The Playstation Roundup Week of 10/20

The Playstation Roundup Week of 10/20

Top PS3 Games (Per Amazon)


Batman: Arkham Origins - Playstation 3Grand Theft Auto V - Playstation 3FIFA 14 - Playstation 3
Batman: Arkham Origins – Playstation 3
Grand Theft Auto V – Playstation 3
FIFA 14 – Playstation 3
Tales of Symphonia Chronicles: Collector's Edition - PlayStation 3Battlefield 4 - Playstation 3Call of Duty: Ghosts - Playstation 3
Tales of Symphonia Chronicles: Collector’s …Battlefield 4 – Playstation 3
Call of Duty: Ghosts – Playstation 3
Madden NFL 25 - Playstation 3PS3 500 GB Grand Theft Auto V BundleLEGO: Marvel - Playstation 3
Madden NFL 25 – Playstation 3
PS3 500 GB Grand Theft Auto V Bundle
LEGO: Marvel – Playstation 3

Playstation Store Update (Via PS Blog)


Instant Game Collection

Hotline Miami (PS3 & PS Vita)


Game TitlePS Plus PriceRegular Price
Alien Breed 2: Assault$2.50$9.99
Alien Breed 3: Descent$2.50$9.99
Alien Breed: Impact$2.50$9.99
Alien Breed Trilogy$5.75$22.99
Dead Island Game Of The Year$5.00$9.99
Dead Island Riptide$19.99$24.99
Dead Nation$3.00$5.99
Dead Rising 2 Off The Record$6.99$9.99
Plants Vs. Zombies$3.75$7.49
Plants Vs. Zombies Ps Vita$5.25$10.49
Pure Chess Halloween Chess Set$1.19$1.99
Pure Chess Halloween Chess Set Ps Vita$1.19$1.99
Red Dead Redemption And Undead Nightmare Collection$13.99$19.99
Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare$5.00$9.99
Resident Evil 4 HD$5.59$7.99
Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition$10.49$14.99
Resident Evil Code: Veronica X$6.99$9.99
Resident Evil Revelations$22.49$29.99
Sleeping Dogs + Nightmare In Northpoint$11.24$12.49
The House Of The Dead Bundle$7.50$14.99
The Last Guy$2.00$3.99
The Last Of Us$35.99$44.99
The Walking Dead 400 Days$2.44$3.49
The Walking Dead Episode 2$1.25$2.49
The Walking Dead Episode 3$1.25$2.49
The Walking Dead Episode 4$1.25$2.49
The Walking Dead Episode 5$1.25$2.49
The Walking Dead Season Pass$2.99$4.99
The Walking Dead Survival Instinct$33.74$37.49
The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season (Vita)$9.79$13.99
Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone$4.89$6.99

Sale of the Dead Halloween Themed Discounts


Game TitlePS Plus PriceSale PriceRegular Price
Dead Island Game of the Year$5.00$9.99$19.99
Dead Island Riptide$19.99$24.99$49.99
Dead Nation$3.00$5.99$14.99
Dead Rising 2 Off the Record$6.99$9.99$19.99
Plants vs. Zombies$3.75$4.99$7.49
Plants vs. Zombies PS Vita$5.25$7.49$10.49
Red Dead Redemption and Undead Nightmare Collection$13.99$19.99$39.99
Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare$5.00$9.99$19.99
Resident Evil 4 HD$5.59$7.99$19.99
Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition$10.49$14.99$29.99
Resident Evil Code: Veronica X$6.99$9.99$19.99
Resident Evil Revelations$22.94$29.99$49.99
Sleeping Dogs + Nightmare in Northpoint$11.24$12.49$19.49
The House of the Dead Bundle$7.50$14.99$29.99
The Last Guy$2.00$3.99$9.99
The Last of Us$35.99$44.99$59.99
The Walking Dead 400 days$2.44$3.49$4.99
The Walking Dead Episode 2$1.25$2.49$4.99
The Walking Dead Episode 3$1.25$2.49$4.99
The Walking Dead Episode 4$1.25$2.49$4.99
The Walking Dead Episode 5$1.25$2.49$4.99
The Walking Dead Season Pass$2.99$4.99$14.99
The Walking Dead Survival Instinct$33.74$37.49$49.99
The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season (PS Vita)$9.79$13.99$19.99
Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone$4.89$6.99$9.99

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