 there are many opportunities for Builds of all shapes and sizes because of the addition of partial Set Bonuses, and by the increase in amount of variety of Implants there are. Note there are some Boss spoilers in this article, so if you don’t wish to see them, please quit reading now.

The Surge 2 Builds: Deflectomatic Boss Killer

The Deflectomatic Boss Killer Build is designed specifically for taking down Bosses, but is also effective against just about every enemy in The Surge 2. The concept is quite simple. Directional Block an incoming attack, stagger the enemy, get massive buffs, and then beat them to a bloody pulp. This is a more advanced Build, but once you get the hang of it, it is quite devastating.


Why this Build works so well against Bosses is that many attacks are harder to dodge than they are to Block, and staggering Bosses creates a huge opening where you can attack safely. This Build also provides significant defense, allowing you to stay alive while learning the timings of Boss attacks, which can take a few attempts.

Deflectomatic Boss Killer Weapons

The Weapon you wish to use isn’t overly important for this Build, so you have total freedom to use whatever you like, and you can experiment with different types of Weapons. However, I have noticed a bit of a timing difference in Directional Blocking between slower attacking Weapons and ones that attack quickly. For this reason, I advise learning the timing of one weapon type and using it when you face Bosses.

Faster weapons like Twin-Rigged and Punching Gloves seem to be more responsive when it comes to Directional Blocking, meaning they will Block faster when pressing the button, which can make things easier if you’re getting hit by a barrage of attacks. Additionally, they use less Stamina for a single attack, allowing you to strike Bosses between attacks and still have Stamina to Block. For this reason, I recommend them for Bosses, but you don’t have to use them.


Deflectomatic Boss Killer Armor Sets

Many of the game’s bosses deal Elemental Damage in one form or another, with Nano Affliction being the primary Elemental Status you need to worry about. For this reason I use the the Liquidator Set, which helps protect against these status afflictions, and reduces the damage that Nano Affliction does should you get it. The Armor itself is on the light side as it’s Operator Class, which isn’t ideal, so if you find you aren’t having trouble with Elemental affects, then I recommend going with a Goliath Class Armor.

The Nano Ward Set is also not bad, as it reduces the cost of Blocking, though the Nano Explosion is completely useless. Additionally the SCARAB Set, though a Sentinel Class Armor, has some very good defensive bonuses, and is worth considering. You’ll need to use Liquidator early on though, since you won’t get either of these other two until about half way through the game. None of these Sets are flashy, but they get the job done, which is what this Build is all about.


Deflectomatic Boss Killer Implants

Implants are a HUGE part of this Build, and you will find that it gets more effective as the game progresses, and you gain more and more Implants that benefit from Directional Blocking. The following is a list of Implants you’ll want to take:

  • Deflection Hardener – This Implant increases your Defense and Elemental Defense by a significant amount for a short time, which allows you to stand toe to toe with Bosses and not die.
  • Deflection Supercharger – You won’t get this Implant until much later in the game, but it boosts your damage by a whopping 30% and grants you 25 Energy when you successfully deflect an attack. It’s outstanding!
  • Deflection Damage Enhancer – This Implant will boost your damage after a deflection by 10% which is nice. Only costs 3 Core Power too. You may opt not to use this one early on when your Implant space is more limited.
  • Deflection Energy Convertor – This Implant will give you 25 Energy when you deflect, which is a good amount.
  • Battery Adrenalizer – This Implant increases your Stamina Recovery when you fill a Battery. You tend to chew up Stamina when Blocking repeatedly, so you’ll need the recovery
  • Dynamic Redirector – Gaining 30 Energy when struck will help you heal when you make mistakes on your timing. Definitely worth the slot.
  • Nano Absorber – Nano Build up is an issue with some Bosses, so you’ll want this one when it makes sense.

For you Injectable you’ll use the Medi-Voltaic Injection and you want to upgrade it as often as you can. You want to stack up heals so that you can sit there and tank hits when you make mistakes and live to tell the tale. You will take damage with this playstyle, but you can out heal a lot of it.

Final Tips

Battery Efficiency is very important for this Build because it allows you to accumulate more charges for your heal, and also improves how much you heal for. You want your heals to fill nearly your entire Health bar, so pump this early on in order to see best results. Stamina and Health are also important, so once you start seeing diminishing returns, dump points there.

Don’t be afraid to change your Armor when you aren’t facing Bosses for something a bit more offensive. Normal enemies don’t deal that much Elemental Damage, so you may wish to opt for something that gives you a bit more benefit. Look for anything that boosts damage.


SPARK Fanatic is a decent set for boosting damage.

Enemies have the same moveset as you for the Weapon they are wielding. This makes it easy to predict what sort of attacks they will do once you’ve seen a few enemies with the same weapon type. Use this to your advantage when fighting them, and learn to anticipate what attack they will do so you can deflect it and punish them.

Lastly, I mentioned it earlier, but I’ll mention it again. This is a more advanced Build and requires some practice. You aren’t going to be a deflection god without taking a few lumps. However, this Build is designed to let you survive some of your mistakes, to give you time to memorize movesets. Don’t expect to defeat a Boss on your first try if you don’t know what attacks he does with this Build. Use your first attempt to learn them, and then the second attempt make a good go of it.

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