The Surge 2: 10 Changes From the Prequel

Last updated on August 9th, 2019

In this Surge 2 article we’re going to take a look at some differences between the first game, and the sequel coming out on September 24th. Much of the gameplay remains the same, which is great because that was the best part of the Sci-fi action-RPG, but there are some improvements and changes you may not have heard about. Without further ado, let’s jump into them.

The Surge 2: 10 Changes From the Prequel

Perhaps the biggest thing on our list, and one players have been clamoring for since Lords of the Fallen, will come as no surprise. And that is Character Creation. People simply like to make their own avatar, and play with their unique character, and Deck 13 has finally delivered here.

10. Character Creation

At the very start of the game players will get to choose from a variety of options to make their avatar, including male or female. While not the most robust Character Creator I’ve ever seen, especially compared to something like Code Vein which we played recently, it is definitely an upgrade over Warren. And, in addition to choosing the features of your character, you can also choose some background information about him or her. I have no idea if this actually effects the gameplay mechanics in anyway, but I strongly suspect it does, as the game has much more dialogue than the prequel.

9. Ranged Combat (Drone)

In The Surge ranged combat was not really a thing. Very few enemies had any sort of “gun”, but that is much different in The Surge 2. Lots of enemies possess firearms, unloading into you as you face off against their melee colleagues. However, you can fight back with your Drone. A new feature that allows for a limited amount of ranged combat that is particularly useful in fights with multiple enemies or in situations where you might be ambushed. You can outfit your Drone with various kits, so that it does different things, further increasing customization. Ammo is scarce though, so you will have to use it wisely.

8. Set Bonus Changes

Set Bonuses themselves are not a new concept to The Surge, but they are handled a bit differently in The Surge 2. Players will now gain bonuses for wearing 3 and 6 pieces of an Armor Set, allowing them to pair two Sets together for different combinations. This will result in larger Build variety, and players will now have some incentive to complete at least 3 pieces of a Set as quickly as possible. Now, I just have to figure out the fashion of it…

7. Directional Parry

One feature added to The Surge 2 is the implementation of Directional Parries. Directional Parries allow the player to deflect incoming attacks, and create a huge opening for counter attack. They are performed by holding block and pressing the right stick in the direction of the incoming attack right before it lands. You even get an Implant that shows you on screen which direction this is to make this even easier. It takes some practice to pull off, but once you get the hang of it, it’s oh so sweet.

6. Attribute Points

Players will now gain 2 Attribute Points each time they increase their Core Power (level up), that they can place them into Health, Stamina or your Battery Efficiency. This allows them to control just exactly how they want their character to play, and provides for separation between player Builds. Do you crank Stamina so that you can attack and dodge like a champ? Or do you pump Batter Efficiency so that you can use Implants at will?

5. Upgrade Implants

Another new feature in The Surge 2 is the ability to upgrade Implants. This allows you to take your favorite ones and improve them to be even more effective, and this works much like upgrading Weapons or Armor. Players will need to farm Implants they already have in order to gain parts. If you enjoyed farming gear in the first title, and I know I did, then you’ll have even more to do in the sequel.

4. Online Elements

One thing I’d really love to see in Deck 13 games is Cooperative play. Unfortunately The Surge 2 does not have this feature, however, they have implemented asynchronous features like online messaging and another interesting one that you probably haven’t heard about. Players can now place a copy of their character somewhere in the game, and it will spawn a clone in other players’ game worlds. And not only that, players will gain rewards for doing so, and even more if they are well hidden. It’s sort of like a making yourself a collectible…kinda…

3. Merchants/Vendors

The Surge 2 has many more NPCs than its predecessor, and this includes vendors or merchants. Players will now be able to purchase Weapons, Armor, Implants and more from select NPCs in the game, and kudos to Deck 13 here, they have done a great job of making the game feel more alive. It’s ironic really, because of the setting, but it all has a bit of a Cyberpunk/Fallout feel to it that I really like.

2. Weapon Proficiency

Weapon Proficiency was a bit of a sore point for many players in the first title, because it didn’t allow you to pick up later game Weapons and try them out immediately, as you had to grind up your Proficiency in order for it to be worth it. Well I’m happy to tell you that Weapon Proficiency will not make a return in The Surge 2, and players can now just pick up and use anything they find, and you’ll want to too. Trust me.

1. Varied Environment

Last on our list is Varied Environments. While I really enjoyed The Surge, I always felt like I was in the same place, looking at the same scenery and there wasn’t much change. The Surge 2 rectifies this to a certain extent by giving you different locales that look and feel mostly different. I say mostly, because the post apocalyptic feel is present in all of them, and it’s something that ties them all together, and there’s no real getting around that here. That said, if this was a gripe for you in the first title, I think you’ll be more satisfied this time around.

Stay tuned for more The Surge 2 coverage as we inch ever closer to launch on September 24th. We’ll be streaming the game this weekend, so be sure to drop by our Twitch channel and ask questions and check out the game if you want to know more. And be sure to bookmark the Official The Surge 2 Wiki, as we’ll be updating it a bit closer to launch.


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