Flight to the Lonely Mountain: The Road to Erebor Raids

Flight to the Lonely Mountain: The Road to Erebor Raids

Last updated on July 24th, 2017

A detailed guide on how to clear the Flight to the Lonely Mountain raid of the Road to Erebor in Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO). This guide was written when the content was endgame so it assumes players are on level with the raid – This wasn’t a complex raid compared to Orthanc, but demands players put out significant DPS to beat the timers.

 LOTRO Flight to the Lonely Mountain Guide


The Gates await for your party to face hoards!


Flight to Lonely Mountain Tier II Guide

Group Makeup

  • Fellowship one:
    1 Guardian, 1 Healer, 1 Loremaster, 1 Captain, 2 Ranged Dps
  • Fellowship two:
    1 Guardian, 1 Healer, 1 Captain, 1 Champion, 2 Ranged Dps


  • One tank has the spawn point and another tank has the “bleedthrough” adds. The tanks will swap places each wave, as the main tank of one wave will have leftover warriors.
  • The group will position near the river crossing, and range dps the summoners from a safe distance away from the puddle
  • It is very important that nobody (not even tank) stand in front of the warriors as their frontal aoe damage is very high and deadly when buffed by the captains.

The Mechanics

  • Adds Waves
    There is Four initial adds to be dealt with. After the last one of them is killed, a timer commences: Every 2 minutes there will be a new wave that spawns between seven and eight enemies. So when you kill the first static group of four you trigger spawn 0, next wave comes at 2 minutes, followed by 4, 6 and 8.
    There is an additional Berserker add that comes on the odd minutes, however his spawn is bugged and seems random. It *should* spawn at minutes 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9.
    You must leave 3 adds of each wave alive until the next wave spawns or an extra wave will be spawned regardless of time)
  • Kill Order
    Our preferred kill order is:
    1. Summoners
    2. Captains
    3. Archers
    4. Warriors
    Champion thins out Battle Cats and lowers warrior morale.
  • Surviving the Berserker
    Communication is key to ensuring he is quickly spotted and defeated. Assign a TA for the main dps, a TA for the Champion, and a TA for each of your fellowship’s captains so they can help identify him.


Flight to the Lonely Mountain: The Flow

This Erebor raid fight will require group coordination on focused DPS. Several waves of adds must be defeated on the right order so that the group is not overwhelmed by the enemy army.

One person will be assigned to identifying the wave type and calling the action the raidgroup will take: 4 summoners is the deadliest wave as there are lots of pools and stuns and the tank could not survive the first few seconds. This wave must be dealt with quick AOE on the summoners and their cats as soon as possible. Additional archers can be CCed and captains can be taken aside if necessary by a heavy armored class such as your fellowship’s Captain

Waves with warriors and archers should be dealt by AOE on the archer group and then waiting out the time with some warriors alive.

Other waves can have tailored mechanics to your group makeup, but it is often advisable to have ranged DPS calling the shots and a well geared champion weakening the adds and aoeing them down as you wait. As mentioned, your group captains can help offtank and move the enemy captains away to avoid healing pools, etc.

The fight usually gets complex around the fourth wave of adds, so its advisable to save cooldowns for that part and to factor in the possibility of kiting the last group of mobs until the timer runs out.


Flight to the Lonely Mountain Possible Loot


Erebor – Flight to the Lonely Mountain Lv 85 Golden Gear



Erebor – Flight to Lonely Mountain Lv 85 Normal Gear

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