The Outer Worlds Version of Fallout’s VATS Slows Down Time

The Outer Worlds Version of Fallout’s VATS Slows Down Time

Since its announcement at The Game Awards last year, fans of The Outer Worlds have been anticipating this to be the spiritual successor to the Fallout franchise. In an interview for GameInformer with co-director Tim Cain and Lead designer Charles Staples, we gain more insight into The Outer World’s combat.

The Outer Worlds Version of Fallout’s VATS Slows Down Time

Taking a leaf out of the Fallout book, Obsidian brings its own version of the VATS system to upcoming sci-fi RPG The Outer Worlds, however in this game it is known as Tactical Time Dilation (TTD). We touched upon some of the combat features in our The Outer Worlds: Everything We Know About Fallout’s Spiritual Successor article not too long ago.

Screenshot via Gameinformer interview video

In the video the Co-Director Tim Cain shares more of a breakdown about the feature and we also get to see some of it in action. Tactical Time Dilation allows players to slow down time in order to line up the perfect shot, choosing body parts carefully. A head shot can prove fatal, while aiming for the leg is a way to slow down an enemy.

While The Outer Worlds does possess elements of a first-person shooter, Lead Designer Charles explains that TTD is great for those who “are not the best FPS players”. If shooting isn’t your thing, you can always opt for different abilities that help companions by using combat perks. The developers also explains how companion support is a key part of gameplay, as they are introducing a new type of role called Leadership, which means the player will “swap in and out companions to gain access to their skills”.

While the exact release date has not been shared, the title is set to release sometime this year 2019. Just last week we got news that The Outer Worlds will be priced at $60 retail and will be available with a physical version for PS4 and Xbox One, while PC will remain digital.

If you want to know everything there is to know so far about The Outer Worlds, you should check out next The Outer Worlds: Everything We Know About Fallout’s Spiritual Successor. You can read more about how this title Will Not Be A Traditional Open-World RPG and recent details about The Outer Worlds Will Have A Physical Release. For anything else about the the sci-fi adventure head to our The Outer Worlds wiki.


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