Battle for Erebor Guide: The Road to Erebor Raids

Battle for Erebor Guide: The Road to Erebor Raids

Last updated on July 24th, 2017

A detailed guide on how to clear the Battle for Erebor raid of the Road to Erebor in Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO). This guide was written when the content was endgame so it assumes players are on level with the raid – This wasn’t a complex raid compared to Orthanc, but the troll bosses on this wing can prove a real challenge for unprepared players.

LOTRO Battle for Erebor Guide


The entrance to the Battle for Erebor Raid in LOTRO

Battle for Erebor Tier II Challenge Guide

Group Makeup

  • Fellowship one:
    1 Tank, 1 Healer, 1 Captain, 1 Burglar, 2 Any.
  • Fellowship two:
    1 Tank, 2 Healers, 1 Captain, 1 Loremaster, 1 Ranged dps



  • Noble Guard: A set of 8 adds start with the trolls. Will not respawn once killed
  • Blood Rage: The bosses will gain 1 rage every 5% of their morale taken
  • Catapults: Random Aoe damage will splash the raid members after 70%
  • Inferno: At 25% health, the room will catch on fire that damages everyone for a percentage of their health
  • Not Selected: Reinforcements (after 70% health, 4 adds will spawn every 30 seconds on a continuous loop) and Blood Brothers (Health difference between bosses will increase the damage output)


Battle for Erebor: The Mechanics

  • The two trolls have a shared morale pool that activates events in percentages. Change your settings in options > UI settings to display vitals on percentages.
  • Skills reset at the start of the fight. Minstrels can start with fellowship’s heart down and guardians with pledge up.
  • You must have dispelling potions for wound, fear, poison and disease to deal with Noble Guard.
  • The ranged troll (blue shield) will cast a distributed damage attack at random, but never on the tank if the tank is alone. Stay more than 11 meters away from him to avoid this mechanic.


Battle for Erebor: The Flow

  • Noble Guard
    Loremaster will mezz two berserkers on left side, Burglar will Mezz two berserkers on right side. Tanks pick trolls and Loremasters. Dps will kill the enemy sorcerors one by one, then the Berserkers. Tanks will Position the trolls Left and Right and the group will huddle up behind the Melee troll and Dps from afar on the ranged one. There are pots and stuns so it is important to keep enemies mezzed and to take your effect removal potions.
  • 100%-70% (shared morale pools – if you are dpsing only one troll your percentages will vary)
    The team will concentrate on whichever troll they can do more damage to. The objective is to stack up together and decrease its health slowly but surely without triggering rage too fast. Your loremaster should be debuffing the troll your are not dpsing and your burglar should disable the boss you are stacked up against – this holds true for the whole fight –
  • 70%-40%
    Catapults will begin. They are marked by yellow squares on the ground and will both damage and stun anyone standing in the square when the boulder hits. Simply move out of the way to be safe and continue dps on the troll until dead and switch to your other target.
  • 40%-0%
    Inferno is the signal that you must hurry and finish up the fight before your health runs out. It is often laggy so stun immunity will be a life saver on any squishy class. Continue your steady dps without risking too much and burn the last 10% with Last Stand up.


Battle for Erebor: Possible Loot


Battle for Erebor Raid Golden Gear Drops



Battle for Erebor Raid Gear Drops

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