The Outer Worlds Will Have a Physical Release, Price set at $60

The Outer Worlds Will Have a Physical Release, Price set at $60

Last updated on February 10th, 2019

Upcoming sci-fi action-RPG The Outer Worlds from Obsidian Entertainment has confirmed that the title will be getting a physical release as well as a retail price of $60.

The Outer Worlds Will Have a Physical Release, Price set at $60

The title The Outer Worlds is seen as a spiritual successor of the Fallout series is being developed by Obsidian Entertainment. The publisher Private Division have confirmed that the game will be sold at the retail price of $60. Sharing in a recent article with Game Informer, that a physical copy will also be available upon release. [UPDATE] – Physical release for PS4 and Xbox One only.

At this moment, neither Obsidian or Private Division have unveiled when The Outer Worlds will be arriving later this year. However we have learnt of some core details since its reveal a few months ago.

Some key features to focus on include that it won’t be a traditional open-world RPG, instead of gaining a world to openly explore, but instead travelling to different areas located on two planets. While players will have plenty of places to venture through, the universe won’t be as extensive as other open-world games. Fans will also be glad to know that The Outer Worlds will not have microtransactions.

After the of Fallout 76 that left many wanting a more single-player experience to explore, maybe The Outer Worlds will be the answer to those seeking a more in-depth quest and RPG experience.

The Outer Worlds will release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC sometime later this year.

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