The Outer Worlds to Launch on Epic Games Store and Windows Store

The Outer Worlds to Launch on Epic Games Store and Windows Store

It looks like Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds has joined the list of exclusive launch games for the Epic Games Store as they announce that the title will be available on the release day on Epic and the Windows Store.

The Outer Worlds to Launch on Epic Games Store and Windows Store

Obsidian Entertainment and Private Division announce that upcoming sci-fi RPG The Outer Worlds will be partnering with Epic, meaning that come launch day it will be available on the Epic Games and Windows Store for its PC launch.

This means that The Outer Worlds will not be available on Steam for PC fans at launch. However, this might not mean that it won’t be available on Steam forever, as this will be a part of a one year exclusive agreement and the tweet mentions “other digital platforms 12 months later”.

This is fast becoming a new choice for developers and publishers to strike up a first year launch deal with Epic. Only last week, X-COM creator Julian Gollop made a similar move for his upcoming mutant turned-based title Phoenix Point. This was met with its own controversy due its crowd funded history.

While this situation seems a little different as Obsidian are still offering PC players the option to purchase through the Windows Store as well. Time will only tell if more developers will go down this route and if more exclusives will be on the horizon.

This also probably denounces the rumour of Steam leaking the release date for The Outer Worlds, as it won’t be the available on the platform at launch, however the release date might still be possible, we’ll have to wait and see.

The Outer Worlds will be launching exclusively on the Epic Games Store as well as the Windows Store for PC, PS4 and Xbox One with no release date announced as of yet.

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